"Aaaaaannnndddd Aiiiiiiiii-ya-ai…. Will alwaaaysss…. Loooove yuuuuu…..!"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!" Anko laughed as her friend Naoko sang her heart out… and making their ears shrill. "You suck Naoko!"

Naoko pouted and made some fake tears pour out of her eyes. "You are so mean Anko! You make Yoshikawa cry and pee his pants!"

This time, Mayuko, the third girl of the bunch laughed hard. Really hard that she almost fell down in the floor. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're mean, Naoko!" Grabbing the remote, she programmed it to play her song. "Do you remember that one time…? Where we got him blind sided as he came down from Onizuka's room? And we made him strip…?"

Anko grinned. "Hehehe, yeah… he was squealing for us to stop… I thought I was gonna pee in my panties! What a loser!"

And while Mayuko began singing "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, Anko and Naoko began talking privately. "Eh, Anko… for someone who has a mom as the leader of the PTA, you sure are mean. Hehehehe…"

Anko smirked. "Of course. We can make careers out of picking on geeks, ne?" Laughing again, Anko and Naoko listened to Mayuko sing the a few lines from the song when suddenly Anko's face looked a bit serious. Naoko noticed it, and looked at her.

"Hey, Anko, what's wrong?" Naoko asked.

Anko slid down the couch, and looked up in the ceiling. "I have a very dire need to pick on someone… to pick on a geek… a geek that begs like a little girl while we flick his little toothpick…" she said with an evil grin. The evil grin vanished and was suddenly replaced by a look of curiosity. "Eh… its been a week since we picked on Noboru…" she gave an evil smirk. "What do you say we… rough him up again?"

Naoko giggled. "Hehe… Anko, you are the best, you know that?"

"Of course. We own his ass. Forever."

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Ranma

Lesson 05: Kicking Some Ass

-Monday: Holy Forest Academy, Rooftops-

"Eh….? Come again?" Ranma asked Yoshikawa as he held on his controller.

"Like I said, you have to get to the dungeon… and feed those monster chests the bread you won in the tournament," Yoshikawa explained again.

"Why would chests want those stupid breads?" Ranma asked. Yoshikawa shrugged, and sighed.

"I don't know…" Yoshikawa replied. "That's how you play the game…"

"Eeeh, that's stupid logic if you ask me… Oh shit!" Ranma snuck a peek at the watch. "Homeroom is coming in 5 minutes!" And with that, he went to the nearest save point, and saved his game, and quickly closed the console. Turning to the kid, he added, "Yoshikawa, come on, we'll be late! I'm getting a bath and groom myself…"

"Eh, sensei, you won't have time to take a bath!" Yoshikawa cut him off.

"Eh… yeah, you're right…" Ranma went to his desk "I'll just grab and put some cologne…"

O.O "SENSEI! You don't put that on your crotch!!!" Yoshikawa suddenly shouted.

"Huh…? Ow… Owowowow!!" Ranma began to jump up and down as the alcohol burned his privates.

Yoshikawa looked dumbly at the teacher as he began to jump up and down and giggled. "Hehehe… baka sensei," he said, laughing softly. Then… electricity seems to pass his spine, and he suddenly turned his head with a serious expression.

A shadow seems to gasp and vanish suddenly as Yoshikawa glanced at it. His serious expression was like plastered in his face while in the background, we see Ranma jumping up and down, holding his crotch.

-Classroom 3-4: A Few Minutes Later-

"ALRIGHT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!" Murai, the blonde guy in a helmet haircut shouted. "You ENJOY Onizuka's classes, eh? You fucking enjoy it when he's clowning around you fools, and you just lap it up?! How the HELL are we gonna get this asshole teacher FIRED if you guys wont show support to our course?!"

"Ah, shut up Murai!" one of the boys replied. "I'm sick and tired of picking our teachers! Its been almost 2 years already! We went through 3 teachers! I don't want in anymore!"

Murai glared at the boy, and rushed to him and grabbed him by the collar. "Are you gonna betray us, you fucking weakling?!"

"Hey! Stop it! I'm tired too!" one girl called. "Onizuka's cool! His classes are fun, and…"

"And he's hot!" another girl cut her off. "He's a hot looking guy." She giggled. "And I like his pig tail a lot… I wonder how his hair feels like in my hands…"

The girl beside her began to poke her. "Eh, Yuka, falling in love…?"

The girl poked back. "Why? Wanna get him first? Ahahaha! You're blushing!"

"N… No I'm not!"

