Chapter 3: Jemela O'Leary

October 14,1978

Alma was wondered about her daughter. She was getting worse by the day. She looked at her mother. "She needs the flu shot that was sent over."

"I don't know Alma, something about that just doesn't seem right, why would the American's send us anything?"

"I don't know but it's better then just letting her died." She pulled a small child up into her arms. "I'll be back soon." And with that she turned and left.

~*~Two days Later~*~

Alma was placing Jemela in bed when someone crashes into the door. She spun around grabbing a bat she had with her. "John! Thank GOD." She cried in relief. He pulled the bat from her and pulled her into a deep hug.

"How is she?" He reached over and brushed a hair of his daughter's face.

"She's better." He turned back to her.

"You didn't go and get a flu shot from the American's did you?"

"Yes," Confusion crossed her face. "I had to she was dying. Why is that so inportant."

"It's just that I could some disturbing information."

"What, is she in danger?"

"No, it's just that if she begins to act or become different then a normal child please let me know right away. Okay?"

"Yeah, I will don't worry. She's going to be safe. No matter what it takes." They share another hug.

"I'm sorry but I have to go. My officals don't know I'm here they think I am out scouting."

"Then I guess you have to be geting back, huh"

"Yeah, I guess so, I'll try and be home next week sometime."

"I'll hold my breath." She smiled at him. "Until then."

"Yeah, Until then." He kissed her softly on the forehead. Then he dissapered into the shadows. "Love you." She whispered to the shadows. Then she moved back over to her daughters bed. Climbing in beside her she smiled and drifted to sleep dreaming about what her family would be like if there wasn't this darn 'war' going on.

July 17, 1980

"When is Daddy coming home?" Jemela asked her mother as she walked into the room.

"He's coming soon, and then you get to go to town with him to see the doctor."

"Why, am I sick? I feel fine." She began dancing around the room.

"No honey, you're fine it's just a check up." A door opened then closed and Nick appeared in the living room.

"Hey, I'm back."

"Nick, have you seen Daddy yet?"

"No, not yet little girl, but how are you doing?"

"I am great. I feel what is that word again Mom?"

"Wonderful, honey, Wonderful."

"Yeah, I feel wonderful."

"That's great, you going to come here and give me a hug?"

"No." She giggled and took off running.

"Hey you, get back here!" He yelled after her he took off and ran after her, not catching up with her until she was almost outside. That was when their father came in the door.

"Daddy!" She squealed with delight.

"It's my little Tiger!" He said as he pulled her into a hug. "Ready to go to town?" He asked her she nodded her head."Everything is ready to go."

"You're such a good little girl. You go say good-bye to Mom and we get to go into town." He looked at his son. "And you are you ready to go to work?" He asked.

"As ready as I'll every be."

"Okay, say good-bye to your Mother and get in the car." He smiled at his son. "I'm proud of you son."

'"I'm glad,Dad." He smiled at him and ran into the other room. To say his goodbyes.

May 5, 1984 Dear Diary,

Grans died today. I'm sad to see her go but she was in a lot of pain and I hope that were ever she is she's happy. I'm still not over losing Nick. And I don't think I ever will be. Mother told me to write everything I think about down in this dairy so that I won't forget it. Something are better left forgotten.

My powers are still growing and I am beginning to wonder if they will ever stop. They did scare me at first but then I learned how speacil they were and now I'm proud that I have them. I wonder if there are other's like me. I hope so. I practice my fighting skills everynight when I get home from school and I can't wait until I get down so I can go and actually have a life. I sometimes wonder what it's like to not be afraid to go for a walk without having this 'war' spill into your lap.

Well I must be going I just hope that my life can soon find some kind of middle ground. I need some peace right now.

March 22, 1987 Jemela's POV

I groan and roll over in my bed. It was to early to get out of bed. But the knocking countiuned. If I wait long enough Mom will get it she always does. I close my eyes and roll onto my back. The knocking stops and I open one eye, then smile. I roll back onto my side and think happy thought. I think back to last night and the prowling. I'm going out a lot more these nights. I think it might have something to do with my powers. I feel the that's not the right word...the urge to go out at night and hunt. I shiver at the thought. I yawn. So tired. But if I get up maybe I'm be to tired to go out tonight. I get up and strech. At thirteen I was powerful and graceful. Everyone wanted to know how I do it. I say that it's from my parents. I finish with my morning routine and pull on and new outfit. I'd have a shower later. I moved to the kitchen and get some bread. I have a light snack as I wander around the kitchen. There is nothing here. I move into the living room and smile. My father is in the large chair.

