Ch 1 -

Summary: Lily Evans is like any other girl in love with James Potter. He seduced her, slept with her and dumped her. Four times. She's a flirt and James is. . . James. She falls for it every single time and is heartbroken afterwards. And now she's sick and tired of it and its all going to change. 7th year.


She had done it again. This was the fourth time. How could she have been so stupid? Again.

But when he looked at her with his melt-your-heart eyes and sexy smile you gave in straight away. Everyone did. A week ago he had approached her in the common room and apologised and said he didn't know why he dumped her because he knew that he loved her. Lily hesitated for only a second before agreeing to go out with him.


Last night he had got her into bed because he said he was going to make this time special. Special her ass. When she had woken up in the morning he had gone and she went down to the common room to find him. It was around 11 am. Well she found him, then he dumped her in front of everyone. The thing was she still loved him.

Now here she was, 2 hours later and still sitting on her bed with tear- stained eyes. Just like every other time he had dumped her.

Every time he dumped her she would vow to hate him and never talk to him. Well it worked, until she saw him again.

She heard a knock on the door and drew her curtains, not wanting to face anyone after being publicly embarrassed by James.

"Lily?" a familiar voice called.

Lily smiled slightly, she should have known. She opened the curtains to show the pity-filled face of her best friend, Sky.

"I'm so sorry honey, he's such a jerk." Sky said gently, sitting down beside her and giving her a hug. Lily sniffed, feeling the tears well up again. It was funny how you thought you had cried everything out and then someone came along to comfort you and you let even more out.

The door burst open and an angry-looking brunette girl strode in. Lily smiled at her other best friend, Lea, who had surely heard now too.

"That. . . that. . . prickified. . . prickified prick!" Lea shouted as she came and swept Lily into a giant hug. Lea had also lost her virginity with James and hated his guts and unlike Lily, would always manage to because of her strong will power. Everyone knew she hated James, even James himself. She was always yelling at him, but not for dumping her, just for completely random reasons. Lea wasn't beautiful but she was a face you would look twice at because it had so much character. A very strong face that you would remember for a while afterwards. Exactly like her personality.

Sky, on the other hand, didn't hate James but didn't like him. She was one of the few girls that hadn't lost her virginity with James, actually one of the few girls who hadn't lost her virginity. She wasn't as strong as Lea but was a very sweet person that you could always count on. She wasn't beautiful either but had one of those naturally pretty faces that was always nice to look at. Sky was a bit more quiet than Lily and Lea but they adored her anyway. When she was with them she was a lot more confident.

Lea had let go of Lily and was now marching around the room muttering to herself and Lily could catch occasional phrases like "Jerk. . . Innocence stealer. . . going to be hearing from me. . ."

Sky shook her head in amusement at Lea and turned back to Lily.

"Why do you keep going back to him Lils? You know he's just going to hurt you." Sky said.

"Yeah, and this is like what - the third time?" Lea stopped and added, before resuming pacing the room again.

"Fourth," Lily said sadly.

Sky and Lea exchanged raised eyebrows over Lily's head. They warned her every single time but she never listened to them.

Lily moaned and lent on Sky's shoulder, her eyes dry and sore.

"Why oh why am I always so stupid? And I know you too are looking at eachother and thinking the same thing so don't bother to hide it from me." Lily said, closing her eyes.

"We certainly are! We're right every time and we never say 'we told you so'. But now you deserve it so. . . I told you so!" Lea said, coming to sit down in front of them on the floor.

Lily opened her eyes a slit and saw Lea making a face at her. She bit her tongue but couldn't help but grin at Lea. Lea could always make her smile.

"That's right. Its time you listened to us young lady," Lea said, sticking her tongue out at Lily. Lily stuck her tongue out back at her and was rewarded with a smack on the face with a pillow. Sky giggled.

"Olch, youl mald mle blite mly tlongue," Lily said.

"Oh well, it builds character." Lea replied, her eyes dancing.

Sky picked up a pillow and threw it at Lea. Lea shrieked and pointed her finger at her.

"You! You're supposed to be on my side!"

Sky laughed and said "There are no sides in pillow fights!"

"True," admitted Lea, before firing one back at Sky.

Lily watched them, her mood lightening. What would she do without these two?

Lea had cornered Sky behind the bed and was shooting the pillows at her with her wand.

"Get over here Lily, this pillow fight is in your name!" Sky shouted, fending of a wickedly grinning Lea.

"Alright alright, but you know I always win." Lily said jokingly, heaving herself up.

"She was rewarded by 2 pillows in the stomach, one from Lea and the other from Sky.

"Beat that then Pillow Queen!" Lea yelled triumphantly.

