Author's Note: I just finished watching the GTO Anime Series, and I became a very big fan. Now, I'm looking for the Manga, and now asking a shop to draw me Onizuka in a T-shirt! To the creator of GTO, thank you! And for that, I dedicate this story to all of you.

It was maybe dark already outside. The sun setting on the background, the whole city of Nerima was looking forward to a peaceful night of sleep and rest.

Two years ago, it would have been almost impossible. With the appearance of a certain boy who can turn to female with a slight touch of cold water, everything in Nerima turned to chaos. Streets, buildings, walls, and other properties were destroyed, stolen or broken.

Martial artists of all skills, crazy powers, and unique capabilities ran around, challenging this boy. The results were devastating, that construction firms were on the roll. Girls who had claimed to be the boys fiancées also came in as well, bringing more rivals. Nerima became a flypaper for martial artists, and even of rumors of an old pervert stealing panties.

But maybe the worst incident that ever happened was during what the Nerimans call "wedding Disaster'. Ranma Saotome, the boy who was potentially the best practitioner of the art, was about to wed to his betrothed, Akane Tendo, another Martial artist. But the wedding never took place.

Nabiki Tendo had invited the boy's other fiancées. Ukyou, who was Ranma's childhood friend, threw bombs towards the Tendo Household where the wedding took place. The Amazons, who also claimed Ranma, came in as began to bash the newly blown up house. Ryouga, another supposed friend of Ranma's also came in and shouted of not letting Akane marry Ranma. Then there came the crazy family of Kunos.

Then there was Happosai, the Grandmaster of Anything Goes, and the all time pervert. He accidentally drank the water that was supposed to cure Ranma's curse, making him 100 percent purely male. There goes Ranma's cure...

But maybe what hurt Ranma the most is the way the females were fighting over him. He had his pride. He had his manliness. He had his honor. And because of his good for nothing father, Ranma was caught between a hard place, and hell. Choosing any of the girl betrothed to him would dishonor him, as he still had an obligation to fill with the other girls.

But Ranma had wanted a wedding. After his explosive confrontation to a Phoenix demi-god, and seeing Akane's life almost escaping his grasp, he finally knew that he had truly loved the tomboy. No matter how much the dishonor it would bring, he wanted Akane. He had chosen Akane. Akane also chose him... or so he thought.

Two years can change people's lives. It can change feelings towards each other.

After the Wedding Disaster, and his loss of the cure, Ranma went on a training trip towards China, or anywhere he can find the cure. There had to be a cure out there, even if the springs were destroyed. There had to be! With that, he mysteriously left the Tendo household, leaving only a note on his purpose of leaving. He had promised to return, fully cured, and would eventually marry Akane.

After two years later, to the present, a lone boy finally breathes a sigh, as he found himself in Nerima. He was home.

=Tendo Household=

"RANMA! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU UNGRATEFUL BOY?!" Genma shouted towards his son, who disappeared two years ago.

"Here and there, old man," Ranma replied happily.


"WHERE?!" Genma demanded again.

"Hey, old man, I just got back from a long journey, okay, so cut the crap before I kick your ass," Ranma replied coolly, frowning at Genma's attitude. It was like his old man didn't read the letter he left. What an idiot.

"Heh, how can you beat me boy?" Genma asked. "You are getting laxed on your training! You became as weak as a girl!" It was a taunt that would have made Ranma reacted, but to Genma's surprise, Ranma just smirked, and ignored him.

"Whatever you say old man," Ranma replied, turning his back on his father. Genma growled, and sneaked up behind Ranma, and with swift motion, Genma threw his son towards the koi pond.

Ranma was taken by surprise, and found himself in the air as Genma's throw was successfully executed, and he was too late to recover. Ranma landed on the pool.

Genma, who was expecting an angry red head, was shocked to see his son was still fully male, glaring at him. Genma backed away.

"H-how?!" Genma muttered.

