The Lord of Stone Tower

Chapter 19; Immortal Entrapment

Last time

Harry saw Voldermort throw up a shield to protect himself from the intruders even though Harry knew that none of them would attack him. Harry grinned at the abominations back. He recognised the shield as one capable of blocking even the most powerful of magicks and therefore picked the one spell he knew to be able to go through it. He pointed the top of Ra's staff at Voldermort and yelled at the top of his voice.


This time

The beam of sickly green light lit the chamber but Voldermort had no warning. A screeching echoed through the room as the curse grated at the shield before a shattering sound announced the shield shattering against the killing curse. The curse hit Voldermort under his left arm as he turned and a scream filled the room forcing many of the occupants to cover their ears. Power fluctuated around as the abomination fought against Death pull. The room started to heat up and Harry had to use his Powers to shield the others from the thrashing magic.

"GET OUT!" He yelled to the Knights, they were the only ones remaining having killed all of the Inner Circle. They left in a hurry to warn anyone else in the building. Lucus however stopped in the door unwilling to leave looking for an opening in the blasts of magic in order to reach Harry. Harry seeing this reacted the only way he could think of and with a flicker of thought he redirected his Power to encase the young man in stone before directing it to carry the man outside to the tree line.

"No!" Lucus' shout was cut off as he disappeared into the floor. Harry winced thinking about what the boy will do to him in revenge. It touched him that he had that level of loyalty though.

Harry was shocked out of his reverie however when all the magic swirling around the room was sucked back into the creature in the centre of the room. He wasn't that shocked however that the creature was still standing but the killing curse hadn't been completely nullified. The once proud Tom Riddle now stood shaking, he was paler then ever before and almost black blood poured from his eyes and mouth. His hands clenched in claws as he stared at his assassin in rage.

"If it isn't the boy-who-lived!" He croaked menacingly, "Did you really think that I hadn't overcome that curse yet. I am immortal!"

"I wouldn't call that little show of yours overcoming, and by the looks of you I wouldn't say you were immortal!" Harry snapped back.

"Granted, but there isn't a soul on this earth that has enough power to kill me now. Not even you and you know that the prophecy dictates that nobody else can kill me if you can't," The abomination gloated smugly.

"We'll just have to see about that." He wasn't stupid enough to think he could kill this thing on his own after that little show of magic. He pulled up his Power and nudged the floor beneath them. Then he braced himself.

Voldermort had no warning though, so when the floor lanced upwards into the air he ended up falling to his knees. The floor shoot up through the ceiling, or at through half the ceiling. Each of the ceilings they shot through melted away from Harry but each slammed into Voldermort forcing him to constantly either blast apart the ceiling or throw up protective shields.

They slammed through the roof to the Citadel's main tower but this time the stone formed around Voldermort trapping him from the waist down in the stone. His hands caught in the flowing rock. Harry himself flowed out of the rock purposely looking as imposing as he could.

"Answer me one thing Tom Riddle, after all this time, what are you fighting for?" Harry asked. "'Cos I know for sure it aint to kill all muggleborns and Half-bloods!"

Voldermort didn't answer, instead he glared at Harry as he struggled against the rock.

"Was it just for power?" Harry continued, "Immortality?"

Voldermort turned his glare onto the roof of his own traitorous Citadel.

"Was it just petty hate and revenge?" Harry wasn't just gloating; he wanted to know if Voldermort could break through his stone prison and he needed to take into account how strong the abomination was when his emotions had a say in his magic.

Sure enough Voldermort used his full strength to blast his way out of his prison. Harry was already moving and calling Griever at the same time. He leaped over the side of the Citadel just as the top was blasted apart. Harry watched Voldermort shoot out of the wreckage just as Griever caught him in his claws.

'Thanks Griever, place me down where he landed.'

Griever did as asked and soon Harry and Voldermort were once again facing each other as they prepared for the last attack.

"Noticed how quiet it is Tom?" Harry smirked. "Where's all your Death Eaters?"

This had obviously not occurred to Voldermort yet and he looked around in shock at the sight of a battlefield. Bodies littered the area, and all baring one or two were his own Death Eaters. Fires circled the building.

As Voldermort stared at the flames licking the edges of his building. Harry clicked a button on his wrist and spoke.

