Intertwined by Fate

By duenna

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Summery: AU ~ BxR ~ A runaway prince out in search for his birth mother runs into a gang of thieves. Bakura, the king of thieves, finds Ryou, the prince. What will happen now? ^^~

this is a BakuraxRyou fic ^^ I just love those two!! =^.^=~~




A cloaked figure walked thru the crowd in the market. He kept his head down with the hood covering his face. He was running away from home, again. Actually he was on his way to see his mother. Which he did always did when he ran away.


Ryou's POV

It wasn't that I hated my father. No. I loved my father just as much as I did my mother, but father forbids me to see her. He is still angry at her and it has been ten years since father found out that his wife was an elf.

So, yes I am half elf and half human and the youngest son. My other brother was human and the heir. The heir to what, you ask? Why to the throne of our beloved kingdom. Yep. You guessed it. I am the youngest son of the king and half elf, so I could never been the heir. I am just back-up prince, I sometimes like to call myself.

My mother has been sent back to her own people. Its not like father has totally forgotten about her. Sometimes I see father stare at her portrait his office and he has a sad look upon his face. So I assume that he still loves mother even if he doesn't show it to the rest of the world.

The people don't know a thing about mother being an elf. The king declared that the queen is ill and went to live with her family for the time being. It has been ten years. I suppose the people think the queen is dead.

I guess I look like my mother. Some of the servants say I have her green eyes and long silvery hair. Father never said anything but sometimes I see him out of the corner of my eye looking at me with sad eyes. I pretend I don't notice. I was just six at the time mother was sent away so I don't remember that much about her. I try to get the servants to talk about her, but they say father has forbid them not to talk about her; like it was a sin to or something just to say the queen's name.

Father always keeps me locked up in the castle, not that I mind most of the time, its just that I get so bored in there. My brother, Yami, is always busy helping father so he has no more time to play even though he is only four years older then I am.

Yami is learning all about being a king. Sometimes I sit and listen to him talk about all the wonderful things he will do once he is the king. He wants to build a school for all the kids in the kingdom. My brother has always been kind-hearted and always helped me out. Yami doesn't seem to mind that I am half elf.

I sigh as I tug on the reins of my horse who is trying to steal an apple from a near by cart. But I was too late.

"Hey! You have to pay for that now, kid!" the merchant yelled and pointed to my horse who was chomping away on his newly claimed prize.

"I am sorry, sir. My horse has a mind of her own." I smile a bit and take out my coin purse to pay the man. I glance up to hand over the coins and a lock of hair tumbles out of my hood. 'This is not happening.' I groan to myself as I quickly put it back in place. I should explain that I am the only one with silvery hair, besides my mother, in this city. It is a rare hair color to have.

The merchant accepts the money and gulps as he realizes who this kid is. "I'm sorry, my prince! I did not know it was you! You don't have to pay for the apple!" he almost shouts loud enough for the entire market to look this way.


"Please kind sir, keep your voice down. I am… under a mission for my father." I say hurriedly.

The merchant nods and begins to look around like he was paranoid.

"And please do not tell anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that I was here. Got it?"

He nods rapidly and I smile and nod in return. 'There. That went well.' I thought to myself dryly.

I walk my horse, whose name by the way is Shion, to the side of a building so I have enough room to mount her. Since I am near the gate that holds my freedom or you could also say a gate that confines me in this city. Father would never let me visit mother, so I ran away.


But the guards always catch me before I get to the gate. Today I was lucky I suppose. Not a guard in site at the gate. Were they waiting for me on the other side? Possibly. Oh well. Shion is a very fast horse. Mother sent her to me when I was ten. She said that I needed an elven mare that is fast as the wind.

"Time to test your ability, Shion my love." I murmur to my beloved mare and she whickers back affectionately.

I see a clear in the market crowd and kick Shion into gear. "Go like the wind, love!" I shout loud enough for my mare to hear.

We shoot through the gate like a bullet. Almost too fast for me and I start to lose my grip on the reins.

"Whoa, Shion! I think we are far away for now!" The mare acknowledges my words and slows to an even trot.

"Good girl, Shion." I pat my wonderful mare and then turn around in my saddle to look behind me. I barely see the city in my view. "You are surely the wind, love."

I pull down my hood, which was halfway off anyways, and shake out my silvery hair before tying it back behind my neck again. I decide to leave the hood down since it was a hot day, but I don't dare take off my cloak. I hoped no one would recognize me.

I had changed my clothes to that of a peasant hoping to blend in a bit more. But I do not have the brown skin of a farm worker or the look of a guildsman. My skin is pale as the moonlight that matched my hair. My skin was soft and velvet. Not hard and dry. I tried to cover up my of my skin as I could and I even rubbed dirt over my face and arms to make them look a bit more dirty.

All in all, I thought I did a very good job in disguising myself. My only distinguishing looks were my eyes and hair. Although, my ears were a bit pointed like the elves, but not that much to notice.

I excelled in the art of archery and knife fighting, but couldn't handle a sword. That had disappointed father a bit. But I did very well in my schooling to make up for it. I was not a genius like my older brother, but I did know a fair amount of knowledge to get me by in the world. A world not back there in that jail-like place.

I sigh and let Shion have the reins. She was trained enough not to wonder off the path in front of her unless I instruct her too. Plus, I trusted the mare and I think she knew that. Elven mounts are mysterious even to me.

The wind brushes the lose strands of my hair along my face. The breeze feels wonderful so I close my eyes and smile. I have not felt this free in a long time. I did not have to worry about upsetting father or getting pushed around by the bullies in the city. Not that the other children actually harmed me, just picked on me for being small I guess. No more classes either. I felt my smile widen at that thought.

Shion stopped and I opened my eyes to see a man standing in the middle of the road. He was dressed in the colors of the forest. The hood was over his head, but I noticed a scar under his brown eyes. I assumed he was a thief. And of course I was right.

"My I pass, sir?" I ask without hesitation.

"You may pass if you give me your money and your horse." The thief countered.

"You may have my money, thief, but the horse is not for sale." I said rather stiffly.

At that he thief laughed and brought his bow around and aimed it at me. I did indeed have the grace of an elf, but at that moment I was slow. The arrow hit my arm. I cried out in pain as I fell to the ground. Shion reared up at the thief but ropes came out of the trees to tie her down.

I have never actually been hit by an arrow before and I found out that it hurt like hell. I started seeing white spots all around me. I tried to pull out the arrow but that just made it hurt worse. The tears were filling up my eyes making everything blurry.

"Hey kid, are you alright?" a voice said above me. I did not care to answer.

After a couple of seconds of silence a boot kicked me which made me shudder in pain. It was a fact now, I was not used to any of this. Being sheltered all my life, sleeping in silks, and on silks for that matter. I was just not used to this harsh land outside the castle walls. 'Why did I leave?? Did I really want it that badly?'

Strong arms lifted me up and pulled out the arrow from my arm. Of course I screamed out in pain and the tears fell freely now. I did not care what happened anymore. The pain was too much. It started getting black and then I realized that I was about to faint. And yes, that is what happened.


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