They got to the hospital in no time, with several near accidents. Manny was starting to have contractions as they screeched to a halt in front of the emergency room doors. Craig helped her into an empty wheelchair while Joey went to check them in. They were brought to an empty room and within a few minutes Dr. Perone had arrived.
"Manny, congratulations," she said with a smile as she began checking out her patient. "You're about...eight centimeters already. It shouldn't be long. Keep breathing sweetie, I'll be back in a couple of minutes to get you into the delivery room."
Manny barely registered what the doctor said as she gripped Craig's hand tightly. She struggled to concentrate on her breathing, grimacing through the pain.
"You're doing real good," Craig said, looking at his watch, trying to remember what he had learned in childbirth class. "This one should be almost over..."
She leaned back against the pillow with a gasp as the contraction ended, pushing her hair away from her sweaty forehead.
Joey entered the room just then with a camcorder in his hand. "Smile for the camera, guys!"
Manny waved her arms. "No, no I look horrible."
Craig kissed her hand. "You look great." He looked at Joey. "But save the camera for later, okay? I don't think you're gonna be allowed in the delivery room anyway. Why don't you call up Caitlin...or Spike?"
"Yeah and Emma," Manny added.
Joey nodded, still bouncing with excitement. "Sure sure right away." He hurried out of the room as the two of them shook their heads laughing.
Just then, the door to the room and opened and two nurses came in to bring Manny to the delivery room. They got her settled onto an upright bed and Craig took a seat beside her, holding onto her hand.
"You're at ten centimeters, it's time. This was a quick labor, you're lucky," Dr Perone said. "We're gonna get ready to push okay, Manny? Ready? One...two...three...push!"

Manny let out a cry as she pushed as hard as she could, squeezing Craig's hand with all her might. He let out a whimper of pain but bit his lip to hold back the sound.
"The head it out!" Dr. Perone announced. "We're gonna need another push, Manny."
Manny leaned back, trying to catch her breath, tears streaming down her face. "I can't..."
"Yes you can," Craig urged her. "Manny, you are so strong, you can do this. You can."
"Craig..." She looked into his eyes and saw the unwavering faith there. "O-okay." She took a deep breath then grunted as she pushed with the last of her strength. Then she heard the most beautiful sound. A baby crying.
"It's girl," Craig breathed. "Manny, it's a beautiful girl...covered in jello."
Manny laughed through her tears as Craig kissed her on the forehead. The doctor cleaned off the baby then handed her to Manny. "Oh she is beautiful." She glanced at Craig who was staring down at the baby in awe, his eyes brimming with tears and felt a surge of affection.
"Hi there," he whispered, reaching out a hand to stroke the baby's cheek as its piercing wails began to die down. "I'm your daddy, and this lovely lady is your mommy and you're Mandy. Our daughter." He looked up Manny, wiping his eyes. "Who do you think she looks more like?"
Manny leaned her head against Craig's. "She looks a little like Ange, don't you think?" Craig cocked his head. "Yeah she does. " Then he fell silent, looking back and forth between the two. A real family, he thought, wonder what that's gonna be like. Still even with the future so uncertain, Craig was sure it would be filled with joy and love. He had suffered through so much pain and finally that light at the end of the tunnel was approaching. He had thought that with happiness only came despair but now he realized that despair could also bring happiness. Mistakes had been made but were also learned from. Life isn't about perfect bliss, it's about making the most of what you're given. Craig understood all this now and he was ready for whatever would come.


So ends the saga. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for another Degrassi fic from me, totally different from this one. (