Title: Sound Of My Voice

Author: GrapeSmshr

Rated: PG-13

Coupling: HP/DM slashy goodness

A/N: Woohoo, a new fic! This is unlike anything I've ever written. I don't quite know if I can pull off the angst thing since I'm a fluffy writer, but we'll see if it works. I know it's short, but this is a test chapter of sorts, just to see where this stands. I have more written, so if the response is good, I may be able to post a second chapter by the end of this week. So read on and enjoy!

Time stopped that day. For everyone. It was the day that the fate of the wizarding world would be decided. Their existence, both individually and wholly, lie in the hands of one tremendously powerful, inherently evil wizard and one seventeen year old boy, forced unfairly into adulthood.

No one knew exactly what happened that day. Said two wizards were the only two present at the last showdown. All anyone else knew was the brightest flash of light they had ever seen, followed by the quaking of the earth for almost a full minute. No, they weren't sure if they'd ever get the full story. One, the former, was dead and gone. The other wasn't talking.


It was quite an anomaly. Even the specialists at St. Mungo's could not find the source of the problem, and they searched for an answer every day of the teen's three week visit. Since they found no physical damage, it was determined that the cause was psychological. But as he wasn't talking, they had no real proof of their assessment.

Other than the lack of speaking, he was physically and mentally fit, so they had released him from St. Mungo's, in which time he rejoined his friends at Hogwarts and slipped back into his daily routines.

Despite certain distinguishable personality changes, he was still the same person, it seemed. But no matter how hard anyone encouraged him to try and talk, he always adamantly refused for unknown reasons.

Seven months after that fateful battle, the wizarding world had not heard a sound from their savior, Harry Potter.


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