Family Affairs


Ginny looked out the kitchen window and smiled at the scene. The tables were set in the back garden, and the trees and bushes in the garden twinkled with fairy lights. A banner with the words, Happy Birthday Mum, waved in the slight breeze. Beneath it, all her brothers and Draco were placing the plates and silverware on the place mats, talking and laughing, pushing each other out of the way.

Ginny washed her hands and turned to the kitchen where her sisters-in-law were putting the final preparation on the food. Hermione was sitting back with her hands folded on her very pregnant tummy as she inspected all the food. Hermione and Ron's first child was due any day now and she looked like she was more than happy to have the pregnancy over and done with.

Ginny heard the children laughing and stepped out into the living room, and saw Harry tickled by all the Weasley grandchildren. Dean watched his boyfriend under the pile of children and laughed, as he patted the baby he was holding, gently. He paced and cooed at the strawberry blonde baby on his shoulder.

Ginny smiled at the scene and walked up to Dean. The moment her son saw her, he started jumping in Dean's arms, his arms opened, calling for his mother.

"Ma! Ma!" Jacob gurgled.

"Come to Mama Jake," Ginny said taking the baby from Dean's arms. "Have you been a good boy with Uncle Dean?"

"He's been a good boy Gin. Don't worry," Dean assured her, rubbing the baby's head fondly.

"Thanks for watching Jacob for me Dean. I really appreciate it," Ginny said, kissing him on the cheek.

"It's a good thing I know you're gay or I would have pound you to the ground for being in such close proximity with my wife," Draco said from the kitchen door. He walked over to his wife and son, and kissed her soundly on the lips before picking Jacob up.

"Of cowse he's gay Unca Dwaco. Who wouldn't be happy to celebwate Nana's Biwthday," Sarah, Fred's daughter piped in, causing the adults to laugh. Sarah looked at them in confusion, not understanding the joke. Thinking that it must be some obscure adult thing, she shrugged and went back to tickling Harry.

"Hey there Jake!" Draco said, rubbing his face on the baby's tummy, causing the boy to laugh.

"Da! Da!" Jake said, jumping up and down in his father's arms.

Draco tossed the baby into the air and caught him, nearly giving Ginny a heart attack. The drooling baby squealed and waved his limbs about, wanting to be tossed again.

"Draco! You might drop him," Ginny admonished, her hands on her hips.

"You know I won't do that, love," Draco said, holding Jake over his head. He made faces at the baby, making the drooling baby to laugh even more. "Eeww!" he said, as a glob of baby drool fell into his eye. He passed Jake over to his wife and wiped the drool away.

"Serves you right for tossing him about. It's a good thing it was only drool. If he had just eaten….." Ginny said, leaving the implication in the air.

"Fine, fine.  No tossing him about," Draco said. Not when you're around at least, he added silently. He kissed the top of Jake's head wrapped his arms around his family. If two years ago today, someone told him that he would be accepted at the Burrow with Ginny in hand, he would have thought them crazy.

"I love you Ginny," he whispered.

"I love you too Draco," she replied, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Da! Da! Ma! Ma!" Jake cried to his parents, waving his fists about.

"We love you too Jake," Draco said, kissing the top of his head. Jake smiled, revealing two tiny teeth on his upper gums and started sucking on his fist.

"I've got to change his diapers and clean him up before Mum and Dad comes back. Why don't you, Dean and Harry wait out in the garden for them," Ginny said.

"Sure," Draco said, kissing his wife on the cheek before he left, followed by Dean and Harry. Ginny hummed to her son as they went upstairs for a diaper change.

Fifteen minutes later, Ginny and Jake stepped out to the back garden and saw that everyone was lounging around the garden waiting for the guest of honour to arrive. One of her brothers, Bill most probably, had brought the radio out and it was playing a very cheery, dance-worthy tunes. Fred, Angelina and their children were already happily dancing to the song. Ginny scanned the garden for her husband and found him sitting on a bench under a tree, having a very animated discussion with Dean and Harry. Ginny saw Dean placing his hand on Harry's knee and smiled. They look good together, she thought. I'm glad that Mum didn't make a fuss about Harry's choice of partner. As she got closer to the men, she heard the words Hornets, Beaters and Harpies. Quidditch, why am I not surprised, she thought.

"Ginny tell that… that… peasant over there that the Wasps are way better than the Harpies," Dean said, pointing a finger at Draco.

"Let me remind you the Malfoys were NOT and NEVER will be peasants. Anyway, the Wasps were only at their peak when Ludo Bagman was in the team but since then, they suck. Almost as bad as the Canons," Draco said.

"Hey! I heard that! Canons WILL win the league this year," Ron shouted from the other end of the garden where he was sitting with Hermione.

"That's what you've been saying for the past fifteen years Ron," Charlie said.

"Shuddup Charlie!" Ron shouted.

