I've Just Been Allowed To Love by Orenji Yume

A Hikaru/Lantis poem (continuation from Sayonara no Hanataba)

SPOILERS - Based on Rayearth OAV. (Please note: Lantis did die in the OAV, but not in my fic.) Sorry if anyone seems OOC. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Magic Knight Rayearth, CLAMP does.

A lone figure stands at the edge of a cliff
Gazing down at an illusionary face
His heart is heavy and feelings stir
'It's been so long...Was she real or just a myth?
No...she's just in a faraway place
Where I can no longer touch or see her...'

And where his heart was, was that girl
Her heart thinking of him, but in another world
Eyes cast down, a brilliant scarlet red
Lying with her limbs sprawled on the bed
On a nearby desk, were dozens of letters for him
Thinking back to that day, in her eyes, tears fill to the brim

'Where are you? I want you...I need you...
Are you thinking of me too? Is that why I suddenly feel you so much?
Or...no, I do not dare think of that...'
She sits up, feeling her heart quickening, his heart quickens too
Both of them raise a hand, reaching out for each other's touch
They feel something...somehow...but what?

Swiftly, he turns around and walks away
'I can't wait any longer, I don't wish for anymore lonely days...'
With large, striding steps, he heads towards the palace
'It's gone...' She stands and stares into space
Going through the letters, she picks up one and reads it through
She knew...that once again...her love for him just grew...

"Why am I standing here? By the cherry tree...?" She asks herself
"Hikaru..." She freezes. 'This is a dream...right?'
Turning around, her heart flutters...like a freed dove
Strong arms hug her, she tries to calm herself
"Lantis...?" She couldn't Believe this very sight
"Hikaru..." He repeats. "After so many years, I've just been allowed to love..."


A/N: There was a leap in time between the last two stanzas. Sorry for any confusion.