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1. Target Redfield

It has been only a month now after that ordeal at the Antarctic Base, now at its new location in Rome, Italy where Umbrella had made their new HQ. A few Umbrella's employers were talking strategies, one of them was Albert Wesker. A man named Chief Brigs was discussing about their main threats "That Chris Redfield, has screwed us up for that last time" the chief hoarsely said. Whesker pushed up his black shades up the bridge of his nose "Let me handle this, Chief" he told him as he gave a small cocky smirk. The chief laughed slightly "Why so you could fail again?"chief narrowed his eyes slightly, Wesker smirked "I have decided in order to get Chris trapped, I'll kidnap his precious Claire" he told the staff "If I fail then you can decide on my punishment" he added and the Chief smiled cynically "You best not fail me, Wesker. Everyone dismissed" he said waving his hand slightly.

Whesker got up from his chair, he walked towards another room and tapped in some numbers in the number code lock. The door slid up allowing him in, in the room was Umbrella employees in white coats working with chemicals. There was one predicular man he came to see, a man who stood near a huge tube "Ah Dr.Schneider, how is the little progress doing?" Wesker asked the young man with brown hair and a little ponytail "Quite well actually, he may awake any day now" he told Whesker while looking up towards the huge tube. In the tube was the young man that Whesker had brought back after the Arctic Base, he appeared not to be dead because of the monitoring of his heart kept a steady beat "Excellent" Wesker grinned. Wesker then looked towards the tube next to Steve Burnside's tube "Have you gotten the G virus yet?" Wesker asked "Hmm William Birkin's G Virus has been easy to release from his deformed mangled body at least what is left of his parts anyways. Next time try bringing a more togather mutant" Dr.Shneider said.

Wesker then with a stern voice "What of Alexia's T Veronica Virus, have you been able to extract it yet?" the doctor looked up at Wesker "It has been quite difficult trying to pull the T virus from Steve, yet we are working on it" Dr. Schneider said rather quickly. Wesker sighed "Good, my new creation will be injected with the T and G virus making the ultimate biohazard mutation ever" he laughed maliciously. Wesker then turned to leave but was stopped by Dr. Schneider "Have you decided what your going to do with him?" he asked while pointing towards another tube which could not be seen since the water was black as ink "Use him of course, I don't just don't throw away helpful mutations?" Whesker muttered and the doctor spoke up "Wise choice, I guess you do need some kind of back up plan" he told the fuming Wesker. Wesker laughed "There will be no failure" with that he left the research lab and walked off.

At a police station, where all the Ex-S.T.A.R.S relocated at was in New York City. Inside the specialialized forces room was the Ex-S.T.A.R.S members, well at least Chris was there. He sat at a desk doing some paper work and sipping on some coffee. He paused briefly while reading out loud "Jill Valentine, I see finally she gets her" he muttered. The fact was he had indeed wanted to see Jill as soon as he came back from the Arctic Base, but the thing is Jill had gone on vacation.

He sighed then turned his chair as he herd the door open up, it was a big boned man "Barry" Chris smiled as Barry nodded his head while taking his seat at his desk "I herd some rumor that Jill is coming" Barry told Chris. Chris nodded "No rumor, its true I just read a report background check on her" he told the stunned Barry "Yes! Finally it will be like old times. Well except for Whesker bitching at us of course" Barry smirked. Chris smiled to himself he couldn't just help himself thinking about the old times back in Raccoon city, well before that incident where zombies roamed the city and finally the little city was demolished off the map. Soon the youngest member walked in, she had short red hair and was a specialist in medic field "Hey guys, I brought some donuts" Rebecca smiled while putting them on the table. Barry smirked while getting up from his chair and digging through the box of donuts pulling out a chocolate covered one "Thanks Rebecca, you're a life saver!!" he said while chomping on the donut.

Suddenly a voice spoke from behind all three "Don't forget about me" a man walked in, he had dirty blonde hair. Rebecca smiled while grabbing the donut box from Barry "Hey Leon, take one!!" she smiled while he reached in and pulled out a cream filled one "Aww I wanted that donut" muttered Barry. Chris rolled his eyes "Barry, you pretty much ate the whole box as it is" he sighed while tapping his pen against the desk. Rebecca laughed "Its as if your bored and expecting another Biohazard outbreak through out the city" she told Chris then eyed some articles. Rebecca then soon eyed a few old clippings "Chris, you need to get your mind off these cases" she told him while picking up old news clips about the Spencer's mansion and the demolishing of Raccoon City "Yeah, you look as if you barely get any sleep" Barry told Chris.

Chris sighed while hanging his head "I just feel like that Whesker is alive, plotting something more outrageous. I've been trying find some clues at where the new Umbrella base may be" he told them and then they sighed. Suddenly someone walked in which caught Barry and Rebecca's attention "Jill" they both shouted causing Chris to be startled and fall out of his chair. His chair was on the ground at its side, leaving Chris on the ground "Jill, where have you been?" asked Chris. Jill smiled at them then noticed a new member "Oh hello, I'm Jill Valentine" she told Leon "Oh I'm Leon S Kennedy, I hear lots about you" he smirked while looking towards Chirs.

Jill smiled while walking over to Chris and helping him up, as she did he had notice something gleam on her wedding finger "Jill..?" he blinked while looking at the engagement ring. Jill then blushed slightly "Guys, I'm engaged" she told them this made Chris grow slightly pale and Leon looked towards Chris trying to see what emotion his buddy was feeling right now. Rebecca smiled fakely as if she could feel Chris's pain "Oh, who is the lucky guy?" she asked and Jill smiled "I met him while I tried to escape Raccoon City before it was destroyed, his name is Carlos. He use to be a mercenary hired by Umbrella to help the Raccoon civilians" she told them "Ooo donuts" Jill said while walking past Chris towards the box on the table near Barry's desk. Chris sighed slightly while picking up his chair, he took his seat and started to read over some news clippings.

It was now in the evening, in a apartment not far from the police station was where Claire was at. She was in the shower, the water running down on her and she sighed while thinking about things. She hasn't been the same as she came back from the Arctic Base, ever since he'd died telling her those words of love. She sighed while her head rested against the cool wall as she closed her eyes. She turned off the water then grabbed for a towel and wrapping it firmly around her slim body.

She walked towards her bedroom to search for something to wear in her bra and panties , she grabbed a pare of black jeans that where low cut. Then pulled out a belly black tight shirt and pulled out her usual coat from the closet and put it on. While brushing her hair, she thought she herd a noise as if her front door creaked but turned around and shrugged. She went back to brushing her hair, suddenly when she looked up someone grabbed her from behind. She felt a cloth go in front of her nose and mouth breathing in some kind of toxin that caused her to get drowsy all the last she could see was the reflection of Wesker holding onto her now falling body.

End of Chapter One

Chapter Two: Confusion

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