Title: Queen of the Crush

Author: Sami

Email: Zgirlaz11@aol.com

Summary: Ellie had a crush…well more than one.


Popcorn scented and flew through the air. A movie was on but Ellie forgot which, Ghost World, maybe? Ellie was concentrating on getting popcorn in Marco's mouth or at least hitting him. They were laughing uncontrollably and it was like before. Before Marco came out and before the pretend 'relationship'. When Ellie hit him squarely with a kernel she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. She was so distracted that Marco pegged her with popcorn twice. She reached over and hugged him knocking the popcorn bowl over both of them. Marco hugged her back and then grabbing a handful of popcorn dropped it on her head. They both laughed and Marco looked at her and she felt hope.


He was a bad boy. The classic bad boy, Ellie decided. White tank tops never looked so good not even on Eminem. She fought the urge to girlishly sigh. She straightened up and walked to where he was fixing a car. Watching him made her have the wild desire to join auto. Shawn looked up and smiled at her. The butterflies in her stomach turned to Albatross. He wiped his forehead with the back of his wrist and Ellie knew she was gone "Hey," she said when she reached him. The greeting echoed and Ellie just realized they were alone. "Hey," Shawn said with that bad boy smile of his in place. Ellie smiled in return. Shawn shut the hood of his car and then wiped his hands on a rag. "So, how's your car coming along?" Ellie asked not taking her eyes off his mesmerizing lips. Shawn surprised her by grabbing her hips and bringing their lips together. Ellie responded and felt bliss.


Ellie knew how easy it would be to lean in and take Ashley by surprise and that's why she didn't. There was also Shawn who she really liked. Well, then again she still had feelings for Marco. Ellie just hugged Ashley and rubbed her hand in circles on Ashley's back. Her mind was fixated on Ashley's tears soaking into the bed. Ashley straightened up and laid her head on Ellie's shoulder. With a trembling hand Ashley wiped her eyes. "You must think I'm an idiot," Ashley said in a hoarse voice, the kind you only get after a crying jag. Ellie shook her head and wrapped her other hand that had been fluttering on the bedspread around Ashley. "No, I don't Craig's the idiot." "I know it's stupid but I keep thinking that I wasn't good enough or pretty enough." Ashley sighed and hugged Ellie. "Yeah, that is stupid. You've always been too good for Craig. Not the other way around. Manny is…Well Manny is a slut. And Craig's a moron and tonight he proved it." Ellie continued in her best albeit exaggerated Paige impression, "Besides isn't she, like, a grade seven?" When Ashley Laughed Ellie felt love.