Murai's fists clenched and his face popped a few veins. What's with the stupid people in this room? Weren't they together in the noble cause in teaching teachers "lessons"? Weren't they hand in hand they showed the system that they would never need teachers, or adults in their life? "Fine. Fuck you people. Who need you anyways? We got everyone we need in our side…"

Miyabi nodded. "That's right. If you backstabbers don't want to join us, that's fine. We'll get Onizuka fired like any other teacher." Saying that, she looked at Kikuchi, and said to him "It's been a week already… what's up with your fake pictures of Onizuka?"

Kikuchi looked at her… and scratched his head, looking neutral and a bit of tiredness. "Eh… I'm putting up a towel."

"YOU WHAT?!" Murai suddenly lunged towards Kikuchi.

Kikuchi didn't seem to be bothered, and looked at the mad blonde kid with utter neutrality. "I quit. If you guys want to get Onizuka fired, that's fine with me. Just leave me out of it now."

Miyabi and some of the students looked at Kikuchi with a serious glare. The boy genius with an IQ of 180 is quitting on them. He was considered a very powerful ally in this… and now he's defecting?! "Kikuchi…" Miyabi slowly started.

"You…. YOU BETRAYER!" Murai grabbed Kikuchi in the collar. The boy with glasses just looked at him, and sighed.

"Call me what you want, Murai, but you should calm down you know," and a very pronounced smirk came to view. "Cause you and I both know you can't touch me, 'cause I know karate."


"Anko… everyone seems to be against each other now," Mayuko nervously told her friend. "Even Kikuchi seems to be on Onizuka's side…"

"Psshhh," Anko replied. "Murai is just losing his head. If that blonde idiot kept his mouth shut and tried to think of ideas, Onizuka'd get fired before you can say 'Yo-Shi-Kawa'."


Mayuko laughed. "Anko, you are so mean… but does that mean… we're gonna…" and she gave a knowing smirk and blink to Anko.

"Of course," Anko smiled. "I sent Naoko to scout on our little… toy. She should be here any minute…"

"Eh, Murai… you always seemed to be pissed off… maybe some vitamins will help you…"

The classroom door suddenly slid open, and the whole class became deathly quiet, like someone robbed their voices. They also had small beads of sweat in their faces... Was it Onizuka…? Nah. It wasn't. It was Naoko who suddenly rushed in like she seen an army of skeletons marching towards her. Anko and Mayuko gasped stared at her as she came towards them.

"Naoko… what's wrong?!" Anko asked.

"I… I saw… I saw Yoshikawa… in… in Onizuka's… room…" Naoko began, out of breath. "Some… something is wrong… with Yoshikawa!"

Anko's eyes widened. "What's wrong with Yoshikawa?"

"He… he like… spotted me… and turned around… and he looked… he looked so different… he… he isn't the boy we knew… I think… he's been abducted… and replaced with… an ALIEN!" Naoko exclaimed with a very wide and frightful expression.

Anko and Mayuko looked at Naoko with a very nervous expression for what seemed like minutes, and broke of into fits of laughter. "Oh my god… you are so funny Naoko! Yoshikawa being abducted by aliens and replaced… Ahahahaha!" Anko laughed hard, she almost began wheezing.

"Anko… I… I was being serious!!! Yoshikawa… he looked scary…" Naoko said nervously. "He was… like… making this serious face…" Naoko began to make faces, which made Anko laugh harder. "Hey! I swear! Something is wrong with…"

The classroom door slid open once more, and the whole class went silent again… only to reveal Yoshikawa entering the door, looking extremely jittery and nervous, stealing glances towards Anko and her two friends. Anko noticed, and gave him a wink, and an evil glare. The boy seemed to turn white, and sat down away from her.

Anko and Mayuko blinked, and stared at Naoko, who seemed to be looking at Yoshikawa with a mix of apprehension and nervousness. Anko laughed even louder. "What the hell… Yoshikawa's Yoshikawa! See him? He's scared of us!"

"I'm telling you! He's not Yoshikawa! He's an alien!" Naoko insisted.

"Naoko… you're freaky," Mayuko said, scratching her head. Poitning at the boy, Mayuko continued, "He's acting like usual. He can't even face us!"

Naoko didn't seem convinced, and took nervous glances at the boy. Anko also looked, and smiled evilly. Looking at her two friends, she said, "Hey… how about we go for it today, later?"

Mayuko and Naoko blinked. "Eh?"

"Think about it girls," Anko began. "It's been a week already. If we let him go around, our little boy toy might think we got tired of him. And if he thinks like that, he won't follow anything we'll order him too. Our freebies with drinks and food courtesy of yours truly will disappear!" Her head went right and left, and whispered to them, "Besides, how in the world are we gonna pick on geeks without practice?"

