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Quistis moaned and pressed a hand to her warm forehead. What a dream. Good grief. I could write fanFICTION stories based solely on my friggin' dreams.

She sat up, opened her eyes, and nearly jumped off the bed. He was still there, laying just as she'd left him... looking like a little boy... awfully cute. Dead asleep too, snoring and... she sniffed... flatulating...

'Ok' she thought to herself. 'There has to be some logical explanation here... I know for sure I'm either still in a really bad dream... or I am just a complete lunatic...'

Before Quistis could gather her thoughts and decided either way, Seifer Almasy moaned and sat up on his elbows. Quistis went completely rigid, eyes wide as she watched him slowly open his...

Seifer yawned, then started when she came into focus. "Uh," he said, a little nervous by the facial expression she was making. He grinned sheepishly. "Ta-da?"

Quistis jumped off the bed, staring at him as though he were an alien fresh from space.

"What... what the HELL..." she started. Her mouth opened and closed but she didn't know exactly what words to put out of it.

"Uh," Seifer said again, scratching his head. "I think I need to tell you something..."

Three hours later, Quistis was hovering between tearing his throat open with her teeth or laughing until she bawled. He recanted the mentruation story and laughter won out.

"You mean to tell me," she choked, "that you... BWAHAHAHA, oh my HYNE."

He glared at her. "Yes, I USED a TAMPON. What else was I supposed to do?"

Quistis bent over and didn't breathe for so long he thought she might have passed out. Then she came up for air with tears on her face and burst into fresh giggles. "Oh Seifer... if ANYone could have deserved this... it would have been you."

He couldn't help but grin a little. "Fuck you."

She finally got ahold of herself, and things went strangely and uncomfortably quiet as they both remembered the last thing Seifer had said before he was himself again. Suddenly things felt awkward.

"I'm gonna go," Quistis finally said after they had sat on the bed quietly for a few minutes.

"Yeah, whatever Trepe," Seifer retorted without his usual venom.

To her surprise, he got up and walked her to the door. When they reached it, she turned around to say good-bye, and there he was. So close. Smelling of Seifer... plus a little women's deodorant and Herbal Essences. His features that she had gotten used to as Feries were so sharp... and so familiar... the soft mouth, the arrogant cheekbones, the piercing and knowing emerald eyes... She had to ask.

"Seifer..." she began, but he interrupted her. His mouth was attached to hers before she knew it but it was almost as though she had expected it. She clung to him no matter and the fire grew as rapidly as a torch thrown in dry woods.

He pulled away suddenly, panting, his eyes heavy-lidded. "Yeah... even though you bug the shit out of me sometimes-" and he grabbed a breast that was not his own this time- "and you make me crazy and I hate your class-" he roughly shoved his other hand up under her hair and pulled her face close to his to rest her forehead against his- "I do think that I'm in love with you."

She opened her eyes fully to look up into his. His normally stern, knit brows were relaxed, his face looking peaceful as it was looking when he was out cold. He was serious. Dead serious. She could see that plus pleading and a touch of fear and daring in his eyes. And oh Hyne, was he beautiful...

She mentally slapped herself. Ok, beautiful was not a word she wanted to associate with Seifer anymore. HANDSOME darn it. HANDSOME.

She couldn't help but smile. "I'm in love with you too... Feries."

He groaned and bit her nose gently. "Bitch."

She reached around and squeezed his left cheek. "Asshole."

He abruptly turned around, dragging her with him. "Ok, Instructor. On my bed."

She grinned then laughed. "Am I teaching class now?"

Seifer's grin widened. "Oh hell yeah. And you know in this one I'll DEFINITELY be paying attention."

Somewhere in the distance, in a place in between the earth and death, a gravemarker suddenly jerked to life, rattling and sparking. A sound came from everywhere, yet nowhere all at once. A humming sound, getting louder and louder until it was a scream of pure hatred and defeat. "You bastard," it came, sounding raspy and throaty with death and undeath. "I WILL DEFEAT YOU."

Then a grotesque hand sprang up from the parched earth, as an undead sorceress rose again...