Some ten minutes later they collapsed on Lily's bed, giggling madly. In the end they had ganged up on Lea and after she yelled about the unfairness of that while dodging pillows, she bewitched one of the bed mattresses on top of them. Then she jumped on top of it, ignoring their cries about giving up.

"That. . . was so. . . NOT. . . a pillow!" Sky gasped, holding her stomach.

"Sure it was, just abnormally sized," Lea joked poking her in the leg.

Lily heard a roar from the grounds and sat up; startled.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Oh - it's the Quidditch remember? Ravenclaw against Gryffindor."

"Hope Gryffindor loses," Lily said moodily, "It may bring that fuckwit's ego down just a bit."

"Now you know you don't mean that. Besides it means we get the common room to ourselves!" Sky said.

"I have the best idea!" Lea exclaimed. Lily and Sky looked at eachother knowingly, Lea's 'ideas' were never that fantastic.

"I say we should go down to the kitchens, grab a whole heap of food and come back and eat it all in the common room and bitch about people!" Lea went on.

"Wow Lea, that's the best idea you've come up with. . . ever!" Sky said with total seriousness.

"I try."

"Not very hard though. You still haven't started that Potions essay, remember the mark you got last time?" Sky reprimanded her.

"Oh well. What use is Potions going to be in the future anyway? NADA!" Sky rolled her eyes and poked Lea in the leg again, giving up on her.

"You should start working on it too Lils, its going to be on the test and you haven't even looked at it yet!" Sky turned on Lily.

Lily shook her head at her friend in amusement. Sky was always after them to do schoolwork.

"She's too busy flirting with every guy that walks her way, you should know that Sky!" Lea said only half jokingly.

"You guys! You're supposed to be cheering me up! I was just dumped by my someone I still love!" Lily protested.

"Yeah so deeply in love you still manage to flirt with any male that walks on 2 legs." Lea said sarcastically, getting up and stretching.

"That's just for fun! You know I've loved James ever since I first saw him!" Lily protested again. It was true. She had first caught sight of James in her first year, and had tripped over someone's trunk. Being only 11, she wasn't sure what else to do but love him from afar.

Slowly she had earned a reputation for being a major flirt. But not in a bad way, she knew she was not that hard on the eyes to look at, she was popular and had 2 fantastic friends from the moment she had met them on the train in 1st year. James had asked her out in 6th year and since then he had asked her out 3 more times. And every time she would sleep with him and he would dump her soon after.

But she never got over him, even when going out with other guys she still got that feeling whenever she looked at him. Lea and her had fought for a while when James dumped her and started going out with Lea 2 weeks later. Lily didn't talk to Lea until Lea slept with him and James dumped her. Then they both said they hated him and would never do it again. Well, at least Lea had told the truth.

"So, who's coming with me to get our bitching strengtheners?" Lea asked while walking towards the door.

"You mean food?" Sky said, grinning.

"That too," Lea joked.

"I'll stay here with Lily, I know she doesn't want to go out." Sky offered and smiled when Lily gave her a look of thanks.

"Fine but that means I get to pick the food!" Lea yelled as she slid down the staircase. They heard the portrait door open and swing shut a few seconds later.

"That girl is mental," Sky laughed.

Lily smiled but didn't laugh. She was feeling sad again.

Sky caught the look and said, "I know it hurts but you always get over it."

"No that's the thing - I don't. I think I do but when I see him I know I haven't."

"Well you're still too good for him." Sky said, standing up and walking towards the door.

"I hate being in love with him Sky! I hate it I hate it I HATE IT!" Lily punched her pillow.

"Well if I was in love with someone I wouldn't hate it because love is an amazing feeling," Sky said thoughtfully, pausing at the door to face Lily.

"Not if they don't return the love, then its just a painful love that you hate. And where are you going?" Lily asked, coming out of her misery slightly.

"Well we're not going to stuff ourselves in here are we? The common room is much better for that sort of thing." Sky smiled.

Lily nodded in agreement and got up. She heard another roar from the Quidditch pitch and couldn't help but glance out the window quickly. Someone had obviously scored a goal and Lily didn't have to guess that the figure flying around triumphantly was James. [a/n I don't remember if James was a Seeker or something else but in this fic he's a Chaser! Got it? Get it? Good.]

She sighed. Lily was a live life to the full girl, but she did have rules. She never had long-term relationships, always had fun, always flirted, loved surprises and never wanted to be held down by love.

But those rules never seemed to work with James, unlike with any other guy.

She followed Sky out to the common room and they plopped down on the huge cozy armchairs. There was a fire going because the rooms were somehow charmed to become cool during summer and sometimes when it got a little too cool the fire would start up.