"BAKA OYAJI!" Ranma shouted as he jumped away from the pond, landing on the grass. His shirt was dripping, and his hair was wet. "HAVEN'T YOU READ THE DAMN LETTER I WROTE?! I WENT OUT TO FIND A CURE!"

Genma dashed towards Ranma, his hand grabbing Ranma's collar. "CURE?! Ranma my boy, have you really found a cure? Have you brought some for your father?!"

Ranma growled, and with a simple swipe, he let was able to get Genma's hand away from his collar, and with a swift whack, Ranma knocked him unconscious. He wasn't done yet, as Ranma moved to his final move, and gave his own throw to Genma, giving him the taste of his own medicine.


An unconscious panda was seen floating on the pond. Ranma whapped his hands together, trying to get some dust off. He gave another smile, and shook himself a bit before entering the house.

Inside, the house looked terribly the same before the wedding. Whatever Nabiki did, Ranma was impressed, after all, with him gone for two years, how were they able to get the money without Ranma-chan's pictures was beyond him.

Soun seem to recover, but only slightly as he seem to be a bit depressed. Ranma wondered what was that all about, and greeted Kasumi, who was setting the table.

"Hey Kasumi," Ranma greeted. "How are you?"

"Hello, Ranma-kun," Kasumi smile sweetly. "You are just in time for dinner. It was fortunate I made some extra..."

"Wow, you really are thoughtful, Kasumi," Ranma replied. "I heard Nabiki is going to college now, right?"

"That is right, Ranma-kun," Kasumi replied.

"Is Akane here?" Ranma suddenly asked, looking around. He really wanted to see her. After two years of searching, of all the people he missed, he missed the kawaiikune tomboy.

"Oh, she is in the park with..." Kasumi was cut off Soun dove to her, covering her mouth. Ranma raised his eyebrows on the Tendo patriarch's action, but nevertheless, he ignored it. With a smile, he exited to the garden, and jumped up, high in the air, leaving the household.

Soun suddenly turned white, and began to sweat nervously.

=Nerima Park=

Excitement, enthusiasm, zeal... no word can describe what Ranma finally felt that time. The prospect of finally seeing Akane after two years was the most important for Ranma right now. Now fully cured, he can face Akane like a man. He would finally be able to...

A soft giggled was heard. The giggle was from the girl Ranma had been looking for. Excitedly, Ranma rushed towards the direction of the voice, only to hear another one.

"Hey, Akane, it tickles!" a male voice said.

"Oh, Ryouga, you big baby," was Akane's reply.

Ranma froze solid, as his mind went back and reviewed what he had heard. Ryouga, you big baby? Ranma thought. His expression changed, from happiness, then blank, then... anger.

Ranma rushed out towards the direction tot he voice. Akane and Ryouga, who were on an embrace, was shocked to suddenly see Ranma appear.

Everything turned white...


It's been a few hours already, going past midnight. Most of the families in the district were now tucked in their beds, sleeping, waiting for a brand new day tomorrow. Maybe there are a few individuals out there in micro-skirts who guard the night against evil.

But right now, at the newly repaired Saotome residence, two individuals were wide-awake.

Nodoka Saotome, Ranma's mother, and one of the weird women you will ever meet, stared at the ceiling of her living room.

She had been excited when her son who went on a trip two years ago finally returned. She had high hopes of him coming with a great smile, and talk about what he was going to do in life. Only the latter came true.

When Ranma came, he had this very scary blank expression that Nodoka knew something was wrong. It also didn't help that Ranma was smoking. Something she never saw Ranma do in her whole life.

Asking Ranma what was wrong was worse then futile. He actually spilled the whole truth of what he saw that day. Ranma didn't mention what had happened as he confronted the two, but his silence was enough for his mother.

Nodoka went to thinking mode as she begun to think about what might happen next. There is still to do about the Tendo-Saotome pact. Then the Kuonji situation, then also the Amazons. She wondered what Ranma would attempt to do.

