Intertwined by Fate
by duenna

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Summery: AU -- BxR MxM YYxY SxJ -- A runaway prince out in search for his birth mother runs into a gang of thieves. Bakura, the king of thieves, finds Ryou, the prince, only to find out that his long lost friend Malik is not who he seemed to be and fate brings together friends and foes for a war that will either bind them or break them, forever.

Warnings: this is a mainly BakuraxRyou fic, but has MarikxMalik as well! Shounenai, language, violence, AU, perhaps you will see SetoxJou and YamixYugi later on…




Ryou POV

I felt tears fall down my cheeks as I held on to the small boy in front of me. I urged Shion faster so we would reach our destination sooner. But I couldn't help but feel helpless in the fight with the other thieves. That was Bakura's world. I didn't know what to do but run away like he told me to. It was frustrating that I couldn't help out the one person I love most I this world.

"He'll be alright, miss."

I chuckle softly at the boy's words. "I'm sure he will be…and I'm not a girl!"

The child blinks cutely up at me. 'Awww!' I couldn't help but think to myself.

He blushes. "Sorry!"

I smile at him. "It's okay. What is your name, by the way?"


"I'm Ryou. What were you doing out in the forest?" I ask curiously.

His smile falters. "I was going after my brother! He just took off one day and I was worried about him!"

I smile down at the boy. "I know what you mean. I have an older brother as well." I start to say something else, but I hear a horse galloping behind us. I panic as I urge Shion to go faster. I faintly hear the pursuer shout at me. Hesitantly, I look over my shoulder to see it was just Marik. I let out a breath I was holding and ask the elven mare to slow down.

"What happened!" I yell at the golden haired immortal and he winced at my voice and sighs.

"They wanted me to stay with you." He smiles at me, reaching over to ruffle my wind blown hair. "Your hair is a mess, my prince."

I snort at him. "So is yours!"

Marik chuckles at my words, which makes me smile. "Marik, meet Mokuba!"

The child in front of me raises his hand in a wave. "Hello!"

"Hey little one." He smiles at the child for a moment then turns to me. "We should head on to the Port Town. They said they would meet us there."

I nod in agreement and nudge my mare onward.

We slowed down to a steady walk since the Port Town was in sight. Marik kept glancing back to make sure no one followed us. Marik and I let out a sigh when we passed thru the gate into town.

I glance over at the immortal, whom was pulling the hood of his cloak over his head, completely covering his sun kissed hair. I followed suit, tucking my own white hair in the hood of my cloak.

Marik started forward first but pauses and looks over at me. "We should go in under cover, of course. I'll be your guard and besides, Malik can find me anywhere." I nod and take my place ahead of Marik.

The child Mokuba, I noticed, kept glancing around almost nervously. I couldn't help but frown slightly at the sight.

"What's wrong, Mokuba?" I ask him quietly.

The child shakes his head to indicate that nothing was wrong, but I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy with his answer. But I decided not to pursue it and let the child be.

We rode slowly down the busy road, careful not to run into any one with our horses. The immortal was the first to spot an inn and went in and got two rooms while I stayed out side with the horses and Mokuba.

"Are you from here, Mokuba?" I asked him, trying to start a conversation.

The child nodded his head. "Yeah, me and my big brother live here, but about a month ago he was called to serve the King, so he told me to stay here. But I miss him." The child said softly and small tears formed at the bottom of his eyes.

My heart went out to the small child and I pulled him into a hug. "I understand, little Mokuba." The child smiles cutely at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Do you think I will ever get to see my brother again?" I nod fiercely.

"I will make sure you do, Mokuba."

The raven haired child hops up and down excitedly, the tears forgotten, and I couldn't help but ruffle his hair just like Marik did to me earlier. Mokuba batted away the unwanted hand playfully.

"Got the rooms." Marik's voice came from behind us. I nodded and stood up to stretch out my muscles.

Just as we were going in the inn, a loud bell sounded out thru the town. I paused and turned around to watch the towns people walk hurriedly in the direction of what could be the town square. I wasn't sure though. I glanced over at the immortal, who was looking at me in question. I nodded to him and he went out to ask what was going on. A few moments later (and a few curses), Marik made his way back to us.

"This is bad, my prince." He hisses at me. "That bell seems to mean a trial will be taking place soon." Marik pauses to glace away from me for a moment. A trial? Here? Marik swallowed uneasily. "…and it seems they deal out the sentences as well."

I gasps at the words. "But only the King can order out punishment!" I say in desperation, hoping Marik had misheard what he was telling me.

"Don't you know that I, of all people, know that? The golden haired immortal says harsher then he intended. He sighs when he saw me flinch at his tone, and he silently curses himself. "Sorry, Ryou…"

I shake my head. "Don't be. You're just as upset as I am about this. How dare they get away with this? Isn't the King informed about this?"

Marik just shrugs and shoulders in answer.

I sigh and then I feel a small hand move into my own. I look down at the raven haired child.

"It's my fault." The child says at a whisper.

I almost didn't hear it, but with my elven hearing, I did. "What?"

"They think he kidnapped me!"

We stare at the distressed child in surprise.

"He was only helping me escape from here so I could find my brother! But they caught him and charged him with trying to kidnap me. You have to help him! I don't want to see anyone else die…" The child practically wailed out and broke down crying.

First instinct I had was to gather the crying child into my arms and comfort him, which is what I did actually. "Don't worry child, we will help him." I glare at Marik making sure the other had better not complain. The immortal rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air in defeat.

"This will be a long day." He muttered to himself, not caring if anyone heard his words or not.

