Their kiss was broken by a knock on the door. Aubrey pulled away from Zaiela and pushed her behind him. He didn't recognize the person behind the door and he scowled. Most people didn't know him nor was he worth tracking. Another knock on the door and then the lock clicked. A woman stood before them, smiling softly and leaning her head to the side. Aubrey was on the defense now, a foot toward the woman and the girl held up her hand.

"Please. You wouldn't stand a chance against me." She stated her accent was mildly British.

Zaiela stared at the woman and could swear she knew those grey-blue eyes from somewhere. The stranger was tall, pale, and had the features of a vampire but something was different compared to Aubrey and Fala. This woman had more life to her features than the dead pale skin of the vampires. Zaiela fought hard with her memory to place her; her hand on her father's blade.

"I have simply come for what is rightfully mine." The woman said smoothly. Zaiela turned to look at the box. She dashed toward it picking it up and holding it to her chest. The woman's smile turned a bit vicious. "I see the daughter of a Triste catches on fast. Oh Zaiela, don't put yourself in the same position your father did. That box is rightfully mine. It has been in my family's protection for generations. You humans have a tendency of stealing." She remarked. "Escavating tombs and claiming what you find as yours." She shook her head.

That triggered Zaiela's memory. The woman had been over a few times looking for her father. She had been at the funeral and all. "Dyanel." She muttered under her breath.

Aubrey looked from Zaiela to the woman. "Dyanel Lona, the demon?" He asked.

Dyanel smirked. "Well yes as a matter of fact I am that Dyanel. Little Zaiela didn't know it of course, but then again her father was good at pretending. Most of us immortals are though, isn't that right Aubrey?" She asked looking at him.

Aubrey glared. "Why want it now, why didn't you just go for it when Alexander died?" He asked.

Dyanel smirked. "Things of this importance happen on a timeframe Aubrey. At least to this epic proportions. Now, my box please." She stated.

Zaiela stared at her. "You won't get the answers Dyanel. Your family had to have tried to keep it locked away for a reason." She said.

Dyanel sighed. "I believe you don't know my story too well Zaiela." She said, sitting on the bed. Aubrey was watching her every move, his position was still protective of Zaiela, but it was Zaiela who moved from him. Dyanel laughed silently and watched the two. "I am the one who doesn't fit in. I am the demon of light. My road has never been bring darkness and struggle to the humans. I am merely here to explore and keep the world in order. You having the box will unleash chaos and the prophecy will come to pass so therefore switching the aspects of the prophecy we can manuver away from it ever even happening. No deaths, no destruction; no epic love scenes where boy loses girl, girl finds boy its boring and so not realistic anyway. Zaiela will never get her powers, the world won't need her. Fair and simple she can go back to the life she was living peacefully. Be normal and human just as she is today." Dyanel said, pushing her black curls from her face.

"Well, someone has had a lot of time figuring this out. Nice speech and everything. Did it ever occur to you, Dyanel, that I was never born normal. My father was a Triste witch I would have developed my powers regardless of finding Aubrey or anyone of you." Zaiela answered.

Aubrey looked away. "No you wouldn't. Dyanel knows its the mere fact that we met was the trigger to you getting your powers. You can call it a safeguard for yourself. How we met though, was completely out of our hands." He added.

Dyanel chuckled. "Oh yeah, like no one sent you back home. And someone suggested to Zaiela's mother to come back to Ramsa. It wasn't in Alexander's will that I can assure you. Your mother had plans to go hide in Ireland. Can't blame her, such a wonderful place. The magic would have found you there too of course not to this extent I'm sure." Dyanel stated.

Zaiela stared at her. "Why do I get the feeling that you're not a threat?" She asked.

Dyanel smirked. "I am never a threat. I told you I have purpose. The box is rightfully mine and its was my father who foresaw the prophecy. That's demon writing on that book, which is actually to finding what we really need to find, but what that is I am not sure because my father never got that far. We just need to get there." She said.

"We?" Aubrey asked.

Dyanel stood up. "Again, that box is rightfully mine and who else is going to translate the book? I am sure if you found another demon it'd be much bloodier." She remarked.

"So you're not going to take the box?" Zaiela asked.

"As much as I'd love to, I can't kill either of you to get it and the way tall pale and handsome is standing it looks like I'd have to in order to get it." Dyanel answered.

"Why can't you kill us?" Zaiela asked.

"Prophecy's are sacred amongst demons." Aubrey answered.

"So then why would other demons try to kill us?" Zaiela asked.

"Because their family are not the ones who made the prophecy." Dyanel answered.

Zaiela rubbed her temple with her left hand. "This is getting annoying."

Aubrey chuckled, understanding a bit about the demon culture. "Basically we'd have to willingly hand her the box in order for her to take it. Since we won't she is going to have to help us."

Zaiela raised an eyebrow. "Well we're definitely going down in history. A demon, a witch and a vampire. Who knew." She said shaking her head. She froze for a moment, remembering the page she looked at. "You sure its a good idea?" She asked.

Aubrey shrugged. "I don't know, but what other choice do we have?" He asked.

Zaiela sighed, she needed to sleep on this.