"DAD!" I run over to him and give him a large hug. "How are you? How long are going to be here for?" I questioned him.

He laughs and hugs me. "I'm fine, and I'm here for a while. I've come to teach you how to fight." I grin, I had been waiting for this.

"When do I start?" I pause and look for Mom. "Where's Mom at?"

"She went to town, she'll be back soon, until then you are mine." He faked an evil laugh. "And I am going to teach you how to take over the World." I couldn't help myself I let out a giggle.

"I guess I better change, huh?" I frown I hate working out in anything other then my jeans and tops.

"No, that will be fine. It's not like a person would let you go change if they were going to fight you." He grinned. "Now come on, let's go out back and see what you got."

July 17, 1993 Gereanl POV

"Honey, I need some help up here!"Jemela rolled her eyes and groaned. She hated working in the bar, her extra senses made the place near impossible just to be in the same place. She climbed to her feet and placed the book she was reading down.

"What do you need Mom?" She asked as she walked over to the bar.

"Take a spot up here and help serve the drinks."

"Sure." She walked over and sat down behind the bar. "So what can I get ya?" She asked. The person looked like a tourist, so she let her accent lay on thick. Always give the tourists a good show. that was her Mother's first rule. The man smiled at her. "I don't know, what's the best here?"

"I think it's the rum, or the wine." I smile at him and lean forward. His eyes drift down a little bit, and I snap my fingers to get his attendance. "So what will it be." The man is blushing a little bit.

"I'll have a glass of wine." She smiled at him.

"Coming right up." She walked over to the back bar.

"Stop flirting with the costumers." Her mother said.

"I'm not flirting." She quickly filled a glass up and walked back over to the man. Placing it in front of him she spoke up. "That's four dollars." He huffed and pulled an American ten dollar bill out.

"Keep the change."

"Thanks." She said smiling. She walked over to the back and handed the money to her mother. "Your welcome." She went back over to the bar, and began to talk to another man as the front doors blew open and two men flew throught it. Jemela's eyes widen and flashed as four men spilled into the bar with guns. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" She screamed. She jumped up onto the bar.

"This doesn't conscern you little girl." The leader spat out.

"When you are in this bar it does." She said back. His eyes narrowed and turned his full attendance to her.

"Jemela, get down." Her mother hissed.

"No, Mom they are going to leave." She jumped down and walked over to them. "I don't care who or what you are but you are going to keave, right now."

"And who's going to make me leave? You little girl?" He laughed. "I don't think so, you run around back and get me a drink." He waved her away. Jemela growled and grabbed his lifted arm and twisted it backwards.

"You are going to leave, and never come back." She twisted his arm up and under him and began to push him to the door. "Now get out!" She yelled as she pushed him out the door. She turned to face the other three men. She growled and moved forward one of the men ran to the door and took off. The remaining two leveled their guns at her.

"Don't come any closer, or we have to shot." She laughed at them.

"And you think that you will hit me." She flashed her eyes at them. She dove at them. Grabbing the first man's gun she pulled it free and kicked the other's out of his hand. She spun around and crouched down pointing a gun at the two of them. They blinked momentaly confused. She laughed at them and stood up, pulling the weapon apart with her bare hands she threw it to the ground. "You have to choices, you can either challenge me in a fight or you can run away and you can walk out of her still alive." They looked at one another then at their weapon that lie discarded at Jemela's feet.

"We can not just leave." the youngest said to her. She frowned. He looked so young. Just like Nick did. She swollowed and closed her eyes. They were worthly oppenents. Most would have fled already. She let her feral side take hold. It screamed at her to have a chase but she fought agasint it. She reopened her eyes.

"You're leader has fled and has a broken arm. He might be in need of help." She rolled her neck and smelt the air. There was something different about these two.

"It was his own fault." The first one said. She smiled.

"Fine, I will fight you, but outside." She walked outside the two men following her. "But if I win you must leave at once."

"Understood." the youngest one said. The other one licked his lips.

"And what if we win?" He asked as he looked her up and down.

"Do what you will." Jemela's mother rushed in between the three.

"What are you doing?" She hissed.

"Do not worry Mother. I will be fine."

"It's not you I'm worried about." Her mother whispered. She grinned at her.