The second bell was sounded and Mokuba started to panic. "They are starting! Hurry!" The child grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me along with him. Marik could barely keep up, but he didn't let me out of his sights. That I was sure of. Mokuba pushed and shoved people out of his way and I muttered apologies for the child as we passed the people. I was not used to this, at least not anymore anyways. A small smile formed on my lips as I remembered years ago when Yami was dragging him along to see the festival that was being held in the capital. I was only five at the time and Yami was eight and I watched my brother talk about how much fun they were going to have. The memory was shaken from him when he bumped into the child in front of him. I glanced around to see that Mokuba had taken them to the very front of the crowd. Marik appeared beside me a few moments later.

They heard a third bell and everyone stopped talking and gave the man who was standing upon the dais their attention. He made an arm movement and two guards started up the stairs on the dais with the person accused of the kidnapping.

I frowned when I was that he man was dripping blood and his clothes were torn from being beaten too long. But what really caught my attention was the noticeable pointed ears and the jet black hair elves where known to have. I took hold of Marik's arm to keep from falling to my knees. It wasn't everyday you saw another elf, pure blood at that, dying in front of you. I knew Marik knew it was an elf, for I felt the support that the immortal had consciously given me until I could get over my shock. It only took a few moments before the shock turned to anger. I glared up at the richly dressed man, who was looking like he didn't want to be in the same place as the elf and he didn't waste anymore of his time either.

"Today we are at the trial and sentencing of the elf that kidnapped our noble and magnanimous High Priest's little brother, Mokuba. He is charged with helping out the thieves in their plotting and plans to kill our Honorable King."

A dark and deep chuckle came from the captured elf and he started to speak in his own language, which the humans didn't know.

"Make him shut up." The man shouted to the guards, who punched and kicked the already injured elf in the stomach, making the elf double over and cough up his own blood.

I stood there in shock, again. I knew what the elf said. I didn't know why I knew, I just knew. 'I didn't do anything you just said, you filthy human.' I was beyond anger and it blinded me. I knew it did and I didn't care. "I will make them stop this madness!" I hissed to my companions.

Marik had half a mind to stop me, but he didn't want this to go on any longer either, so he let me serve my justice.

"What kind of sick joke is this?" I shouted at the man, who turned his attention to me with narrowed eyes. "What mockery are you doing here? Do you not know the laws set by the King himself about this sort of thing?" I waved my hand towards the elf that was almost unconscious. "Who do you think you are? I doubt you are the King!"

The man growled. "I am the governor of this town and I make the rules here, boy!"

I glared at the man, who had reveled himself as the governor. "Governor, you say? You do not have the power to commence with this sentencing."

The blood in the governor's veins boiled. "How dare you, boy! Guards! Seize him at once!"

Six guards came at me. I didn't take my eyes off the cruel governor. I heard Marik sigh and made his move to protect me, his prince.

Six on one were not good odds at all. That is if you were mortal, Marik smirked as he formed a light into his hand and threw the ball of light at three of the guards. "Light of shadows! Bind!" The light formed into cords and wrapped around the three guards, who yelled out in surprise at what happened. Marik faced the other three guards, who looked at him with fear, was it? "What? Never been attacked with magic before?" Marik smirked his evil little smirk and the guards backed away slowly.

I was oblivious to what Marik was doing. I walked closer to the dais and hopped up gracefully next to the governor, who looked startled for a moment, then got angry. I spoke before the other could. "I think, governor, I know more about this then you anyways. You m ay have not paid attention when you where taught the laws of this land, but I had no choice but to know them."

"What are you going on about, boy?"

I was silent while I glared at the older man. "You are corrupted. You do not deserve to be a governor anymore."

The man narrowed his eyes at me and grabbed my arm. "How dare you--"

"No! How dare you lay a hand on me! Have you not been to court recently, Governor? You should recognize me." With my free hand, I pulled down my hood to reveal my silvery locks and emerald green eyes.

Instantly, the governor paled so visually that I was afraid he was going to faint right then. "My prince…" He sputtered out, falling to his knee in acknowledgment. There were murmurs throughout the crowd, but I ignored them all.

"Tell your guards to stand down!"

"Guards! Stop at once!"

Marik, who was having the time of his life playing with the guards, was immediately saddened to have his playmates stop. The immortal sighed dramatically and went to stand behind me. "My, prince, what will you do now?" He asked me, but he already knew the answer.

I looked from the kneeling governor to the injured elf. "You say this elf committed a crime? That he kidnapped a boy?"

"Yes, my prince."

"Funny. Mokuba was saved by my friends."

The governor looked up sharply at the small form appearing next to me.

"He didn't kidnap me, governor! He was just helping me find my brother and then the bandits came out!" The small child sniffed and clung to my arm.

The governor started wide eyed at the raven haired brother of the beloved priest of this town.

"I demand you to release the elf." I say in my most authorative voice. I'm sure Yami would laugh at me if he heard me right now…

"Of course, my prince…" The governor nodded to his guards and immediately one of them produced a key and unlocked the chains that had bound the elf's hands behind his back. Before the pure blood elf could fall onto the dais, I caught him in my arms. I murmured it was going to be okay now and that the elf would be fine.

Before the black haired elf passed out, he saw the silver hair of his savior and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. He said one word before he passed out. One word that was in human tongue because he assumed his savior was a human. "Angel." Was the one word and I could hear the laughter from a certain golden haired immortal.

"Oh, I so can't wait for Bakura to come back and find someone else in love with you!" The laughter made me twitch

"Marik?" I said in a sweet and soft voice.

The person in question wiped the tears from his eyes and turned to me. "Yes?"

I pushed the unconscious elf into his arms. "You get to carry him."

Marik rolled his eyes. "Oh joy."

I stood back up and turned to the governor. "You will have your fastest healer sent to the Deepwater Inn to heal the elf."

The governor nodded in obedience.

"We will be there until further notice."

With that, we, plus the unconscious elf, made our way back to the inn for the night.


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