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Oh, and thanks to my good friend, who came up with the name Saoirse, which is Celtic/Gaelic for freedom (female). Thanks also to a very helpful reviewer who has lent me the use of his character. I won't name him, but thank you very much. This character appears in later chapters.

I just want to add a little note that has been brought to my attention by a recent review. I am not writing a 'blatant self-insert', nor am I writing a Mary Sue. Sapphire is a purely original character, and is not based on me in any way. For example, I wouldn't go crashing down the whole school network at age 10* because the ICT teacher had accused me of 'refusing to work and continue chatting with friends in the class'. (This by the way is going to be part of a prequel, if I people want me to continue the story lines). I wouldn't ever stand in front of Morpheus (theoretically) in a sparring program and tell him to hit me if he can. I would be running away in the other direction screaming. Sapphire isn't anything like me. She does have her problems and difficulties as anyone has, probably more so. She might appear to be a bit of a know-it-all now, but doesn't a lot of people like to get the better hand of things while they can?

Sapphire is just a name I have loved for a long time, and I've always imagined Trinity and Neo using it for their daughter's name. At the time of registering, I was not intending to write this story, several plot details were still incomplete and at the time, I was already working on another project- Thrice. I saw no problem in naming myself that when my other choice was taken. So sorry, but Sapphire isn't me, and is nothing like me.

* I say age 10, but by the time I write it, that detail may change.

Reviews appreciated, constructive criticism welcomed. Oh, and this is separate from 'You only live thrice'. It is not a sequel.



Niobe had been sitting in her room when Sparks had given her a shout. 18 years after the Great War had ended, but she still remained the same woman she was before. She raced up to the operator's station he was sitting at and read the message that they had just received. They had been expecting the message, it had been a while since they had last had one. It was from the matrix, from the 'Matrix Angels', as they were being called. The mysterious group or couple was responsible for directing the rebels to whomever to free from the virtual world now. They always contacted a ship that could handle an unplugging, and ensured safety to the rebels that entered the matrix to free the people, although the protection was only very rarely needed.

Niobe read the message carefully. It was the standard type they received from them.

~To Niobe, and the crew of the Logos II.

There is a person we would like you to unplug. His name is Rabbit, and he has already made the choice. He is in his mid teens, and is currently waiting in the Heart 'o the City Hotel, in room 309. Unplugging facilities in the usual hotel opposite are fully operational.

Please come within the quarter hour.

The Oracle wishes to see him when he is ready. It would be best if Morpheus brings him, as she wishes to speak with him as well.

"Matrix Angels" ~

They had always signed their name with quote marks because it was not their real names, but they were happy to be known by that. No one knew their real names, but it didn't matter. To everyone, they were the Matrix Angels.

The rest of the crew had joined Niobe- the second officer, Ghost, and the young recruit, freed just after the war ended, called Saoirse. She looked around at them, motionless, standing there, and said in her usual impatient voice, "Well? What are you waiting for? Red-pill, room 309."


Rabbit sat nervously on the edge of the bed where the three black-clad people had left him. The man had said that he would be picked up soon, and that he shouldn't worry, that they would be close by, making sure he would be okay. That gave him some comfort, but he wished that this 'Niobe' woman would hurry up.

He suddenly jumped as he heard a noise close by, a door banging. He looked up startled as the door opposite him was opened, and an attractive looking woman in her mid 40s appeared.

She looked at him, and her stiffness seemed to disappear.

"You Rabbit?"

He nodded. She moved over nearer to him and replied, "I'm Niobe. You will be safe with me."

"Yes they said I would. They said you would free me."

"They?" She knew exactly who it was, but that didn't stop her from trying to find out more about them. She had a very inquisitive mind at times.

"Those three who called you. I don't know who they were, but it looked like it was a couple and their daughter."

Now that was interesting. They had figured out it was usually the same two or three people who always contacted their ships, and the people to be unplugged, and that one of them looked like a teen, but they hadn't found out that much before than that.

Niobe stood up and held out her hand, which the teen took. She led him to the exit of the building where Ghost and Saoirse was waiting. They swiftly moved through the street, heading to the near-by hotel where the unplugging facilities were. Niobe felt like she was being watched. It was an odd feeling that seemed to happen to everyone when they had received a message from the Matrix Angels, and some people had suspected it was the Angels that were watching them, but it still was an unnerving feeling anyway.

They walked down the street, Niobe leading, Rabbit just behind her, and the last two bringing up the rear. Niobe could almost make out a figure moving with them, high on the roofs of the buildings to her right, but she wasn't sure. It was, after all, pitch black.

Niobe was only distracted for a matter of a few seconds, but it was long enough, as she missed the new figure cutting across towards her until it was too late.

He jumped out at them, and started his attack. Niobe reacted instantaneously, raising her arm to block a punch, trying to return some, and adding a few kicks for the sake of it.

She was lucky she wasn't fighting an agent. Whilst they were still around in the matrix, it was vary rare now that they would come after the rebels, as the humans had stuck to the rules laid down by the machines. Most of the time. No, it wasn't an agent, but it was one of the assassin programs. Abel. A werewolf, that used to work for the Merovingian. He was now one of the resistance programs, who didn't accept the peace with the humans. And he was also winning.

Niobe was flung to the floor, and landed painfully hard. Ghost stepped in to help as she went down, but it was almost hopeless, as Abel's cousin, Cain, had joined the fight. Niobe got to her feet again, but was startled when she realised that there was a second person that had also joined the fight then, and judging by the fact she was successfully kicking both werewolves ass's at the same time, she was on their side. A shot rang out into the night, and Abel grabbed his chest, but then went back to the fight a few seconds later as if nothing had happened. They were immune to normal bullets.

Niobe couldn't make her out clearly, but what she could see was that she had long black hair and was wearing a black vinyl outfit that looked like it could have been taken straight out of Trinity's wardrobe. In fact, her fighting style was remarkably like Trinity. If she didn't know any better… No, don't think that. She is dead. We buried her, along side Neo.

Niobe continued to watch the woman as she fought. However much she tried to ignore it, the thought kept on resurfacing, and in the end, she didn't know what to believe. Niobe had watched Trinity grow up, they had all been on one ship at one time, and she knew her style. Even after 18 years, she recognised it. The way the woman twisted and turned, the moves she made. Characteristic of Trinity. But she is dead.

Whoever it was dispatched the two werewolves with a couple of shots from a gun she was holding. They fell over, dead. Obviously silver bullets, but like Morpheus had once told her, how many people keep silver bullets in their gun?

Now that the woman was still, they could see her clearly for the first time. No, she wasn't Trinity, but she did look a great deal like her. She figure in front of them was in her late teens. She wore a very similar styled outfit to Trinity, which sort of flared out in a skirt part over her covered legs. She had long black hair, that was pulled back at the top and platted down, which was also gelled to give a startling sheen. She had a triangular metal clip in her hair, and metallic nail varnish on her hands to match. They went almost perfectly with her blue/grey eyes, a little speck of brown in the right iris.

Rabbit, the boy they were supposed to be unplugging, looked at this girl with recognition in his eyes. He thanked her, thanked her for saving them, thanked her for keeping her word and protecting them. Niobe realised why it was only he that recognised her. They had never met the Matrix Angels. This young woman was probably that daughter he had mentioned.

She stood straight and tall in front of them for another moment.

And then she was gone.


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