Summary: This is following two years after Reunion. The gang is getting ready for Senior Prom, Graduation, and College.

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Chapter I: Prom

"How about this one?" Kayla asked her best friend, Traci Johnson. They were sitting on the floor in Traci's room looking through magazines for Prom dresses. Traci had moved back to Wilsted almost two years ago. Her, Jett, and J.B. had grown up together, but then she had moved to California around the same time Jett had and taken up a career in acting. About a year after Jett had moved back home, Traci's parents had decided to move back to Wilsted and she had been offered a regular spot on Jett's TV show "Silverstone."

Shortly after getting settled back here, Traci thought she was adopted and that Jett was her brother. She had found some custody papers she thought were adoption papers. But they were only in case anything happened to her parents. Jett has some too but neither one of them need them now since they're both about to turn eighteen.

Traci's face lights up as she glances at the magazine in Kayla's hands. "Ooo, that'll look good on you!" A big smile breaks out on Kayla's face and she asks, "Really? You think so?" Traci nods her head excitedly. "Girl, yes! Jett will love it!" This comment causes a blush to creep into Kayla's face. "If you wore the clothes you paint in, Jett'll still think you look good."

Kayla's smile softens as she takes in what Traci has said. It is true. Jett will think she looks beautiful no matter what she has on. The past year and half has been the happiest time in her life. Her and Jett had finally hooked up and shortly after she had gotten a new best friend.

At first, she was a bit jealous when Traci had moved back to Wilsted. She was all Jett talked about when he heard she was moving back. She had learned that he, Traci, and J.B. had grown up together and that she was like a sister to Jett. Kayla had hoped that that was all it was, and it was. She had realized that Traci was the sibling that Jett never had and, no matter how old she got, always be like a sister to him.

"O.k. Now that we have me a potential dress for Prom, lets find you one." Kayla says, reaching for another magazine. "Don't bother," Traci replies, "I didn't find anything." She motions to the magazines scattered at her feet. "Whatever, I saw you staring at a few dresses for like a good ten minutes," Kayla says. "I don't know what you're talking about," Traci responds jokingly. Kayla ignores this remark and flips through a magazine. She stops when she comes to an ugly lime green and hot pink dress.

Kayla glances at Traci, who's looking through another magazine, then back at the dress. She puts on a straight face and turns to Traci. "Trae, I found *the* perfect dress for you," she says and gives Traci the magazine. Traci stares at the dress a moment then crosses her arms. She tries to hold a serious face but it falls once Kayla starts giggling. She starts laughing too and pushes Kayla playfully. They then start going through magazines and choosing ugly dresses that would look good on the other.

It was times like this that Traci was glad that her parents had decided to move back to Wilsted. She had been lonely when Jett had moved back. He was the only person she was really close to. She was also thankful that Kayla was best friends with Jett and J.B. because she'd never had a best friend that was a girl. These days there were some females you just couldn't trust. But Kayla was different. She was a lot like Traci. She didn't care what anyone said or thought about her. She lives life to the fullest and whatever she does, she does to satisfy herself. And her artwork shows that.

A little while later Traci's mom comes in and asks if they've found a dress. "I have," Kayla answers and shows Traci's mom the dress she chose. "Sweetie, did you find one?" Traci shakes her head then starts laughing. "Aw, come on Trae. I know you found one. Show us. Please," Kayla says. Traci finally gives in and shows them the dress. The room fills with 'Ooos' and 'Ahhhs' as Kayla and Traci's mom look at the dress Traci has chosen. It is a long, ivory dress with spaghetti straps that criss-cross at the back. The dress has two types of material. The material on the bottom is satin and the one on the top is see-thru. And there is a layer of satin that drapes slightly across the chest.

"Trae, it's perfect," Kayla says. "Really, you think so?" Traci asks. "Sweetie are you kidding," her mom says, "It's gorgeous. Ryan will think you look beautiful in it." Traci and Kayla turn their heads sharply to look at Traci's mom. Traci frowns slightly. "Mom, what're talking about?" Her mom looks like she's just been caught sneaking in the house after curfew. "Mom." Traci presses. "I should've known I wasn't gonna be able to keep this from you for long," her mom says sighing. "Keep what from me?" Traci asks. "Ryan's coming to escort you to Prom."

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