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The Child From A Lotus Blossom : Chapter one : Sunbeam From A Lotus Blossom

Spike walked nervously through the cemetary, autumn leaves crunching beneath his Doc Martins. Once upon a time he owned these graves, this whole yard of them. But that was long ago. Before the voices started. Now the basement of Sunnydale High was where he hung his metaphorical hat. But they knew that. So there they were too. Day and night, night and day, until the two blended together and he dared to venture outside to get away from the echoes that sung to him. So here he was, and the voices had grown hushed, almost going away. Almost.

With his only 'weapon', a rusted shovel with 'Property of S.H.S' on its handle, he marched on. His cocky swagger was gone, but he was still Spike, on the hunt for baddies to squelsh. Ones with real voices, because they were so much easier to hit.

When he reached a trio of vamps huddled around something small enough that he assumed it was no human, he slid into his game face, and snarled at the backs of the three. They whipped around just as he ran at them, arms extended and shovel held out horizontally in both hands. As they we almost on him, he spun around with the blade of the shovel out, taking off the head of vamp #1, who was too slow to duck. He was ashes before his head hit the ground, so Spike focused his attention on the other two fanged felones. Vamp #2 was short and burly, with a long goatee and a bikers jacket a size too small. He ran at Spike again, eagerness gleaming in his amber eyes, while vamp #3 stayed back, obviously aware that they weren't jump up against a run of the mill vampire, out to stake his claim. [a/n: Pardon the pun. hee-hee] Spike stood stock still and when Goatee was only an arm's length away, he jumped up and kicked him in the jaw, hearing it break with a satisfying crunch. While Goatee stumble backwards, holding onto his slack jaw with both hands and letting his guard down, Spike used the split second to thrust the handle of his shovel through his left breastbone and into his heart. The scrawny third vamp had fled, leaving only Spike and the ashes of his former buddies. The battle was quick and quipless, not like Spike at all. But Spike wasn't exactly feeling like himself these days, ever since ....

Looking up to see which direction Scrawny had fled, Spike's eyes fell apon a strange, strange sight. In the center of a grassy area that wasn't covered with graves, grew a single lotus blossom. Even in Spike's less than completely sane state, he knew that lotus blossoms grew in water, not on land. But his curiosity outgrew his suspision, and he walked slowly towards it, and cupped his hands around the flower, plucking it from the ground, inspecting it for anything supernatural-ish. He had only had it in his hands for a few seconds when all of the sudden it grew white-hot. Literally. Spike dropped it and ran backwards, tumbling over a tombstone and landing on the ground with a thud. He peeked over the tombstone to see that a large burst of white light had emerged from that spot, practically blinding him. Startled, he bent back down, hugging his knees and rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"Not time for morning yet. Morning doesn't come 'till the stars go to bed." he said loudly to no one. He sat like that until the beam of light faded with a loud pop. He got his nerves together at stood up, looking over once more at where the light had started from, expecting to see some kind of demony thing come to rip Sunnydale to shreds, not a little girl with a lotus blossom in her hands.

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