"Boys! Boys! Enough! No more arguing about Quidditch. Mum will be back any minute now so-"

"What's all the racket?" said a voice, interrupting Ginny.

All heads turned the kitchen door and saw Molly and Arthur smiling at them.

"Mum! Dad!" said all the Weasley children as one. Molly and Arthur walked down the steps and their many grandchildren surrounded them, demanding hugs and kisses. After obliging every one of them, Molly walked over to Ginny and took Jake into her arms.

"There you are my little one," Molly said, kissing the gurgling baby. "I've missed you Jake." She said, tickling him, making Jake laughed and babbled in baby language.

"But you just saw him two days ago when you babysat him, Mum," Ginny said.

Before Molly could answer, George piped in, "Are we just going to exchange pleasantries or are we going to eat? I'm hungry."

"That's right," Fred said, supporting his twin.

"All right, all right. Everyone take a seat," Ginny said as she beckoned everyone to the tables laden with food.

Everyone thoroughly the dinner since all the women had learned to cook from Molly. Molly was enjoying her birthday very much; with Jake on her lap, she had her coffee.

Then Bill along with Charlie stood up went to the kitchen to get the enormous cake that Ginny baked. When they got back, the table was empty of all dishes. Placing the cake in the centre, Bill charmed candles on and said, "Happy birthday Mum!"

After blowing out the candles, Molly said, "Let them eat cake!" She proceeded to cut the cake and passed it to everyone. One of her boys had turned the radio back on and a slow played. Draco saw Ginny sitting with Hermione near the back porch. He went up to her and said, "Would you like to dance milady?"

"I would love to," she answered.

"Why don't I take him? You kids go have fun," Ron said, taking Jake with him.

"Thanks Ron," Ginny said, kissing him on the cheek.

Ron sat down beside his wife, with his nephew on his lap, and wrapped his arm around Hermione. Throughout dinner, he saw Hermione occasionally grimace and rubbed her back.

"Are you alright Hermione?" he asked gently.

"I'm just a bit uncomfortable. My back hurts slightly," she said, caressing his face. "Don't worry, it'll go away soon."

Ron was still worried but said nothing. Both of them turned and looked at the dancing couples, Draco and Ginny, Molly and Arthur, and the rest of his brothers with their respective partners. Harry and Dean were sitting near the family swing, talking.

"I'm glad that Molly and Ginny worked things out. Both of them were so unhappy before," Hermione said, resting her head on Ron's shoulder.

"Me too, love," he answered as he watched Draco dancing with Molly and Ginny dancing with their father. Just then, Hermione gave a violent shudder and groaned. "What's wrong Hermione? Is everything ok?" Ron asked anxiously.

"I just had a contraction. It really hurts," Hermione whispered.

"I'll go get Mum," he said, rushing over to his mother.

Molly came over with Ginny and Draco on tow. "Hermione dear, how are you feeling?" she asked.

"A little sore," Hermione said, rubbing her tummy gently.

"Why don't we get you inside and get you a cup of calming tea. Then we see how far the contractions are."

Ron helped Hermione into the house and settled down next to her, stroking her hair and kissing her, helping her stay calm. The next contraction came within twenty minutes as Hermione was trying to drink her chamomile tea. Molly quickly told Ron to floo Hermione to the hospital.

Ginny, Draco and the rest of the Weasleys stayed at the Burrow while Molly and Arthur accompanied Ron and Hermione to St Mungo's.  The wait was long but twelve hours later, Arthur's head popped out from the fire to inform the rest of the family that the newest addition to the Weasley clan was a healthy boy, weighing 7 pounds with lungs as powerful as Molly's when she was angry.

When Molly returned to the Burrow sometime later, she found Ginny in the kitchen, drinking tea.

"What are you still doing up? It's late. Where's Jake and Draco?" Molly asked sitting down opposite her.

"Draco brought Jake home. He was fussy and cranky so Draco brought him home to let him sleep," Ginny said, pouring Molly a cup of tea. "So how's Ron and Hermione doing?"

"They're great. Ron couldn't stop smiling. He's staying at the hospital with Hermione."

"That's good. Hermione was more than ready to have the baby. I saw her talking to her tummy once, telling the baby to hurry up."

Molly laughed and said, "I did that when I was having Fred and George. They were a rambunctious pair even in the womb."

Ginny laughed at that and stood up. She cleaned her cup and turned to her mother. "I better be going now. Jake might need his nappy changed and Draco's helpless when it comes to that."

Molly accompanied Ginny to the fireplace and placed a hand on Ginny's arm before she threw the powder in.

"I love you Ginny," Molly said, hugging her daughter.

"I love you too Mum."


Later that night while Ginny was climbing into bed, Draco asked, "You've been smiling since you came back from the Burrow. What's up?"

"Nothing," Ginny said, still smiling when she thought about her current relationship with her mother. "Everything's perfect. Just perfect."

With that, Ginny curled up next to Draco and went to sleep, feeling contented with her life.

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