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Trinity couldn't sleep. She lay in bed starring at the ceiling whilst her husband slept beside her. She looked across and could see his chest rising and falling slowly as he breathed. If only she could sleep as soundly as hey did now a days. She turned back to look at the painted ceiling and tried to clear her mind.

Something was wrong.

She could feel it. It was one of those unexplainable feelings. Female intuition. Parental concern, whatever you want to call it. She had no idea what was wrong, or what was happening, but she knew that there was something. After another minute, she made her mind up and silently slid out of the king-sized bed. Grabbing the black silk dressing gown hanging by the bed, she slipped out of the large bedroom and into the long upper hall.

Niobe panicked as she rushed into the small room where she had left the girl but two hours ago. As the door opened to let blue pools of harsh artificial light flood into the shadowy room, Niobe saw a tangled huddle of sheets on the floor by the bed. A soft moan was emitted from the sheets when they started to move, a patch of ebony hair shining through the grey cloth.

Niobe helped the tired child free herself before asking, "another nightmare?" Sapphire nodded tiredly in response as she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes before the captain saw them. Niobe looked down at the girl with pity before she started to steer her into the hall, cringing a little at the amount of artificial light.

Morpheus gave out a small sigh as he surveyed the empty (and cold) half of the bed where Niobe should have been sleeping. It frustrated him when she just disappeared, especially in the middle of the night where he would wake up without fail a short time later. He supposed he hadn't been much better the first time they had been together, but it did get frustrating. Especially when she left for no apparent reason.

Why does she have to get up in the middle of the night, when were leaving tomorrow morning? I'm defiantly going to have to talk to her about this.

Morpheus shifted in the small bed to lay on his side, his eyelids sliding closed again until the flash of colour caught his eye. The computer monitor was on. Naturally, at this day and age, almost everyone has some form of computers in their private quarters. Higher personnel and people in the fleet tended to have better models and plasma screens, but it was expected that they were to be used for a maximum of 3 hours per day for non work related use, and never to be left on during the night. Oh shit.

Morpheus slowly slid out of bed and crept closer in his thin socks. The computer was in a special energy saving display mode- essentially off, but showing a pre-typed message. It was the present equivalent of leaving a note on a piece of paper, now that paper was very expensive and hard to get hold of. He just hoped that Lock didn't come bursting in, or he could have one serious fine on his hands. Anybody else, he would be commended for his loyalty to his work.

Morpheus. Had an emergency. Niobe's taken Sapphire and has gained an emergency out of Zion. Zee and I are with them. We've gone to the usual broadcasting location, meet you there when you're ready. Link.

Morpheus slowly lowered himself down on the edge of the small bed, starring at the message, deep in thought.

Niobe kept both hands on the teens shoulders as they continued to make their way through the ship. Sapphire was shaking again. Niobe wasn't sure it was from nerves or the cold, but she thought it was probably a combination of both.

As they stepped into the core, they could see the other two fleet members, hanging round the matrix screens. They immediately came forward to help her, and within a few minutes, Sapphire was laying in the jack in chair. Link went back to the Operators chair as Zee strapped the captain to her own chair and slid the needle into her head.

Quietly slipping through the hall and down the grand stairs at the end of it, Trinity made her way to the large living room. Sitting on one of the sofas for a few minutes in the cold room, she gathered her thoughts as her mind slipped back to the days when her daughter was a little child; and further still to when she was still a member of the Nebuchadnezzar.

She always liked to sit in a cold room when something was troubling her, that was the way she had always been. When she was a little girl, either waking up from nightmares or troubled sleep, lying in her hot bed used to feel unbearable. She would walk around her small bedroom, the temperature of the room dropping as cool air cascaded in from the open window. On the Neb, she would always take a small walk round the ship, ending in the mess hall with a mug of cold water.

Trinity silently got up from the sofa and made her way into the kitchen.

Niobe made no remark as she quickly led Sapphire across the street to the Oracles apartment building. She was astounded by the girls clothing choice of her RSI, as she thought that in the state she was in, she would not have even thought of altering it at all, but she had. Niobe, in her long leather coat and black top was guiding a girl dressed only in a simple light blue night gown, a darker blue silk dressing gown covering her shivering form.

Passing inside the building, Niobe hurried Sapphire into the lift, watching the blind man with curiosity as his head seemed to track them, a frown growing on his face. Niobe had the distinct impression that he could somehow see them as the lift doors slid shut, and the thought gnarled at her inside the small confined space.

The doors slid open with a resonating clunk as the two woman made their departure, Niobe feeling she had strayed into a dream herself when the well known apartment door opened soundlessly and the Chinese man in the white coat glided out and towards them in slow motion.

Seraph took Sapphire with an arm over her shoulder, and for the first time, Niobe saw something that she had never seen before- his soul. The program had appeared without his customary shades on his face for the first time, and with a glance in the man's eyes, Niobe saw all the worry, anxiety and care she had never believed possible on a simple program. No, in that one glimpse, Niobe knew that the figure standing before her was no ordinary program, he was a man, a living, real person, with a human soul.

All her doubts and worries seemed to disappear as they somehow doubled with her confusion and amazement.

Seraph led Sapphire into the Oracles apartment, Niobe following them, as the man closed the door, and from inside the apartment produced a key and unlocked the door, opening it from the inside.

Trinity sat on the floor of her kitchen, the cold steel mug of water clasped in her hands as if trying to keep walm. There were no chairs in the kitchen, and whilst the dining room was just opposite, she had the strange need to just sit quietly with her knees slightly bent, her back resting on the cold cupboard door.

Suddenly, she shot up into a standing position, as if something had startled her. She had no idea what it was or what happened but something was wrong. More wrong. Standing silently, her eyes almost blazing in the dark as she concentrated, she heard the scrape of a key, and a door silently opening. Immediately she tensed, and rushed out of the kitchen as fast as her silent legs could carry her. She slowed to a predatory-like walk as she entered the lower hall, slowing to a halt before the open front door. A haze of blue rushed into her arms, and Trinity comforted the girl, the long flowing black hair lose and draped over the smaller form's back.

Trinity brought her gaze up, and looked into the eyes of the two who brought her daughter home, the faithful human program, and a woman she had not seen for eighteen years. Their eyes stayed locked for what seemed to be an eternity, a silent understanding going between them as the door closed behind them, and three were left alone in silence, only broken by the quiet sound of movement from one.

End Of Chapter.

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