Title: My Immortal, a Divas Serie chapter 2

Author: Sweet Steffie

Rating: PG 13 (angst, violence, bad memories)

Characters: Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Ivory

Note: As all the chapter, I will use 3 divas to the lyrics of the song My Immortal by Evanescence.

Warning: This series contains disturbing images of violence rape, paranoia etc. If you feel offended by things like that, please do not read further and then rant on and on about that I am degrading the divas. I respect them and I just made this a FICTIONAL story. I do not know the domestic situations of the divas and I pray to God that these stories are not true.

Disclaimer: I own none of the above mentioned divas, or any divas for that matter.

~*~I'm so tired of being here~*~

~*~Suppressed by all my childish fears~*~

~*~And if you have to leave~*~

~*~I wish that you would just leave~*~

~*~'Cause your presence still lingers here~*~

~*~And it won't leave me alone~*~

Stephanie McMahon:

Stephanie sat on her balcony banister, gazing up at the sky. It was a little chilly on a this February night, as the mist was clouding up the sky. But a few stars were still able to be seen, and Stephanie concentrated heavily on those little twinkling specks. Stephanie pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them tightly, resting her back against the pole. A small sniffle escaped her, followed by a single tear falling down her cheek. Stephanie had been sitting there for over an hour now, her attention just locked to the sky. She sniffled every now and then, a few tears falling. But Stephanie refused to cry. She was too proud and had too much dignity to cry over this. But it still hurt, it still made her heart ache. Sure, everybody, namely The Rock and Chris Jericho and even Hunter made jokes and nasty comments about it, but to hear it from her own father made her want to drop to her knees and cry.

Even though Stephanie and Vince didn't really get along at that moment, it didn't give him the right to say those horrible things. Sure, Vince had called her a spoiled brat, an "accidental" offspring, and he always yelled at her about the choices she made in the company in the past. But this had cut her deep. This was beyond that, this was something she couldn't change. He made a comment, and rather crued one at that, about HER, about something she couldn't change. Stephanie looked up at the sky, and sighed when she saw a bright star twinkle.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, to have this wish I wish tonight," she started. She then took in a deep breath and sniffled once more. "I wish that............I wish...............I just wish that people would stop making comments about my voice. I am sick and tired of hearing things like, 'Oh, the sirens of the ambulance are blaring' or 'Puberty must have skipped her in that department' or anything like that," she started to say. Another tear fell down her cheek as she remembered about earlier that night.

She was looking for her brother Shane and Trish had told her he was in the cafeteria with the others while they had a little party for Jim Ross. Stephanie had walked in and from a distance she had already heard his voice, and she just assumed that he was giving another of his boring speeches. But when she entered the room, she heard the real thing. Vince was imitating Stephanie, putting up a screechy awful shriek and shoving some oranges down his shirt. Stephanie had just shook her head and turned around to leave, hoping that nobody had seen her. But it was too late, Shane had already seen her. He called out to her, and when she turned around, her eyes were filled with tears. Vince looked shocked and tried to hide the oranges, but it was too late. Stephanie simply pressed her lips together and turned around and walked away, her head bowed and her heart aching.

Sure, it wasn't the first time that Stephanie heard a comment like that. Ever since she was young, she had a very high voice. It became so bad that her mother had her switch from private school to private home schooling. Stephanie had lived with the laughter from students, friends and also relatives. Her mother never minded the voice, but by request of Stephanie, she sent her daughter to a speech specialist, but it didn't really help her at all. Doctors kept saying it was a natural process that only time could change, and surely, time had not changed a damn thing. When she was younger Vince always made comments like 'we need a better specialist' or 'my daughter does not deserve this'. But never had Stephanie guessed that her father would make fun of her and her natural problem.

A shooting star fell out of the sky, and Stephanie saw this as her sign from God that he was listening and that she now had to make that one wish in her mind. She closed her eyes and made her wish, following by laying her head back against the pole. She swallowed the lump of slime that was starting to form in her throat, but even that movement hurt. "Please make my wish come true," she mumbled to herself. With that Stephanie could no longer take and stood up to go inside. She opened her balcony door and stepped into her bedroom, taking off her shirt, seemingly to go and take a shower.