After what seemed like hours of silence, Nodoka finally spoke. "Ranma, what are you going to do?"

"Me?" Ranma asked, as he looked at his mother. "I really don't know... It might be possible that pops and Mr. Tendo will pull out another crap, and either make me marry Kasumi or Nabiki."

"You don't like Nabiki or Kasumi?" Nodoka asked.

"N-no, um... not really. I mean, I don't hate them or nothing, but I don't consider them as... you know... fiancées..." Ranma replied.

"How about that Kuonji girl, or that Amazon. They seem to like you," Nodoka began.

"I... don't really like them..." Ranma replied slowly. "I mean, Ucchan is like a friend to me, and I only consider her as a friend. Shampoo... is Shampoo. I won't marry her."

"So... what will you do, Ranma?" Nodoka asked.

"Hmm... Don't know. I might be forced to Kasumi or Nabiki, then the same stuff will..." but before Ranma could complete the sentence, he was cut off.

"Ranma, when I asked you what you wanted, I meant what 'you' wanted," Nodoka replied.

"But mom, if I do anything else, we would be dishonored..." Ranma began.

"Forget honor for a while, Ranma," Nodoka suddenly replied.

"What do you mean forget honor for a while?!" Ranma softly demanded. Of all his life, it was always revolved around honor. Even his mother, who had this weird view about manliness demanded honor... but right now, Nodoka told him to forget honor for a while! "Alright! Who are you, and where did you hide my mom?!!" Ranma shouted, standing up into a fighting position.

Nodoka was taken by surprise, but recovered fast enough to give Ranma a whap behind his head.

"Ow!" Ranma complained, holding his head.

"What did you mean by that, my manly son?!" Nodoka demanded, steel in her eyes. Ranma sheepishly smiled, and scratched behind his head.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Ranma said desperately.

"That is okay," Nodoka replied waving her hand. "So tell me, do you have any plans?"

"Not that I know of..." Ranma replied. "I mean, I never thought about it..."

"You never thought of your own future?" Nodoka asked.

"Well, not really... I mean, everything was like handed down to me..." Ranma began.

Nodoka shook her head. Call it woman instinct, or maybe just common sense, but after all the years, Ranma was never given a choice on his life, and so never had to think about his future. Everything was planned for him. Everything. "Son..."

"Yes, mom?" Ranma asked.

Nodoka stood up in full length, and took out her sheathed katana, and showed it to Ranma. Th boy turned white. Is she going to tell him to do something what he thinks she will ask him to do?

"Son, I have hereby decided that you are not manly enough..." Nodoka said in a grave voice.

"NANI?!" Ranma leapt back, his face now filled with sweat. Weren't they done they done with this before? "What... what do you mean I'm not manly enough?!"

"Although you have quickly mastered the Art, and have many girls after you, securing my future with grandchildren, there is one important thing you lack," Nodoka replied.

"What is it?" Ranma asked.

"How you choose to live your life," Nodoka replied. "A real man does not depend on anyone to take care of him. A real man would stand up for himself, chooses for himself, and makes for himself. Of all the incredible things you have done, you don't have this characteristic."

"But... honor would be..."

"A man will do everything he wants and needs, not to satisfy others, but to satisfy himself," Nodoka replied. "Nothing. Not even honor can stand on his way. Tell me Ranma, will you choose to bend towards anyone because of honor?!"

"I won't bend to anyone! Ranma Saotome never gives up!" Ranma replied, standing up, his hand across his chest.

"That is good, my son," Nodoka replied, nodding her head.

"But what good will my choosing do if I can't keep my honor?" Ranma asked.

"Ah, Ranma, are you forgetting that we are now at the 21st century?" Nodoka asked, a smile in her face.

"Huh?" Ranma began. "What do you mean?"

"If you can't make your choices as a Saotome, then make them in a different name," Nodoka replied.

Ranma approached his mom slowly, as the matriarch explained what she had meant...

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GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Ranma

To Be Continued...

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