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Weeks passed and passed and Drakken and Shego were good as new. Shego wasn't her self though; she wasn't her self because Drakken was back to his old self. He would go on ranting and ravening about their next plan to defeat Kim Possible. She wouldn't talk to him sometimes; she would sometimes just ignore him totally. Shego would have given everything for him to be the NICE kind person that she knew... the kind of person that lived deep down with in him.

"So don't you think it would be a good idea if we got a better cloning machine and then we would have twice as many Henchmen then before?!" Drakken asked with his normal evil smile. Shego sighed and rolled her eyes at him. "Listen Doc you do what you want... I'm going to go look out at the stars... ill be on my balcony if you kneed me." She said getting up and leaving him in his lab. Drakken felt rotten, he had been waiting to ask her for something for weeks, but he was just so scared. Slumping down in his chair he sighed. 'Why must I be so persistent on her? God Iv come back to the old me... now is the time.' Drakken thought as he walked off to his room and came back out with something small in his hand and he slipped it in his pocket.

Shego was sitting on the cold marble white bench which was on her balcony, and looked up. Everything was so peaceful... just like the night of the kidnapping. Shego sighed as she looked around, she didn't realize it but a small tear was running down the side of her face. 'Maybe he doesn't love me like I love him.' Shego thought sighing as she looked upon her view.

Drakken knew where she was so he went through her bedroom, not disturbing anything, he knocked on her glass sliding doors which lead to her balcony. "Shego... can I come out?" He asked kindly. "Sure." She said making room for him.

Drakken sat next to Shego and looked up. "Sorry if ive become my old self." He said looking deep into her eyes. Shego just shrugged and looked away. "I guess I have been rude to, ignoring you and all." She replied. "No... I deserve it." Drakken said lifting Shego's face back up. "Why are you crying?" He asked noticing the tear upon her pale face. Shego nervously laughed not realizing it at all. "Oh, I guess something got in my eye." She said.

Drakken then kneeled down on one leg and took both of Shego's hands in his. "Shego, I love you with all of my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, no one else could replace you, I love you so much..." He said still looking deep into her eyes. Shego went totally white she was so excited an confused, she so knew what he was doing. "Shego... will you marry me?" Drakken then asked as he pulled out a black leather box. When he opened the box Shego gasped when she saw a big light green diamond ring. The color of the diamond matched her beautiful eyes. "Yes! I will marry you!" Shego squealed and then flew into his arms and trampling him onto the ground. She kissed him until he had no breath left. Finally standing back up, Drakken put the ring on Shego's finer and kissed her again. And so they kissed under the stars and Shego thought that this was the best night of her life... and Dr. Drakken would have to say the same.


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