She was too proud to cry, and surely she was NOT going to cry.

~*~When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears~*~

~*~When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears~*~

~*~I held your hand through all of these years~*~

~*~But you still have~*~

~*~All of me~*~


"NO!!" Lita screamed, sitting up straight in her bed. She was sweating from head to toe, her hair clinging to her wet face. She breathed hard, looking around desperately to figure out where she was. She started to panic, thinking she was still in her dream. "This isn't real, this isn't real!" she screamed, hitting her head repeatedly, fisting her hair in her hands. "Go help me," she cried, scared to death. She suddenly felt 2 arms wrap around her shoulders. Lita panicked and started kicking and screaming. "NO! Leave me alone! Please let me go!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, tears falling endlessly down her cheeks.

"Baby calm down, its me," the person said, put Lita was not listening. "GOD help me!" she screamed, trying to pry herself from his grasp. The person turned on the light, and gasped at the sight of the beautiful redhead. Her eyes were wide open, and she was soaking wet. Her silk nightgown clung to her body and her hair was wet in chunks. She was clutching to the blanket, trying to cover her body. She was still breathing hard and she looked scared out of her mind. "Lita," he softly called out, reaching out to softly touch her shoulder. Lita screamed at the contact, and jumped back, hitting her head on the headboard. "Don't touch me again! Don't hurt me!" she screamed. He quickly crawled to her and cupped her face, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Finally back to reality, Lita realized that she was awake and now was being touched by her lover and boyfriend of 5 months who was none other than Christian. "Christian!" she exclaimed and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling his chest flush to hers. "Don't let him get me," she pleaded. "Its ok honey, it was just a dream," Christian soothed, stroking his hand up and down her back. Lita whimpered at his touch, but pulled him closer to her. Christian was worried at the sound of her breath, and he could feel her trembling like crazy and he could feel her rapid heartbeat through her gown on his chest.

Christian didn't need to ask her what was wrong, for he already knew it. Lita has been having these nightmares for quite a while now, but tonight it had seemed to worsen. he knew what that nightmare was about. He knew she was dreaming about that guy, that awful guy that ruined her childhood. When Lita was a little girl, her father had a business partner who would come over occasionally to have dinner with them. One day when Lita was 12 years old, that man had raped her in her parents' bed. He was never sentenced to jail, he had figured out a way to make himself look innocent. Lita had managed to put that incident behind her, but not anymore. Her mother had called her a few weeks ago to tell her that the same guy that had raped her had raped another girl and another trial was set.

Since that phone call, Lita was terrified. That one childhood memory was tearing her apart and killing her inside. She couldn't look at any little child anymore, or else she would see herself as a little girl. She couldn't look in the mirror anymore or else she would see him behind her, the same way he had started to seduce her when she was sitting by her mother's vanity table. And worst of all, she couldn't have anybody touch her. Not even Christian could touch without her flinching or pulling away. The once proud diva now walked with her head down, her long red hair covering her face. She no longer joined in on conversations, she would either just listen to walk away.

Christian softly kissed her forehead and pulled her head to rest on his shoulder. "Its ok, I'm here now," he whispered, rocking her softly to and fro.

~*~You used to captivate me~*~

~*~By your resonating light~*~

~*~Now I'm bound by the life you left behind~*~

~*~Your face it haunts~*~

~*~My once pleasant dreams~*~

~*~Your voice it chased away~*~

~*~All the sanity in me~*~


"Would you please shut up? Or is that even to hard for you?" the voice echoed in her mind. Ivory stomped her way down the corridor, seemingly very pissed off. She made her way down the hall, heading to the parking lot. She had her bag over her shoulder and was ready to go back to the hotel. She was still in her wrestling gear and she was sweating from her match and she hadn't taken a shower yet. She would normally take a shower after every match, but right now she was too angry and just wanted to leave the arena. "Damn asshole," she mumbled too herself. Though she seemed very angry, she was actually more hurt than anything.