"All units pull out and report in."

This order obviously kicked Voldermort into action. "Crucio!"

The jet flew across the twenty feet but Harry easily dodged it before returning a simple confundus. He already knew how he planned to end this fight but he wanted Voldermort's last sight to be the destruction of everything he had worked for.

Voldermort shrugged off the attack and lurched towards Harry. "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry blocked it with a block of stone from the group before hurling the newly made shards across at Voldermort before the creature could react cutting up his already tattered robes and slicing up his arms as they protected his face from the onslaught.

"Silpormo!" Harry yelled and assisted the attack by sending an earthquake through the ground to put his opponent off balance. He coped with the Earthquake well enough to try to dodge the Holy magical attack but Harry flicked the staff to send the curse straight into his chest. Instantly Voldermort's front was covered in fire as the attack burned into his unholy skin.

Voldermort growled and wandlessly snuffed out the flames before casting a quick pain-relieving charm at his wound.

A voice crackled in Harry's ear, "Group two clear."

Harry grinned slightly.

"Novatis!" Voldermort snarled and the grinned faded from Harry's face and his eyes widened slightly as he tried to dodge the Battle Magic. The mini nova detonated where he had just stood but the edge of the large explosion caught him as he leaped away and he ended up losing his balance as the pain from the burns across his back made him gasp.

"Acretin Amphesatis!" Harry intoned calmly through the pain. It was more of a distraction than anything else. Giving Harry time to at least partially heal his wounds whilst roots and vine tackled and pestered the once feared Dark Lord. Unfortunately it wasn't long enough as he burnt the pests in a wave of raw power that slammed into Harry just as he was healing throwing him backwards before he rose the ground in front of him briefly to absorb the blow.

"Crucio!" Voldermort used his advantage and shot a killing curse in the direction that Harry had leaped to dodge the earlier curse. However Harry knocked the killing curse aside after layering his arm in sheets of granite, but still the blast from the curse knocked him off balance and before he could react Voldermort had fired two more killing curses, both of which Harry was forced to block with his arm even as the strain on the rock started to splinter it.

Voldermort was about to yet again curse Harry when a huge creature slammed its clawed paw in front of Voldermort and with a flick sent him flying backwards, surprise written across his face as he saw the huge Dragon protecting Potter.

"Group one clear, all groups clear."

"Enough of this nonsense, Tom!" Harry spat out and then to his wrist. "Open Fire!"

Voldermort watched in horror as ten orbs of bright lights lit the clearing and slammed into his fortress bursting through outside windows and exploding inside throwing entire sections into the air only to crumple again into rubble. Even as the first explosions ceased another wave fired.

Fire erupted into the sky and smoke filled the air as he turned back to Harry Potter. His red eyes, burning with fury, widened dramatically as he saw what was now standing before him.

"A Demon Dragon?" He asked in disbelief wondering vaguely where Potter had gone so he could get his revenge.

"Actually we prefer Dream Walkers." A deep voice filled the air, but there was no mistaking it.


"Its over Tom, you have nothing left here, your army is broken, your ideals are just that, yours." Harry stated emotionlessly. "I'm not even going to bother to kill you, instead you will have your immortality. That is if you bothered to protect yourself from aging."

Voldermort moved for his wand which had fallen beside him when he had been hit by the Dragon.

Harry concentrated all his Power and reached far into the ground for the strongest rocks he could sense. Diamond, Granite, Marble and anything as strong and pulled it up to the surface in floods. All around them pillars of liquid rock burst out of the ground before arching into the sky and curving over gracefully and before anyone could move they slammed into Voldermort.

However instead of harming the creature it flowed around him, moulding around his body keeping him locked in for eternity in a river of ever flowing stone.

The deed was done, Voldermort was as good as dead. He could either die in that prison or he would live as an immortal in a room no bigger then his own body unable to move. A fitting punishment for a man who had caused so much needless pain to so many.

As a last job, a plaque was raised beside the ever flowing pillar of stone.

He is a fool the man that disturbs this prison.

Lives were lost yet justice is being served.

Here lives Tom Riddle,

May he live as long as he deserves.

Be warned if you envy this man,

That the Dark Lord of Stone watches all.

The End

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