Another beyblade ficcie and my first one with Rai as the main character.

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The feelings she has for me.

Rai's p.o.v

I see her face before me. Her beatifull pink hair and her eyes. Yes, her eyes are always full of life and hope, full of dreams. If only I had noticed they were full of love as well.

The robe she always wore in her long, smooth hair showed her bond with the white tigers... The pink robe, I always liked that robe...

The clothes she wore.... always white as snow with a little pink board. I always wondered how she kept those clothes so white day after day... like she was a magical fairy.

Her abillities were what made her a white tiger the most. She could jump so elegant around without even hurting herself one bit. Yes.... she learned it from me. Her biggest dream was to jump to the stars,.... with me.

She could change so fast. The one moment, she was a happy, little girl, so cheerfull, everyone became happy just by looking at her. The next moment, she was an angry and very dangerous cat who used her razorsharp claws to slice someone's heart.

But she never meant to slice mine...

She enjoyed beyblade, she could do it for hours. She loved playing with me all day long and she always wanted me to learn her new tricks. Now look what she became, she is an onhourable membre of the white tigers.

She wasn't a very scared person, she always knew what to say in the right moments. She never let someone use her. She only did what I asked her to, not even Lee could make her do that.

She loved her bitbeast Galux and I loved Drigger. Even our precious bitbeasts could sense there was love between us. Then why couldn't I?

I was jealous every time I saw her near another handsome guy. I was so mad at Kai when Mariah wanted to challenge him, it looked like she immediatly fell for him, but she didn't. And I was too stupid to tell her I loved her.

She was jealous whenever I was around a girl, always. She was so jealous and I just laughed with that. I couldn't even think that she was in love with me, me and my stupid head.

A few days ago, she proved her love for me, but it was way too late. I was about to be hit by a big car and she just pushed me aside. The last thing she screamed: I LOVE YOU RAI and then it was all over. She was dead before she could hit the ground.

End Rai's p.o.v

Rai walked away from the graveyard, laying one last kiss on mariah's grave. Whispering the eternal words: I love you...


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