She was having a very nice conversation with her friend Bradshaw about card games. Well actually, she was yapping on and on and Bradshaw had no choice but to listen, or at least seem like he was listening. She wiped her red eyes that were starting to water and huffed as she couldn't find the exit. "Had the nerve to tell me too shut up. At least I wasn't keeping the room dead silent!" she yelled. She groaned in frustration when he bag fell to the floor, landing right on her toes. "Fuck!" she screamed. She bent down to pick up her bag when she suddenly saw 2 small feet in front of her. She looked up to see a very cute little girl with light brown hair and rosy cheeks. Ivory assumed that it was Lillian's daughter, as the blond had told her earlier that she was bringing the little girl to the arena.

"Hey sweety, are you lost?" Ivory asked. The little girl nodded her head. "C-c-c-c-can you pl-please h--help me find m-m-my mom-m-my?" she little girl stuttered. Ivory smiled and touched the girl's cheek. "Sure honey, what's your name?" she asked. The little girl smiled. "L-l-l-l-l-ily-y-y- y," she stuttered once more. Ivory slightly giggled. "That's a beautiful name Lilly, I'm Ivory," she said, extending a hand. Before the little girl shook her hand, another woman let out a happy sigh. "Oh god Lilly, there you are," Lillian Garcia called out. She came towards Ivory and picked up the child. "Thanks Ivory, I thought I lost her," Lillian said in a grateful voice. Ivory smiled. "That's ok, she is so adorable," Ivory said. Ivory reached in her bag and took out a lollipop and handed it to the little girl. "T-t-thank y-y-you," Lilly said.

With that, Ivory took her bag and headed to her car. She threw her bag in the trunk and jumped in the front seat. Rather than turn on the ignition and sped off, Ivory just sat still, gripping the steering wheel and resting her head on the horn. Another tear fell down her cheek. That little girl Lilly reminded her so much of herself. Sure, Ivory wasn't a blond and she was a chubbier kid compared to the little popsicle stick, but she had the same qualities. When Ivory was younger, she used to stutter. And not just stutter, it was worse. It would take her 3 minutes to say "HI, my name is Ivory' and she was always out of breath when she finished one sentence. She couldn't even hum a tune, even that came out as a cough. It was so awful that her mother brought her to a stuttering specialist.

Ivory had to deal with speech problems, breathing problems, nerve problems and stress. She also had to deal with being the butt of the jokes at school and being kicked around. Ivory was a very smart child, one of the brightest of her time. But she could never enter the spelling BEE, or the debate team, or the speech contest. She even had to go to the prom alone because nobody wanted to go with her. The stupid cheerleaders would say that if anybody kissed her, they would get her stuttering as well. They said that her stuttering was contagious and if she just sneezed of coughed near you, you would be infected with what they called "Stutter Ivy". It took Ivory along time to get over the emotional side of it and se couldn't talk normally until the age of 21. She hadn't kissed anybody until the age of 23. And Ivory never really liked to talk too much.

The only reason she talked so much was too make sure her past wouldn't come back to her. Ivory was afraid that if she did shut up, her glands would crimp in and the stuttering would come back. And then the cuss off she got from Bradshaw came back into her mind. "If he only knew,' she snickered, which came out more like a stutter. Ivory panicked at the sound of that, holding her throat. She quickly turned on the car and drove back to the hotel. "Not anymore," she told herself, keeping her tears in.

~*~When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears~*~

~*~When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears~*~

~*~I held your hand through all of these years~*~

~*~But you still have~*~

~*~All of me~*~

Well, that was sad, at least in my opinion. I hope you like it.

Next chapter: Terri, Victoria, Stacy

Sweet Steffie

~*~ I am too smart to know the answer, but I am smart enough to know that I know nothing~*~