Aubrey watched the girl walking into the store. It was the first time in a very long while that a human had caught his attention. The girl didn't resemble any of the vampires he knew at all, but something about this one called to him. Jessica was his first fledgling that had done the same to him, but she had long since been on her own since he had changed her. This girl had her own beauty; her hair was a brown close enough to resemble a burnt orange, her figure full and muscular. The color of her eyes were a sapphire blue that reminded Aubrey of Sarah Vida's before Kristopher had changed her a while ago.
Watching the girl, he noticed the mortal she was conversing with. It was the hunter who had been after him the passed year. Aubrey swore in his native language as the girl hugged his enemy. Aubrey was now in the mood to either feed upon her or to change her so he could laugh at the irony of it all for her dear friend. After the girl left the store she began her walk across the street toward Aubrey. He panicked knowing fully well if she was a fellow hunter that he'd be dead in a second. The girl walked up close then stopped looking at Aubrey as if surveying him. Aubrey tapped into her mind, which was fairly easy since her mind was somewhere else.
He can't be him; I mean he's just a book I once read. Come on Zaiela get your head straight vampires don't even exist. The girl thought and Aubrey smirked at her. The girl shook her head and continued on her way blushing. Aubrey watched her get lost in the crowd. Aubrey was still smirking; he knew people who paid attention to the book, Dark Flame, by Ash Night would recognize him anywhere. Jessica had been right about everything she wrote in that book. Aubrey smiled to himself realizing that the girl was named Zaiela. She was in denial about him being a real vampire. She also seemed to have no clue that his kind existed, nor that her friend hunted them. She posed no threat to him.
Except for her beauty. Aubrey's conscience had finally caught up with him and he stopped as he began to follow the young Zaiela. He shook his head in denial by his own thoughts. He continued his walk, catching up to the girl, which he easily recognized. He came to the town of Ramsa once again. Aubrey swore a bit knowing this was Fala's territory. He really didn't care, Fala was an easy kill if he wanted to kill her, he had many reasons to do so. Aubrey knew that Jessica would kill him for it though; she had blood claim over her.
Aubrey realized it was early morning. He looked at the sun and he could tell he had a little more time left to follow Zaiela. She walked into a local coffee shop and Aubrey smiled to himself as she sat down and took out a notebook starting to write. He walked in hopefully going unnoticed, when Zaiela looked up at him. She scowled a bit then went to her notebook. Aubrey sat across the room ordering a latte as a cover up. He gave his real name and continued to survey Zaiela, who was watching the people around her and glancing at him every now and then.
She wasn't angry nor was she thrilled about him being there. It was as if he had followed her just to torment her. He can't be Aubrey, he just can't because then that would mean vampires existed and if vampires exist then, well I'm done for. Zaiela thought spinning the spoon in her coffee. She had been up all night studying for her finals and on the phone with Xander. She was so confused about everything that she wanted to give up. Now one of her favorite character's splitting image was around her. She didn't know why but he was sitting in the same damned coffee house as she was and watching her. Zaiela didn't like the sound of watching her. It made her sound like some zoo animal that's stuck in that damned cage. She looked back over to "Aubrey" and this time he smirked. Outraged, Zaiela collected her stuff and made her way to the door. As soon as she got outside her "Aubrey" caught up to her.
"You're very beautiful." Aubrey said to her, he was kicking himself for that one now.
Zaiela looked up at him and realized that he was even the same height as Aubrey; she glared at him now fully aware that it might just be some fanatic of the book. She crossed her arms over her chest.
"Is that why you stared at me all morning or followed me from New York?" she asked realizing her voice sounded a bit too harsh than she intended.
Aubrey was taken aback by her attitude. He was staring right at him into his eyes. Most humans were afraid but she was nearly growling at him so close like Jessica had been two years ago. He closed his own eyes feeling she might put a spell on him. He opened them up and she was still glaring at him. He raised his hands.
"Maybe, but it'd take more than snide remarks to get the truth." He answered.
Zaiela rolled her eyes at the boy. She was getting fed up with this. She turned on her heel to walk away and Aubrey grabbed her wrist. She turned to look at her arm and saw Fenris on his wrist, which happened to be his right one, which was the exact same way Ash Night, had described it. She panicked and surveyed the rest of the boy. The long hair in the front, pale skin, features that could be modeled after an old Roman coin. His eyes were dark and he was wearing a necklace with an upside down cross, another replica of Ash Night's Aubrey. She closed her eyes wanting to make this all go away. When she opened them he was still there holding onto her wrist.
"Let go." She growled irritated now.
"Why? See anything you like?" He inquired smirking.
Zaiela took her right hand and slapped him hard. She knew if he were who she thought she was she'd be dead in the next second. He took a step back his head had snapped to the side. He glared at her pushing her to a light post.
"You have a lot of nerve mortal." He growled tired of playing the human flirting game.
Zaiela smiled. "Aubrey, my vampire, well, Ash Night's vampire, but the one vampire who's entire secrets are revealed in two books, tell me, is there really a scar from where Risika cut you, or was that something she had to make up?" She asked.
Aubrey gripped her throat. "I am not in the mood to play games with you, now why don't we make things simple." He suggested not really sure what he wanted to do with her.
He let go of her throat and She coughed struggling to breathe. When she got her oxygen back she stated,
"Hit a nerve there? Now come on Aubrey, we all know you vampires like the hunt, I'm more than willing to bare my throat to you." She stated smirking.
Aubrey let his grip on her loosen. He studied her carefully and then pulled her in close once again kissing her passionately. He pushed her away then disappearing not sure what he had just done. Zaiela was infuriated as she walked home and slammed the door. She had an hour before she had to be at school and she just kissed Aubrey. Aubrey, the one vampire she wished to exist was actually existing and very much alive. She had to just sleep it off tell her mother or something that she didn't want to go to school. It was all just too much for her. She needed a break.