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bura-ten ( a.k.a Lish)

"I know you have contact with him, contrary to what you and the others think I am not totally blind to your actions." The low voice broke the silence across the dimly lit room. Akito lay against a wall in his chambers. As he spoke, he quietly played with the untied sash at his waist.

Kazuma sat across from Akito in a formal position. This rare meeting between these two was being held in secret at great insistence from Akito. Barely a few stretches of light passed through the room especially where Akito sat. Shadows acted as a shroud to most of his form and face.

He brought the sash playfully across his lips and waited for an answer. Kazuma waited a few more moments before he spoke his words. "What am I suppose to convey to him Akito? It must be of some great importance if we meet this way."

Akito moved his unseen eyes to Kazuma. "I want you to tell that monster it is just not animals that can be caged, but what he holds dearest that I can put away. Remind him he left me with some heavy leverage in our little standoff."

As the words came from his mouth, the small laughter of children passed through the closed screens. Kazuma looked to the direction of the sound. Akito gave a short laugh, "Go ahead and feel free to open those doors. Enjoy the lovely sights I admire everyday."

Kazuma got up and quickly walked to the doors and slid them open. A cool late summer breeze swept across his face while he gazed across the garden. Two small children played amongst themselves with a female servant. Kazuma immediately recognized the little children.

"You wouldn't…"

A sarcastic laugh came from Akito. "Wouldn't I? I have already gotten their mother; it won't be soon enough when they join her."

Kazuma stared as the little ones played happily with each other. Katsuro started to chase his older sister in a game of tag. She easily evaded him, but ran slow enough for him to come close of catching her. Yoko turned around and was running backwards in a teasing manner for her pursuer. She neared an uneven spot in the ground and found herself caught off balance and landed in a sitting position. Katsuro did not see the fall in time to avoid going down himself. Both children were laughing over their little accident. Such a little innocent thing as this happening in front Kazuma made him the more anxious over the growing situation.

Her face reflected back at her in the swirling tea she held. Tohru sat alone in a quiet part of the house. Her belly was swelled at its six months of pregnancy. She noted she had never been this large with her other children at the same stage of growth. Her mind wondered if it could be twins, she never had an ultrasound taken of her fetus so it was a possibility.

Tohru was in seclusion inside of a separately owned house of the Souma's not to far from the main house. She was closely watched by her guardians and under the care of Yuki. Akito had kept the two together to make it easier on keeping an eye on both. If he could not leave then he would not be in consorts with the others.

Despite the relative luxurious furnishings and quality of the house, it was still a prison. Tohru was on the ground floor in a room with its own small-enclosed garden. The freely flowing water and closely maintained plants reminded her endlessly of her position. She had very few freedoms in this house and greatly indulged herself on the one she could enjoy whenever she wanted.

Barely anything she did was allowed to be done alone. Even when she had to relieve herself, she had to ring a bell to be let from her room and guarded as she went. It was even at the point to where she was timed on when she ate. Having everything, she did closely watched and hardly being alone was not being a help for her mental state. It had been like this for two months already, and she still had to endure three more months.

Yuki himself had the exact same treatment but to a slightly lesser degree. He could move more freely around and could leave the house every once and a while. Tohru could only see Hatori for checkups and talk to Yuki only a few minutes per day. Both doctor and Yuki noticed the change in Tohru's temperament and manner. Her constant worry of her family and what lay ahead to the effects of the environment she was in started to affect her mind.

Unknown to her, Tohru was slowly degenerating into psychosis. Hatori did not get enough time to watch her to notice the extent of what was happening. His strong insistences upon Akito to change her conditions were being ignored. Hatori greatly worried of both Tohru and her unborn child. By Akito's stubbornness, Tohru was left to slip away into danger.

A little bell sounded in her room signaling the presence of a servant to retrieve her eaten meal. The door slid open and a woman near her late thirties entered. She gave a short bow of acknowledgement and proceeded to remove the tray and its uneaten contents. She left the small pot of tea for Tohru to drink. As the woman gathered the tray, Tohru looked at her and asked a question.

"Is it greatly hot today?"

"No ma'am, it's actually quite cool today considering what it normally is." She replied to Tohru who had her back to her.

"Then something is funny, for I feel as if there is a heat wave on right now." Tohru brought up her hand from her lap and placed it upon her forehead as if to check for a fever. The servant dropped what she held in her hands as she starred at the bloodied handprint on Tohru's face. Surprised Tohru moved her entire body around to fully face the woman. The servant's eyes widened more as she saw the large blood stain on the front of Tohru's kimono.

"What is wrong miss? Why do you have such a look on your face?"

"How is it that she did not notice?" Yuki's voice pierced at Hatori. "With that amount of blood, how could she not notice?" He again repeated himself.

Hatori looked at a chart he was holding and checked over its facts. "She is not herself Yuki, that's how she didn't notice. Tohru could not tell something was wrong." He placed down the chart and took off his glasses. He looked across to Yuki who was standing out of frustration over the situation.

Hatori himself stood up and spoke again. "There was nothing you could have done, because of Akito there was nothing that anyone could have done."

Tohru's body had self aborted the ill-fated child and nearly caused the loss of her own life. Her mind was greatly imbalanced and had not felt or noticed the traumatic event happening. By the time she was rushed to the hospital, it was too late. Though the doctors saved her life, she was left with a physical reminder of the loss. Her body was damaged as to she could no longer have children.

To prevent her from falling further into mental sickness the doctors had put her into a deep sleep. They were waiting until other medicines kicked in to get her to normal health. However, from the events that happened to her, they were not sure if she could ever return to her normal mental state.

