Kissing The Enemy

by SilentShadow007

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters, J.K. Rowling does. I make no profit from writing fanfiction.

Author's Note: Ok, here's the deal: I wanted to write a Harry Potter romance fic, but I could not decide on the couple so I wrote down the names of most of the main Harry Potter characters on slips of paper, put them in a hat, pulled two out, and guess what two names I drew. Thus, Kissing The Enemy was born. Plus, I needed a good challenge. This fanfic is written in response to a dare.


Chapter 1

Harry Potter entered the Great Hall and took his seat at the Gryffindor table between his best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. To his left, the flame haired 16-year-old was energetically inhaling his bacon and eggs as Hermione chatted animatedly with Ginny. After five silent minutes of staring into space, Harry took some breakfast of his own and half-heartedly raised the the strip of bacon to his mouth, only to put it down again and sigh heavily. Hermione looked over at him with friendly concerned etched across her lovely face.

"Is there something the matter, Harry?"

Ron looked over from where he was practically choking himself with pumpkin juice to stare at his best guy friend. The Boy Who Lived shook his head, his ebony hair waving slightly.

"Nothing. Just nervous about the Potions test, I 'spose."he lied. He was hurting inside, but he forced a grin on his weary face to reassure his worried friends. Hermione and Ron looked visibly relieved.

"Well, then. You better eat up, you'll think better if you're not starving." Hermione smiled at him and Ron nodded his head vigorously in agreement. Forcing an even bigger smile, he picked a strip of pig flesh and shoved it in his mouth to put them at ease. Seemingly satisfied, they turned back to whatever they were previously doing.

Harry sighed inwardly and sipped on his pumpkin juice. Sirius' death had really affected him, and he was yet to really get over it. He did'nt think he ever would. His sometimes reckless godfather was the closest thing to real family that he ever had (the Dursleys were'nt exactly loving). He had finally had someone, only to get that person snatched away by the cold hands of death all too soon. He still needed Sirius. Sometimes he felt like he could just die from all the pain. Sometimes he wanted to.

Harry was knocked out of his deppressing reverie when he felt eyes on him. Looking over at the Slytherin table, he was suprised to find Draco Malfoy staring at him. Even more suprisingly, there was'nt a sneer of hate on his face, not at all, he looked...thoughtful. Intrigued, even.Green eyes met silver ones, but the moment was interuppted as Malfoy abruptedly broke the intense staere. Harry sat gazing at him for a bit longer in confused intrest.

'All that Quiditch obviously does the body good.' Harry thought. He should know. Malfoy was'nt the only one who had buffed up over the summer. Harry had taken to using physical labor as an outlet for all the pain he was feeling. "And is it just me or has he been tanning? Damn, he looks good. Hot." It took a second for Harry to realize what he had just thought, and when he did he almost choked on his eggs.

"Malfoy?! Hot?! Since when did I think MALFOY was a hottie?! Since when did I use the term, 'hottie'?!What the hell is wrong with me?! It must be the eggs. I thought they tasted funny..Or maybe I'm under a charm of some sort...Or-" Harry was interrupted from listing possible reasons why he might think Malfoy good-looking by Hermione and Ron telling him that they would be late for Potions if he did'nt get a move on. Moving automatically, he grabbed his bag and followed them towards the dungeons.

"You alright, mate?" asked Ron when they were almost to Proffesor Snape's classrom. "You look a little pale and you're being awfully quiet."

Harry smiled forcibly and was about to answer when he heard a drawling voice behind him that could only belong to one person. The Trio turned around in what they thought was the empty hallway to face the only person that teasing voice could belong to: Malfoy.

"Ah, what's wrong, Scar-head? Is Potty a wee bit sad?" Draco Malfoy mocked, but Harry noticed that his voice lacked the venom it usually held. Nonetheless, his loyal but daft cronies Crabbe and Goyle snickered behind him.

"Shut it, Malfoy." Ron hissed through his teeth at the platinum blonde boy, taking a threatening step toward him. Hermione grabbed onto his sleeve gently. "Ron, don't. He's not worth it."

Malfoy smirked at Ron, a look of amusement on his handsome face. "Oh, look, Weasel's whipped. What's wrong, afraid to upset your know-it-all girlfriend? Whipped by a bossy Mudblood, will wonders never cease." Malfoy's dogs obediently snickered at their master's witty retorts.

"Sod off,you useless prat." Harry spat, taking two steps toward him, daring him to say anything. Malfoy took that dare, stepping forward so that only a foot of space was between them.

"Make me, Muggle-raised trash." Malfoy sneered.

Seething, Harry retorted, "Ferret Filth." Without noticing he moved forward again , leaving only about six inches of breathing room between the two seekers.

"Neglected orphan." Malfoy retorted, ignoring Peeves' (who seemingly came out of nowhere) snorts of laughter. The trouble-making poltergiest was hovering above them, watching the exchange with detached interest. No one noticed the mischevious smile that creeped along his lips, but if anyone did, they surely would have known something was up. Indeed something was up. A prank was forming in that devious little mind of his.

'Neglected orphan.' The words echoed in Harry's mind, his green eyes yet again staring into the silver orbs of the Slytherin prefect. That last one kinda stung and Draco knew it, though, surprisingly enough, he actually did'nt seem as happy at hurting Harry as the boy in question would have thought.

Just as Harry fixed his mouth to respond, he felt something push his back, heard maniacal laughter from Peeves, and felt his lips roughly bruising Draco Malfoy's. It was as if time stopped; all he felt was the softness of Draco Mafoy's lips on his and how much he liked it. Unaware or uncaring of the bewildered stares of their friends, they both leaned into the kiss, eyes closing, enjoying the sensation and raw passion that is kissing the enemy.

Hermione and Ron stared dumfounded at the sight before them, shocked beyond therapeutic repair. They had the distinct impression that the two Quidditch players had forgotten that they had a small audience. Crabbe and Goyle, being the slow dunderheads that they were, would'nt realize what happened until some time tommorow night.

Meanwhile, Harry and Draco were seemingly devouring each others' faces, moans being heard over the shocked silence. If either one had been in their right mind, they would've pulled away, but as soon as they felt their lips touching, all rational thought had left them.

Still sucking faces, the kiss felt better to Harry then even the beating of the snitch's golden wings against his palm. Judging from the moans that were escaping his lips, Draco felt the same way.

The sound of heavy footsteps knocking the two boys out of their lust-induced trance, they quickly pulled apart. Gasping for much needed air, they stared at each other, the realization of what they had both been doing just a few seconds before, dawning on them. Harry opened his mouth to say something, thought of nothing, and closed it.

"What do you think yer doing, ya' filthy little ingrates! Get to class! If I catch you out lingering in the halls again, I'll have ya' hanging by yer thumbs in the dungeons before ya knew what'd hit yer!"

The angry voice of Mr.Filch was heard beside them. Without another word, the students continued on to Potions, Draco and his dogs putting a few halls between them, the dream team walking slowly. Hermione and Ron walked silently alongside Harry. Neither said a word, but an unasked and unaswered question lingered in the air: "What the hell just happned here?"


Author's Note: Ooh, good one, Peeves! Cliff-hanger, I know, but it seemed like such a perfect place to end it. Plus, it's late and I'm kinda tired. Anyway, I have already finished the next two chapters, and I'll post the next one once I get atleast 5 good reviews.