"I'll be careful. I always am." She walked around her mother to the men. Crouching down she smiled. "Well please, don't keep a lady waiting." The first charged. She sidestepped and grabbed his left arm and flipped him onto his back. Removing a hidden knife she placed it on his thoart. "Out! you're finished." She slightly nicked him and flipped back up to face the smaller one. They cirlced one another. Jemela was getting bored of this. She faked a left and then lunged right. But the boy was to smart and he caught her by the neck. He pulled her into his body. And pressed her own knife to her thoart. "Your ou-" Before he could finish speaking she grabbed his arm and rolled forward. Coming to a stop so she lay on top of him She hit his arm repeatively on the ground to shake the knife free. He let go and grabbed her arms. they began to roll around and Jemela grinned. His strenght almost matched her own. They fought to get control until they both backed off.

"Well done." He said.

"Right back at ya." She winked at her. He stopped pacing.

"I will leave." He gave her a short bow. "You are an excellent fighter. I hope that I can meet you again under different cricumstances." She smiled.

"That would be nice. Could I get your name?" She moved closer.

"My name would be Sean." He nodded. "and now I must leave." He nodded and turned. then stopped and faced her. "Can I visit you sometime soon."

"Yes, please." She smiled at him and collected her knife. "until then." And with that she left.

December 7, 1994 Jemela's POV

Sean was coming over today. We have to finish planing the wedding. I rush up stairs and slip on a new dress. It was nice to be able to not have to hide my ablitles. As Sean was also a new mutant. My father had finally told me about what I really was thanks to GenoMex. I laugh at myself and run back down stairs. I hear the door bell ring. I grinned and throw open the door. There was a older man standing before me.

"Who are you?" I was suddenly worried. My Father, My mother, both were in town while the IRA was moving in. "What do you want?"

"Ms.O'Leary, I'm sorry to inform you but Sean O'Conner has been killed." I backed away from him and slid down a wall.

"Oh-My-God!" I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks. "How?" I ask looking up at the man.

"We do not know. I'm very sorry."

"GET OUT!" I scream at him. I feel the feral take over my body. My eyes flash and the man is frightened. "Don't EVER come back." He runs out the door and I slam it shut behind him. I walk over to the couch and sink into it and cry.

Hours later Genreal POV

The first thing that Alma noticed was how silent the house was. "Hey Jemela, Sean are you in here?" Still there was no answer. She turned around to face her husband. "John, something isn't right." She moved further into the house. She spoted Jemela facing away from her on the couch.

"Jemela?" John questioned. "Where is Sean." A sob came from her. He walked over to her and rolled her over. Brushing away her tears he kissed her forehead. "Honey what's wrong?"

"He's gone...Sean's dead...He was killed." She frowned. "I have to find him."

"Who?" Alma asked.

"His killer. I'm going to find him and kill him."

John pulled her close. "No, your not dear. You and your mother are going to the states as soon as possible."

She pulled away. "No! I don't want to leave. Please Father don't send me away." She began to cry softly. "I have to find him. I have to for Sean."

"No it's to dangerous here right now you will go to the States and when it is safe again I will sent for you to come back."

January 5,1995 Jemela's POV

We are landing in Toronto, we are traveling by car the rest of the way to New York. Althought I am still quite sad I am excited about the new places and other stuff. We make our way into the airport and I instanly see a group of five people that are following us. I lean over and whisper into my Mother ear telling her everything.

"Run. I'll hold them off as long as I can. Run and never look back. Live a good life. I Love you now and forever." She kissed my forehead and pushed me ahead of her. "Go!" Her eye's plead with me and I follow her instruction.

"I'll see you again Mom, I love you." And with that I dissapear into the crowd.

September 29, 1995 Jemela's POV

Here I am while other people my age are heading back to classes I am casing a joint. She walked around the outside of the building. Limit garuds. Mild sercuitry. Not a problem. I smiled and flex my arm muscles. This is going to be a peice of cake. There was a small problem of a wall but I don't have any doubts about me being able to jump it. I glance at my watch. It was alomst night, I can wait a few more hours for the cover of darkness. I turn around and walked to the small cafe on the corner. I find a seat and order up a esspresso. I sipped at it as I watched the people past by. I have to wonder what my life would have been like. I shake my head. I see a guy walk over to my table and sit down.

"I've heard of Angels, but damn gurl." I rasie an eye at him.

"Can I help you?"

"I was wondering if you would like to ya know go out sometime." I didn't mean to but I laughed right in his face.

"Please go away." He looked disapointed but I didn't care. I finished the esspresso and stand up. Two hours left I have to run home and get changed before tonight.