"Any money that we win?" Sky asked.

Lily was spared answering by a loud crash coming from the portrait hole. They heard a holler and a few more slightly smaller crashes.

"Trust Lea," said Lily, snickering.

Sky had sprung up out of her seat and was running over to the portrait hole. She opened it and Lea toppled in as food went rolling everywhere.

"There's more. . . stuff. . . stuff outside," Lea panted from the ground, looking up at Sky. Sky bent down and helped her up off the floor and they began picking up food.

Lily walked past them into the hall and saw even more food scattered down the corridor. It looked like Lea hadn't noticed she was making an incriminating trail of food on her way up to the tower. She smiled to herself and picked up all the food she could see before returning to the common room.

"Fat, fat, and more fat!" Sky was exclaiming when Lily walked in.

"Fat is such a strong word, I prefer to call it dumplingish." Lea grinned, knowing her friend wasn't obsessed with her weight, but thought health food was the ONLY food.

"You're impossible," Sky said, giving up.

"You got that right, she left a great trial of food all the way up here." Lily said, dumping all the food on the rest of the pile.

"I meant to do that - in case any one else wanted to join the party!" Lea said as if it her perfectly obvious. She sat down on the floor and started gobbling up an éclair.

"So Lils, who's the next boyfriend of the week going to be. You know, you're really just as bad as James." Lea said, still chewing.

"I am not! I don't sleep with all of them like he does!" Lily said adamantly, chucking a lemon tart at her which missed and hit the chair.

"Yeah, only ¾," Sky joked, picking her doughnut carefully, as if to see if she could actually see the fat on it.

"Speaking of James, the game should be finished by now, or at least almost." Lea said.

"Crap! What about all this food?" Sky said worriedly.

"Let's just say that we decided to get the victory party going early." Lily suggested.

She heard a whoop and some yells that seemed to be coming closer. Yup, the game was finished and guessing by the cheering they had most likely won.

Just don't think about James, just don't think about James Lily said to herself over and over again.

Yeah right.

They came barging in; screaming, yelling, singing, cheering. Sky grimaced but looked happy all the same while Lea looked like she was in her element. Lily remained on the couch, waiting and not waiting for that certain person to walk through the door.

There he was. Looking amazing in his Quidditch robes as usual.

Lily stopped and tried not to cry. There was some 6th year tart hanging onto his arm, giggling and blushing like some 10 year old, looking up at James like he was a god. And James was taking it all in, his arm around her waist and talking animatedly. No doubt about him winning the game.

That shit.

This was the worst he had ever done. 5 days was the record for him chatting up someone else. Now it was barely 3 bloody hours later and he had already found someone else.

She was a lot fucking better than that. No one did that to Lily Evans, not even James. She loved him, couldn't he even respect that the tiniest bit?

Okay, first thing she needed to do was find some potential. She scanned the room critically, searching for someone she could use. Her eyes landed on the body of Mark Vega. Excellent, Gryffindor Seeker and very sexy. A tad thick, but the perfect male nonetheless.

Hmm, well she couldn't look like this if she wanted a date. She ran up to the bedroom and threw on some hipster jeans and a tight red singlet top. She quickly touched up her face and walked down the stairs. Quite a few heads turned her way, yes she knew she was pretty gorgeous. James now had to be ignored.

She grabbed some extra strong undiluted Butterbeer and sauntered up to Mark.

"Hey there," she whispered in his ear.

He turned around, a surprised expression on his innocently cute face. He smiled when he saw her and turned around completely.



Score, Lily thought as she brushed her teeth. It hadn't taken long for Mark to ask her out on the next Hogsmeade visit, he seemed to want to take her now. She grinned, remembering the surprised look on James when she kissed Mark goodnight.

She felt bad about using Mark, but it had to be done. Her obsession with a Mr. Potter was getting out of hand and maybe, just maybe, having this long term relationship with Mark might be just the thing she needed to fall out of love with James.

Lily smiled, yes, this was going to be her first ever long term relationship and it was going to shock everyone.

~~ Hehe. I really hope you like it. I'm going to try and make it a different l/j fic. It may not seem like it now, but you'll see. I just want you to know that if you keep reading you'll be surprised, I don't like to give away things but I don't want people to get the wrong idea. All I'm going to say is that the fourth time wont be the last time (I know you're thinking they fall in love on the 5th time but no you're wrong! This is what makes Lily REALLY change so keep reading to find out Oh and start feeling sorry for Mark - he's going to need it.~~

[oh and I may not be able to update for a tiny bit because I have to finish my other fic first, but that shouldn't be too long now no matter how long people who've read it think its going to be]