Mayuko laughed while Naoko kept quiet. She didn't seem to want to do anything with Yoshikawa. "Oh, Anko, you are so evil!" Mayuko began to laugh softly. "What are you planning this time?"

"Let's show how weak that little twerp really is," Anko replied. "Here's the plan. Later, during the break, we'll be out, looking for the twerp. Let's show him that we don't need to be together to bring him down. If one of you sees Yoshikawa, try and corner him, and knock him out. Then the one who got Yoshikawa write us the location in our shoeboxes, got it?"

Mayuko giggled. "Hehe, this is a great idea! The little twerp won't know what hit him… and what a blow to pride! One girl bringing him down… Hahaha!"

Naoko nervously nodded, and laughed, and stole a glance on Yoshikawa. She held her breath. The boy had his head down, his eyes were narrowed, like he was concentrating on something. Was he listening to them…?

The class went quiet again when the doors slid open, revealing Ranma walking bow-legged. The students sweated at that. What in the world is their teacher up to? Meanwhile, Ranma was regretting putting perfume under his pants. The burning sensation was still there, and even though he might smell good down there, he cant walk normally unless he wants to get another burning sensation.

"Next time, I'm washing my pants… its less painful that way…" Ranma whispered. "Alright… roll-call everyone!"


"… and that ends lessons for today," Ranma said, with a nice sigh as the bell rang. "Whew… damn, that was long… but it was worth it… cause now it's my favorite subject! LUNCH!"

And with that, and to the student's entertainment, Ranma rushed out of the class in inhuman speeds. After a few minutes, Ranma reappeared in the room, surprising everyone who thought he was gone. "Oh, by the way… I heard someone in our class is volunteering in the canteen. Who is it?"

One of Murai's friend, the guy with the long hair raised his hand. Ranma looked at him for the moment, and stared. Murai and his two friends did a double back. The way Onizuka was looking at them… it was like he could see right through them…

Ranma suddenly broke out into a smile. "Cool. Fujiyoshi, right?" The boy with shoulder length hair just stared blankly back at him. "Um… that's your name right?" Ranma asked. Fujiyoshi nodded. "Cool. I'm giving you some extra credit. Keep up the good work kid!" Ranma waved and left the room.

When Onizuka left, Murai's face suddenly contracted a wild bout of twitch-itis. "Who the fuck is that guy think he is? 'Oh, Fujiyoshi, do a good job… I will give you points…' Bah… stupid teacher!" Murai grabbed his bag and grabbed a book he was reading. He began whispering about stupid teachers and assholes.

Fujiyoshi seemed to be smiling though. Going to his own bag, he rummaged a few things, seeming searching for something. Murai and the other guy with spiky hair, Kusano looked at him with curiosity, and scooted closer together. "Ah… here it is," Fujiyoshi took out something that made Murai and Kusano both widen their eyes, and backed away ASAP.

"WHAT THE HELL!!! What the fuck are you doing with a COCKROACH?!" Murai demanded.

"Yo, dude, that's sick, man… its still alive?!" Kusano said with disgust.

"I only broke her leg. Well… its either a her or him… I hope it's a 'her' though," Fujiyoshi replied. With that said, the boy gave Murai and Kusano an even closer look by bringing the roach towards them. Both guys jumped away, almost flying for a few seconds, away from their friend.

"What the fuck?! GET IT AWAY MAN! That's DISGUSTING!" Murai shouted. "And what the hell did you mean by hoping the roach being a 'her'?"

Fujiyoshi laughed softly. Whispering to them softly, he said, "Come on guys… don't tell you haven't heard of the amateur TV host who accidentally ate a female roach. The guy dropped dead a few days later… and when they opened his body, they saw a spawn of baby roaches." He looked around for a bit, making sure the teacher wasn't listening. "They say if you eat a female roach, she'll lay eggs on you which will give birth to its spawns, and eat you away inside… and with me being serving Onizuka's food today…"

Murai and Kusano's eyes slowly widened in realization, and smiled. "The hell man! This is good! You are a frigging genius!"

"Hahahahaha!" Murai laughed. "Looks like we can get rid of that no good teacher once and for all!"

Kikuchi looked at them, and adjusted his glasses. Let them go and try, he'll be out of it this time. His eyes went where Yoshikawa was seating, and blinked when he saw the seat empty. He straightened up, and began to scan around… Yoshikawa was no where to be found.

