Title: Freedom X

Author: Electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl_0582@yahoo.ca

Disclaimer: I don't own Mutant X or the characters from Mutant X and other stuff like that but I do own Krya, Les, Jemela, Grant, Mahalia, and Yvan.

Archiving: Please ask me before doing so but I don't think there will be any trouble.

Paring: None as of this story but I might chance that. Friendship paring but not any relationships yet...

Summary: A elite team of mutants is hand picked by Adam to work for him. This is the beginning of their story. And how they came to be a team.

Time Line: This story is a few years before the first show of Mutant X.

Author's Note: The Character profiles will be posted after this. I hope that you will take a look at them.This is a pre-sequel of sort to my fic 'Perfect' where there is a team of mutant's brought in to help Adam and the member's of Mutant X. I wasn't going to write anything about them but I found out that I liked the characters to much to just throw them away. I hope to write a small series of stories with them and I am looking for other writers who would like to be part. I also believed that Shalimar and Jesse were with Adam at this time and I also have a small part with Nikki (from understudy) in it. If you are interested or have any comments please either review this story or drop me a line at my e-mail.(see above) Also if you do get the profiles, just keep in mind that some thing have been altered or add/taken out. As I thought that wouldn't be correct with the character. And remember to always read and Review;)

Later Day's