Yuki bit his finger as he watched her sleep across the room. He was surprisingly left alone with just himself and Hatori in the room. He could quickly and easily remove himself away, but he did not. Akito knew from what was happening Yuki would not leave. He continued to look at Tohru as she slept alone in the stark whiteness of hospital gown and bed. Even in sleep, she showed her worry and sadness.

It had been two days after the event before Yuki would let himself return home for a change of clothes and a meal. He took a shower and grabbed a few of Tohru's personal things from the house before he returned to the hospital. Yuki walked down the hall to her room with a bag in hand holding the items. He remained ignorant of other people's presence as thoughts of the sad situation he was left with.

The child was soon to be put to rest with the long since passed on family. Yuki had thoughts upon how and what was to be done as he entered Tohru's private room. He did not seem to notice the individual sitting in the chair as he placed Tohru's things on the table near her bed. It was not until he finally sensed the familiar presence of the individual. Yuki quickly turned his person to see who it was, and there met eyes with the patients lover.

"How is she?" He asked in a deep near in audible voice. His hands were entwined in front of his face adding to the distortion of the words. Yuki just stood there as he stared at his cousin. "Well?" He inquired again. "Can't you tell me how she is?"

Yuki finally came over his stupor to at last answer. "She is out of danger, but not without consequences." His inquisitor's eyes narrowed at him. "Explain to me Yuki."

He hesitated a moment before he continued, "The trauma to her body left it so that she can no longer have children…and the events leading up and preceding this have affected her mental health."

Kyou stood up slowly from where he sat. He walked over to his sleeping wife, placed a gentle hand to her face, and caressed it. "How so…" He said trailing his voice off. Yuki watched as Kyou tenderly looked at his wife with the utmost expression of worry and love.

"She will never be as she was before this; Tohru will be herself but not to the extent of what she once was." Kyou did not look at him as he heard this. He just kept quiet.

"They know I am here, they will come for me shortly. I'm not leaving; our escape plan just won't work this time."

Yuki tried to say something of help, but nothing came to mind. Besides, he could not have had anytime to speak much because then entered the ones sent to collect his cousin. He did not put a fight up or say anything as he was escorted away from the room. Yuki was left just to watch as they removed themselves from sight.

A month lapsed by before Tohru was well enough to leave the hospital. She was sent back to the main house at the great insistence of her doctor. Tohru now had learned of her unfortunate situation, but not that Kyou had returned. She passed her days sitting alone in her room in dead silence. Tohru mainly slept or engulfed her person into a deep tearless weeping.

When she was visited, it was noted that she was nothingness like a doll. However, her health physically was good her mind was set in sadness. It was nearing the end of fall and the days were getting quite cool. On one of the nicer days of the season, Tohru was summoned to Akito.

Only the sounds of her movement were made as she entered his room following Kureno. As she entered, she could hear that he was talking to someone, but it was not an adult voice. When she saw whom he was speaking, too Tohru's face showed more expression than it had in months did.

"Do you remember your mother?" His voiced said the words in such a kind manner its tone seemed quite alien to her ears.

"Yes…a little," answered a familiar quiet voice. "I miss hearing her voice." There sat Yoko alongside her brother. Both children turned their heads around to those who entered the room. Their faces brightened upon the immediate recognition of their mother. Tohru brought her small hands up to her face as her eyes began to let tears of happiness. The children rose up and ran to her; she fell down and embraced them. Akito stood up and let a smile cross his face. He watched the little family as they clung to each other. Tohru looked up at him and closely kept her children near her. Only one word came from her mouth. "Why?" "Why? You ask why? We are family that is why. I couldn't keep children from their mother now could I, especially in a case like yours." Tohru began to feel more uneasy by the moment. "I only did those things because I had too, now they are no longer required so I set things right." Akito's mouth curled at the tips as he spoke, his pupils were narrow and small.
Tohru stood up and stared at Akito, something more was happening. "What makes it so that I can have my children remember me?" Her uneasiness was evident in her voice. Akito moved to the screens that lead to the porch and slid them open. "This is what has caused it." He said directing her attention to the figure standing out not far from the porch.
Kyou's face turned around and peered into the exposed room. His attention immediately caught upon his wife and children. Tohru's mouth was motionless and quiet, only the smile that it spread showed her feelings at that moment. Kyou was urged to come into the room. He jumped onto the porch and entered. He was not a few feet from his family when he stopped. His children stared up at him as one would to a stranger.
"Mommy, who is that?" Yoko asked of her mother. Tohru was speechless at this question and could not answer her daughter. Only tears came to her eyes as Yoko asked repeatedly. Akito slid on over to Kyou and placed a hand upon his shoulder. The dark look that spread across his face showed a sinister madness. He did but laugh at them as he greatly enjoyed watching the situation before him. "See how easy it is to change the situation? I can give and take your 'life'; this is my role in this family!" Akito hung off Kyou in a mocking manner and wrapped his other hand around Kyou's arm. "…and to think it's about to get worse!" Akito yelled as he ripped off Kyou's bracelet and pushed him forward. He backed away from Kyou and stood back laughing at what was happening.
Kyou's body began to twist and form itself into his other self. Its inhuman characteristics appearing and the foul odour his other form set off began to spread around the room. Yoko's eyes were wide with horror as she watched this change before her. Her voice was silent and choked with fear; it seemed as if a monster from a nightmare appeared in front of her eyes. Katsuro held tightly to his mother and buried his face into her clothing. Tohru desperately tried to calm her children, but failed. As his body finally finished its change, a loud scream was set forth from the small form of a little girl. Only its piercing ring of fear and the ghastly laugh of Akito were heard coming from that room. To be continued….