It was the first time in a dreadfully long time that a human caught the attention of the notorious vampire Aubrey. He watched a girl walking into a small little farmer's market store. She didn't resemble anyone he had met throughout the years yet something called her to him. Jessica had been his first fledgling, having left him he had not been looking for a companion. Company usually brought trouble and Jessica was doing just fine on her own.

This girl was different altogether. She was beautiful in an ethereal way. Her skin fair, brown yet light enough to remind him of burnt amber. She was curvy yet muscular and sapphire eyes that resembled Sarah Vida's before Kristopher needed to change her. As he watched the girl, the male she was speaking with was a hunter he had been followed by the for the past year. He swore in his native language, as the girl hugged his stalker. He had fed a few hours ago, so he knew it wasn't hunger drawing him to her. He wanted to change her, laughing in the face of her friend seemed ironic and amusing to him.

The girl left the store walking across the street, right in the path of Aubrey. He panicked, knowing fully well he was in her way and if she happened to be a fellow hunter he could be dead by the end of the day. However, he could always disappear never look at this girl again. Something told him that wasn't going to be possible anymore. Not with how close she suddenly was to him, pausing to survey him. Aubrey tapped into her mind, which was fairly easy since her mind was somewhere else.

He can't be him; I mean he's just a book I once read. Come on, Zaiela get your head straight vampires don't even exist. The girl thought and Aubrey smirked realizing how flustered she was. She shook her head and continued on her way blushing as she adjusted her bag. Aubrey watched her get lost in the crowd of people on the streets this early Friday morning. Aubrey was still smirking; he knew people who paid attention to the book, Dark Flame, by Ash Night would recognize him anywhere. He could create a small fan club if he wanted the attention.

Aubrey was content with himself realizing that the girl was named Zaiela. She was in denial about him being real, let alone a vampire. She also seemed to have no clue that his kind existed, nor that her friend hunted them. She was no threat to him and he enjoyed that fact.

Except for her beauty. Aubrey's conscience had finally caught up with him and he stopped in his path following Zaiela. He bit his lip, shaking his head in denial by his own thoughts. He continued his path, striding enough to catch up to Zaiela. She wasn't hard to pick out in a crowd, she seemed to glow to him. They walked into the town of Ramsa, Aubrey grunting a bit. This was Fala's territory and he tried to play by the rules when necessary. Not that Fala posed a threat to him, he could kill her in a heartbeat, but Jessica would not like that very much. She had blood claim on her and he at least wanted to get along with his fledgling.

Aubrey realized that the early morning was starting to vanish and he stared up at the sun. He could tell he had a few more hours to follow Zaiela. She had walked into a local coffee shop and Aubrey smiled to himself as she sat down at a table with a notebook. He went into the coffee shop, hoping to go in unnoticed, but Zaiela looked up and locked eyes with him. Realizing who it was, she scowled, jotting something in her book. She did not look pleased at all which amused Aubrey even more.

Aubrey sat across the room ordering a latte to at least look normal. Giving his real name, he continued to study Zaiela, who had pulled out her iPod and was continuing to write. She stole glances at him, Aubrey looking away when their eyes locked. He didn't know what to make of his feelings just yet. He knew he was drawn to her but it was making him uncomfortable as to the reason he was in the first place.

Zaiela was not truly agitated nor was she completely thrilled about the Aubrey look alike being there. It was as if he had followed her just to torment her. He can't be Aubrey, he just can't because then that would mean vampires existed and if vampires exist then, well I'm done for. Zaiela thought spinning the spoon in her coffee. She had been up all night studying for her finals and on the phone with Xander talking about the things they couldn't wait for after graduation. Now one of her favorite character's splitting image seemed to be stalking her. She didn't know why but he happened to be showing her a lot of interest. Zaiela didn't like the way it made her feel. She felt like a zoo animal stuck in a damn cage. She looked back over to "Aubrey" and this time he smirked in a way the made her stomach flutter.