I tensed and made a large jump. I landed on the top of the wall. I smile and launch myself off. The garuds don't reliase anything. I moved over to the door and tapped in the code I had watched all day. The door made a soft 'beep' sound and popped open. I grinned and walked in. My eyes changed and I saw as clear as day. I move to the far safe. I listen for the clicks. Again I hear a pop and pull it open. I gentally laugh and open the safe. Just as I do the lights flicked on. And here I am in this room with one of the biggest gang leaders in New Jersey.

July 8,1996 Genreal POV

Jemela leaned heavly against the wall. She turned around looking for the GSA agents that had been after her. They were long lost. At least she hoped they were she was so tired she just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. But Benny had said that the cops were at her place. She really needed to get a new job. She pulled out a cell phone and dailed up Jen. She could trust her.

She picked up after two rings. "Hey. This is Jen."

"Jen, It's Jemela."

"Hey gurl. What ya up to me and the other's were worried about you."

"I'm good I just need a place to crash for a bit think that you can help me?"

"For my favorite little robber? Of coruse." She joked with her. "Come on over and we will have something set up."

"Thanks, I'll be there in twenty." She hung up and glanced around. Still seeing no one she sighed and began her long run across town. As she ran she thought about how she came to be tied in with the gangs of this city. One bad move from her and she was being used as the resident theif. Everyone came to her if they had a problem. She had a well known reputation as being a hard-ass...but a fair one. Everyone liked her and those who didn't wouldn't dare go up against her she had friends in high places. Now if only she could get rid of the GSA life would be great. She came to a sudden stop as a car pulled up infront of her and two people got out.

"Hello." The man said to her.

"Whatever!" She ran the oppiste direction and was surprised to see the female was right behind her. Damn! She began to pick up speed but couldn't outrun her. She slowed and then came to a stop.

"Finally about time!" The women exclaimed. Jemela crouched down ready to fight. The women smiled and offered her a hand. "My name is Shalimar Fox, and yours would be?"

"Jemela." She said as she stood back up. "Sorry about the running. I thought you were...someone else." She smiled at the Blonde as the man finally catch up. He huffed a little.

"This is Jesse, He's not really the running type." Shalimar said laughing she hugged the bend over man.

"So what do you want?"

"Acutally it's about a job." Jemela was interested.

"What kinda job?" the women smiled.

"You'll find out. Come on." She lend the way to the car. After geting in she passed her a pair of small round objects.

"What are these?"

"Just something to help us keep our headquaters safe. They go over your eyes. And don't worry the effects are short lasting."Shrugging Jemela placed them where she asked her to. And her vision cut out.

"What the-"

"Don't worry. It won't last long and you can take them off." she nodded and relaxed into the seat enjoy the ride.

Hours Later at Santucry Jemela's POV

I felt the car coming to a stop and then heard a door being opened and those evil inventions being removed. Everytime I would try and take one off I would recieve a nasty little shock. The man named Jesse was looking me in the eyes. "Welcome to Santucry!" He stated as he lend me into a larger room. Shalimar was wlaking in behind us. I looked around in awe. Everything was so...amazing. I saw a group of people standing in the middle of the hall as we climbed up a flight of stairs. As we aproched them I noticed that three of them looked to be about my age while the other was older. I growl as I sense a Canie feral and my eyes auotmaticly change. I also sense that Shalimar is also a feral. But a feline. I slowly gain control seeing that the taller man was trying to do the same. I glance at the other two. They look alike, probably brother and sister. I make my way over to the group.

"Hello." The oldest man nods at me.

"Hello, Ms. O'Leary." I'm not stuned that he knows my name most already do.

"And you would be?"

"Adam Kaine."

"Of course, and you...friends?"

"They are new mutants just like yourself." I nod my head.

"I was brought here as someone said there was a job opening."

"Yes, I have an opening in my one group."

"As what?"

"A hero." I laugh at him.

"Me a hero. You must be mistaken."

"No I'm not. I want you to be part of my group called Freedom X." I think about this. It sounds fun.

"And what does this intail?" I ask grinning. Mr.Kaine smiles to as he know he has me hooked.

One Month Later

Dear Dairy,

It's me Jemela. My life has finally found some middle ground. It's with Freedom X. The other's are very nice and I am glad that I took Adam's offer. Adam is out right now picking up another mutant I hope that everything works out I'm getting bored of sitting around all day I need to do something other then pratice.
I'm getting along with the other feral better then I thought I would. Which is perfect. And I have to confess that I might have a slight crush on Grant. He reminds me a lot of Sean. Which is nice. I miss him but life will go on. I hope to talk to my family again soon. Adam said I could have a link with Ireland later in the week at one of the other safehouses. Well I must run I have to go and help Jesse out with Supper. Until later.