Blackie: *smirks* Valentine's Day is soon, you know what that means? Rei: No.......Should I be afraid? Blackie: Yes, be afraid!! BE AFRAID!! *cackles evilly* Rei: O.o; Goldie: -_-U *whacks Blackie with a mallet* Blackie: ow....okay okay, Satomi be a friend and do the disclaimer. Satomi: Blackie nor Goldie own Beyblade but they own me, the plot and the poem that is used for the inspiration of this fic, if you steal it, Blackie will send Mariah with a flame-thrower at your thievery soul. If you flame, we'll use the flames and give it to Blackie, which she will be very overjoyed to burn down any houses in your area hoping to catch yours on fire. Remember, this is a yaoi fic so prepare for some yaoi-ish fluff. Blackie: Couldn't of said it better myself. Goldie: :. You never say the disclaimer, if it was you, you would be holding a sign!! Blackie: -_- *twiddles thumbs*


Chapter One: Secret Admirer


"Rei?! Oh Reeeeeeeeeeiii!! REI!? Rei, Would you _please_ come out of the bathroom?! Just put the mirror down and walk away!?! Stop worrying about your hair, you look fine!!! Would you c'mon!?"

Rei was examining his hair for like the fiftieth that morning and that the fact Satomi Ryusaki was really getting mad that Rei was hogging the bathroom since no one would leave him alone to examine-check his hair for any uneven hair that could damage his poor aspect of his body.

"Rei, if you want your hair to stay black, you better get out here right now before I think of some way to turn your hair pink!!!!"

That definitely got his attention as he shoved the mirror in the drawer, then dashed out of the bathroom, passing Satomi by who was blinking in surprise and amusement as Rei slammed the door in his room panting heavily.

Our heros were currently spending their February month vacation at Satomi Ryusaki's house, Kai's good friend who was more than happy to share her house with them during the holiday they were on break. Satomi usually was okay with everything, except Tyson sneaking in the fridge late at night to eat some of the homemade ice cream she made and that the fact that Kenny hogged the phone when he was on the internet. (Blackie: Just like me ^^;)

She didn't have very much problems with Kai, Rei or Max but Rei found her a nice girl, but sometimes a scary person to mess with. Rei noticed that after they took a break from beyblading, he's been noting that Kai wasn't around that much as he used to (Blackie: Like he ever was, but get with the program) Rei was kind of worried about him, but deep inside, he knew that Kai was old enough to care for himself. And Rei should only care about Rei at the moment. (Blackie: Rather greedy aren't we? Goldie: *whacks Blackie* Would you shut up?!)

Rei then went towards his bed and flopped into the comfy surface, the soft feather mattress supporting his weight.

He then felt something poking his stomach, he blinked, then ran his hand from under his stomach and pulled up a red envelope. He looked at the calendar, it was only the fourth of February and he was already getting a valentine. He shrugged and opened it carefully, using his nails as a letter opener, then pulled out the letter, gasping seeing the red petals fall to his lap. He inhaled the strong scent of roses as he opened the folded paper, looking at the light red paper that was in his hand, that was slightly tinted with clear glitter, the letter was written in silver ink and in very neat handwriting.

~*Summers come and Seasons go,
But when it comes to you, Rei
I love you dearly so.
But if I tell you now, who I really was,
I would know that you would hate me
The reasons why because,
There are some things that could never be true
And I know that clearly if I said
My heart would be in pure taboo,
for which will make me sad.
But I will make it up to you,
By sending you these cards.
And hoping to win your heart
By midnight and with my regards*~

~**With Love,
Your Valentine Angel**~

Rei stared at the poetry that just made a blush rise in his cheeks, he had an admirer? Telling by how this poem was neatly done and neatly written, whoever it was really was serious about this. As he wondered who sent him the letter, someone was watching from the window, smiling as Rei read the poem over and over again.

The mysterious person turned around and walked away, then whispering, "There's so much more to come, Rei, just you wait."