Annoyed, Zaiela collected her stuff and made her way to the door. As soon as she got outside Aubrey caught up to her. She drew her bag closer to her, a little apprehensive about what this man could want. He was just as tall as described, even his clothes were spot on to his description. She pushed an untucked strand of hair behind her ear. She was standing next to a newspaper stand as he considered his next move.

"You're very beautiful." Aubrey whispered, he was kicking himself for that, it wasn't the cleverest thing he could have said.

Zaiela looked up at him and realized that his eyes were the obsidian described in the book as well; she glared at him now fully aware that it might just be some fanatic of the book. She crossed her arms over her chest, a little concerned for her safety. The morning rush was dying down and people were starting to dwindle. She scowled at the man in front of her, her nerve coming to her. "Is that why you stared at me all morning or followed me from New York?" she asked realizing her voice sounded a bit too harsh than she intended.

Aubrey was taken aback by the attitude she gave off. She was face to face with him, staring in his eyes as if trying to find something there. He closed his eyes feeling naked suddenly with the way she was looking at him. He opened them up and she was still glaring at him. He raised his hands, the smirk developing into more of a smile. "Maybe, but it'd take more than snide remarks to get the truth." He answered.

Zaiela rolled her eyes at the boy feeling fed up with this boy. She turned on her heel to walk away and Aubrey grabbed her wrist. She turned ready to punch this guy right in the nose, but then caught sight of a Fenris tattoo on his wrist. She stared at it carefully, realizing it was on his right wrist, the exact arm Ash Night depicted in her story. She panicked and surveyed the rest of the boy. The long hair in the front, pale skin, features that could be modeled after an old Roman coin. His eyes dark and he was wearing a necklace with an upside down cross, another replica of Ash Night's Aubrey. She closed her eyes wanting to make this all go away. When she opened them he was still there holding onto her wrist. She wriggled it, trying to get away. This was not happening; fictional characters were just that. She was going to be mugged by someone who looked like a fantasy. "Let go." She growled, an irrational courage popping up.

"Why? See anything you like?" He inquired smirking. There, that was more of the Aubrey he was familiar with. He wasn't sure what this girl was doing to him, but was thankful he wasn't completely gone. He was distracted now, not realizing what Zaiela was doing.

Zaiela took her right hand and slapped him hard. She knew if he were who she thought she was she'd be dead in the next second. He took a step back; his head had snapping to the side as she was able to get free. He caught her again, pushing against a light post, glaring at her now that his ego was bruised.

"You have a lot of nerve for a mortal." He snarled tired of playing the human flirting game. He felt her warmth through his skin and he controlled his anger. He could feel something familiar in her, but he couldn't place it. He frowned, when he saw that she was smiling at her.

Zaiela smiled at the confirmation. A part of her danced at the fact that he was real. She wasn't exactly in the best situation currently. She smirked now. "Aubrey, my vampire, well, Ash Night's vampire, but the one vampire whose entire secrets are revealed in books, tell me, is there really a scar from where Risika cut you, or was that something made up?" She asked, bringing her hand up to pull his shirt down.

Aubrey gripped her throat pushing her up the pole. "I am not in the mood to play games with you, now why don't we make things simple." He suggested not really sure what he wanted to do with her. Zaiela seemed to realize this and she kneed him in the stomach.

The strike threw him off, dropping her and she coughed to get her breath back. When her oxygen came back she stated, "Hit a nerve there? Now come on Aubrey, we all know you vampires like the hunt, I'm not much of one." She added coyly.

Aubrey let his grip on her loosen. He studied her carefully, pulling her close suddenly and pressed his lips passionately against hers. He pulled away gruffly, disappearing just as quickly as he showed up in her life. He wasn't sure what was coming over him. He felt something when he kissed her and it felt different than kissing anyone in the past. It confused him and he was afraid of it consuming him.

Zaiela was infuriated as she walked home and slammed the door. She had an hour before she had to be at school and Aubrey had just kissed her. Aubrey, the one vampire she wished to exist was actually very much alive. She was not ready for a normal day. It had not started out normal at all and she could still feel Aubrey's lips against hers. She needed school to distract herself.