3. To Do As He Pleases

It was the next morning; Chris was in their office packing things up "I thought I would find you here" a voice called from behind. He turned around to see Jill standing next to Carlos in the door way "Yeah?" he replied a little darkly; he hated seeing her with another guy. Jill simply smiled "Were all going you know, even if you don't like it" she laughed "We will-.." and Chris interrupted "Do what you please" he said while slinging his bag over his shoulder. "I don't have time for your speech" he said as he pushed past Carlos; Carlos looked towards Jill "Heh; nice guy" he remarked. Jill sighed "Come on; lets meet up with the other" she told him while walking out "You sure it's okay if I go?" Carlos asked and Jill stopped "Of course; you'd actually think I would leave you out on this?" she said with a smile as she took his hand and walked to the main hall.

Chris was fixing up his backpack when the two arrived; he was in a little hurry to leave he didn't like being in the room alone with those two. Rebecca was double checking her first aid kits and other varies of objects needed to make medicine "Oh I sure hope there are no more creepy icky spiders" she said and Leone laughed "You'd hope that would be all we would see" he told her. Ada just shook her head "Can we please get a move on it" she told them as her foot tapped on the ground in a impatient way. "We can't go yet; we have to wait for Ba.." Jill was about to finish but Barry arrived he was packed and ready; he even had a box of donuts in his hands "Sorry stopped at the donut shop." he told them. "Honestly; if your going to play around maybe you should stay behind" Ada snapped at Barry and walked out of the room towards a black van "Sheesh; I thought we'd be all hungry since this will be the only normal food we'll get while hunting down Wesker." he sighed and followed the others.

When in the van; Chris found him stuck next to Carlos 'Great; just perfect' he thought while looking towards the Mexican who put his arm around his Jill. Ada sat next to a Umbrella employee who was going to drive them to the dock and then they would have to ride a boat to the secret base. Leone noticed his cell phone go off "Ahh..I wonder who that could be" he picked it up "Hello? Oh Sherry hi. Um sorry but daddy is kind of busy" he told the young girl he had adopted because her parents were killed last time he had to fight his way out of Racoon City. Ada laughed "So you actually adopted her" she said as Leone shut his cell phone off. Barry was handing out the donuts to everyone "Now guys; lets all eat them up!" he told them with a laugh and everyone began to eat "hey can I have one?" the umbrella employee asked "No! You don't deserve any" Barry hissed while clinging the box close to his chest.

Back with Claire......

Claire looked at the wall "How can he do this; but if I wanna get to see Steve again I have to do what he asks" she said looking down. Her heart started to thump when she herd her door open and notice Wesker walking in; she backed away to the head post. "Hmp; whenever I am to approach you. You are to call me master" he smirked. He got on the bed; he kneeled in front of her shaking body next to the bed post "Got it?" he asked. She didn't answer him and he grew angry "Well did you hear me or not?" he hissed and she looked up; her lips were trembling "Yes, master". His smirk grew more; he reached to her and lifted her chin then moved in closer giving her a small kiss.

Claire stayed frozen; her eyes wide open as he kissed her 'Who does he think he is' she thought as he backed away from her lips and moved to her neck giving her small kisses. Claire looked away in embarrassment as his hand slid up her shirt and caressing her right breast covered by her bra. He laughed while moving his right hand to the back and unclasping her bra "Please..no" she cried out but all she could her was his laugh going on in her head. He pushed her down and began to remove her shirt. Top and bra lay discarded on the ground; his hands held her down by the shoulders.

His shades slid down the bridge of his nose as he looked at her "Do you feel humiliated?" he laughed "Good; blame this all on your brother Chris" he told her sternly. Claire felt her tears starting to grow as he moved his head down to the left over her breast and taking in the nipple. She never felt so violated in her life; she closed her eyes and let her tears fall down her cheeks freely. Wesker stopped as his cell beeped in his pocket "Now what" he sighed while taking it out of his pocket "Yes..? Yes. Alright I'll be there" he said while putting his phone back into his pocket. "You got lucky; for now" he laughed while getting off the bed and leaving the room.

Claire had her eyes still closed and she could hear the code buttons beeping as he left "Damn him.." she said while covering her arms in front of her chest. "Damn him" she repeated again and again as she cried on the bed. She then got her bra back on; she flinched as she put it back on because of her left nipple being sore "I hate him" she said through tears as she put her shirt back on. 'But; I have to let myself do this. If I don't..I'll never see Steve again" she cried more. "I know...you'll come for me brother" she told herself before falling asleep; with teary stained cheeks.

With Wesker....

"So; what was so important that you had to bother me while I was busy?" Wesker asked Dr.Schneider "Um..maybe I should show you" he told Wesker as he led him into another room which had bars over a door and a code lock. Dr.Schneider tapped in the code and the bars lifted; then he took out a key and unlocked the door "So much locks; what for?" Wesker asked and Dr.Schneider just opened the door. "Take a look for yourself" he told Wesker; Wesker peeked in to the room and he froze. "Meet Dark Angel" Dr.Schneider replied as Wesker gazed at the new biohazard mutation he had created. It looked nothing but a little boy "Are you joking?" he glared at his professor "No, no this is only his first form. He advances to many other forms and I will tell you he doesn't look to child like after this one" he told Wesker.

"Hm; you better be right or this will cost you!" Wesker snapped as he looked towards the little boy. The little boy was chained by the hands and feet to the chair; the boy had yellow eyes just like Wesker. His hair was black and fell just above his shoulders; he was wearing a leather shirt and leather pants. Wesker just smirked "You'd better be worth it; took me forever to collect those G Virus samples" he said then walked out. "Chris; this time you will die" he laughed as he walked down the hall. "Okay little dark angel; time to eat" a umbrella employee said walking closer towards the child; he backed away as the mutation began to growl "What is..he doing?" he asked nervously and Dr.Schneider shrugged "Why don't you find out?" he laughed as he left the room.

"Wait; don't leave me in here!" the employee cried as the door shut and locked; he could hear the bars drops over the door "What are you doing professor!" he cried. Dr.Schneider laughed "A little experiment" he said as he watched the employee shriek with fear on the tv monitor. The professor pushed the button and suddenly the chains dropped from the boy "Nice..kid" the employee said while backing away from the door. The mutation growled as he lept towards the employee and his eyes began to glow red. Small black wings stretched out from it's back and the child's nails started to grow in to sharp claws. "Dammit Professor; this isn't funny" he cried while backing up against the door and pounding on it with his fist.

"I never meant it to be funny" Dr.Schneider said "Goodbye now" he laughed and turned off the monitor. The employee looked towards the mutation; the boy looked different now and seemed to be standing still. It's hair in front of it's face "Listen; come any closer and I'll kill you" the employee warned while taking out the gun; all he could hear were hissing sounds. "I've had it!" he yelled while pointing towards the mutation; the angel though wasn't there "What the hel-" he tried to finish but something stopped for him. He was chocking on his own blood; a clawed hands was poking out of his stomach from behind "Damn..you" he winced as his body fell limp and the angel threw it aside.

End of chapter 3

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