*Summary:  Seifer Almasy has been allowed back into Balamb Garden. He is a cadet under the watchful eye of newly reinstated    instructor Quistis Trepe. All is well until one night, he has a dream. In the dream, Ultimecia casts her one final spell on him while he     sleeps, and  Seifer begins to change into a lovely young woman! *grins* Will evolve into an eventual Seiftis.*

He's All That 

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Seifer tossed and turned in his bed, his white sheets twisting around his waist.

            "No..." he mumbled. "Ugh..."

     ___________                 Seifer's Dream                  ___________             

Seifer could see himself in a third person's view. He was once again standing with the evil Ultimecia, facing the SeeDs he now knew as his friends. He watched himself in horror as the     sorceress controlled his every movement and every thing that he said. He could still remember that feeling. It made him want to vomit. The sick horrors he did while under her control... slicing open innocent bodies and stealing anything and everything from their bloodstained clothes. Casting his, her  spells, on the people that made up the only family he knew. Watching Squall fall from the float in Deling. Shoving Rinoa into the horrible arms of Adel, his mind screaming, pleading with his body to surmount her control. And his body wouldn't- no, couldn't listen to him.

Soon, he saw himself on the ground. He could remember not being able to move, but he could still see the witch. And then she fell to her knees, pointing her hand, directing one last spell at the SeeDs. Her eyes flashed, and she turned her gaze and fingers to Seifer instead.

"Pitiful...Boy..." she hissed weakly in his mind. He could see her lips moving, but could not make out what she said. Then a surge of her power hit him, and he could feel the overbearing pain...

"Aah!" he screamed, sitting upright in his bed. He looked around. He was back home; back in a safe, no sorceress-abiding (with the exception of Rinoa, of course) dorm room in good old Balamb Garden.

"Hyne," he sighed, still breathing fairly heavily, then fell back onto his bed, knocking his head on the headboard as he did so. He immediately sat back up again and rubbed the back of his head, swearing.

What a dream, he thought to himself. What the hell was that all about?

He was now utterly confused. Everything that had happened in the dream was just a flashback from the Sorceress War. Everything right up until the end...

He didn't remember that  happening. She hadn't said those words to him... had she? And he knew for a fact that she had not hurt him like that at the end. She'd just died; gone down and never came back up. And he was instantly free. He did wonder how she'd actually passed on, though. He remembered something about Instructor Quistis Trepe saying that a sorceress could not die peacefully until she had passed her powers on to someone who was willing to take them. He ran a hand through his sweaty bangs. Hyne, now he was remembering a lesson. What surprised him was that he had listened to it at all. He shook his head and got up to go to the bathroom.


At daybreak the next morning, Seifer was up and ready for action. He had not been able to go back to sleep again last night no matter how hard he'd tried. Damn dream. Damn Ultimecia. He was tired and irritated, and this morning, he simply hated everything.

Growling, he could hear the other cadets starting their day outside his dorm. Only a few of them were out so early. He was in much too bad a mood to deal with any people today; he just knew he'd get into some major trouble. He thought for a minute and decided to go release his anger on a few unsuspecting T-Rexaurs in the Training Center.

He walked over to his closet and dug around a bit before he pulled out his notorious grey trench coat, his favorite pair of jeans, and a tight black t-shirt. He dressed quickly and headed into the bathroom to check his hair out.

He turned on the cold water facet and put his hands under the water, wetting them thoroughly. Running his hands over his scalp, he started to style it in its usual way before he stopped, then started to feel around on his head. He looked up in the mirror and tugged on a strand of his freshly dampened hair. His eyes narrowed as he studied it. It looked about a half inch longer than it did yesterday.


I need to get some sleep, he thought to himself.

He finished with his hair and walked back into his room. After shoving his feet into his boots, he was ready. He grabbed his gunblade and was surprised to find that it felt just a little heavier this morning.

I REALLY need to get some sleep.

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