Where Are Your Shoes?


AN: This is utterly and completely pointless. BUT I'M BORED.

"Lovegood, why on earth don't you have your shoes on?" Snape asked, raising a heavy dark eyebrow.

"I don't have any."

"You don't have any?" He questioned raising his eyebrow higher.

"The girls in my dorm took them from me." Luna murmured looking down at her shoes which didn't appear to be there.

Some how this didn't come to a surprise to him but nonetheless he asked, "Now why would they do a thing like that?"

The blond haired girl gave a shrug. "They like to tease me, they take my things lots."

"Do you ever hesitate in taking your things back?"

Luna looked up from her shoeless feet and into his cold eyes. "They hide them on me."

"Why don't you ever defend yourself, Lovegood?", the potions master asked rolling his eyes.

Luna seemed drained of words but finally responded, "I can't."

"Have you ever tried?"

A red tint rushed into the Ravenclaw's cheeks as she shook her head slowly looking slightly ashamed.

The greasy haired man sighed. He felt for the girl, being picked on for one at her age. "Lets go look for your shoes."

A grin forced it's way uncontrollably onto Luna's face. The girls arms wrapped themselves tightly around Professor Snapes arm, taking him by surprise. He felt himself grow stiff with embarrassment and knew he would regret this later on.