-Cafeteria: A few minutes later-

"Alright, Fujiyoshi, I want extra large of that… and that… and that… Kami-sama… are those crabs? Give 'em to me too! Bring it on! Extra large, here goes!" Ranma exclaimed excitedly.

Fujiyoshi smirked, and watched a while as Onizuka began to grab on some of the crabs and pile them up in his plate. The boy was covered up in plastic, and over his mouth, he had one of those face masks. When Ranma wasn't looking, Fujiyoshi dropped the cockroach in Onizuka's bowl, and covered it with the curry.

Murai and Kusano giggled evilly as Fujiyoshi gave the thumbs up and handed the bowl to Onizuka. "Here you are sir," he said, keeping his voice more or less even. Even if he wasn't able to keep his voice even, Ranma wouldn't notice as the voice was muffled by the face mask, so it never really mattered. "Enjoy your meal, sensei… might be your last."

The irony was quite pronounced on the last part, where Fujiyoshi whispered it so Onizuka wouldn't hear. He smiled underneath the white cloth hiding his mouth. Murai and Kusano were already in giggling fits, trying to see when Onizuka was going to get his spoon, and use his big mouth to eat the cockroach.

Unfortunately… or fortunately, whichever side you are on, it never happened when Onizuka suddenly looked at Fujiyoshi seriously, and, to the horror of Murai and the two friends of his, dumped the curry he had back to big pot where Fujiyoshi scoops up the food.

(OoO)'' ------ Murai

(OoO)'' ------ Fujiyoshi

(OoO)'' ------ Kusano

Author's Note: Do know that text pictures are uglier than they seem…

"Fujiyoshi, I'm disappointed," Ranma drawled on, his face looking a bit angry and annoyed. Fujiyoshi froze. Did Onizuka find out their plans?!

"Um… about what sir…?" he tried to look and sound innocent… it was hard, especially when he was sweating bullets.

"I said extra-large," Ranma said, kind of annoyed that the boy didn't catch up on that. Saying that, he grabbed a large bowl and looked at Murai and the two friends with their mouths open; even Fujiyoshi seemed to look at him shocked, the face mask didn't cover his mouth anymore. He sighed. "Fine, fine…"

And with that, Ranma grabbed three more large bowls, and began to pour curry into one bowl, and gave it to Murai, filled up another and gave it to Kusano, and the third one to Fujiyoshi, and then, helped himself with the fourth bowl.

"Ah… sensei… we… we aren't hungry," Kusano began nervously.

"What? Don't be silly guys, come on," Ranma led Murai and Kusano to the table. "Eat, eat! Its essential guys like you get some more food, and eat lots. After all, you are young, and young people tend to burn lots of energy… take it from me, I had lots of…"

Whatever Ranma was going to say, it was lost to the ears of both Kusano and Murai, who both looked at their curries with dread… and Onizuka started eating like a Saotome. Fujiyoshi, still on volunteer duty, dumped his curry to the garbage, and felt the urge to throw up.

-Somewhere in the halls of the Holy Forest Academy-

Mayuko smiled as she slowly followed Yoshikawa as he began to roam around the campus. She had no idea what he was doing. Normally, the boy would stick to Onizuka and smile at them from the distance… but now, it seems that the boy was gambling his safety. How stupid he was!

Yoshikawa turned left, towards the bathroom. Mayuko smirked a bit. It was a good escape, really, going to the bathroom. But he forgot one thing; he was going to the bathroom during the lunch break. Most of the student and teacher bodies are in the cafeteria. The chances are that Yoshikawa wouldn't be alone would be like one in a million.

Like an eager predator going for her prey, Mayuko jogged towards the bathroom, and entered. "Hehehe… Yoshikawa… time for your little… session…" Mayuko began.

"Oh? Sorry… but I think it's your time for the session," a voice said behind her. Mayuko's eyes widened as suddenly, she felt an arm grab her and throw her painfully head first in the floor. She couldn't say anything… she couldn't do anything. Her head was swimming in pain… and she felt the hand grab her again… grabbing her arm… twisting it a bit. She bent down, following her arms movement, and felt a leg come on top of her bowing head. Suddenly, the leg moved in a very fast motion, and rotated her neck, along with her body shocking her to unconsciousness.

Yoshikawa stood up after doing the OverDrive on Mayuko, and smiled softly. Opening one of the stalls, he slowly dragged the girl to those stalls, put her inside, and closed the door to cover her.

One down… two to go.


"Yum… chew delish… crunch better than instant ramen…" Ranma chowed down on food like he was on hyper drive. Deep fried crabs, curry, and iced tea, all you can drink and eat.

While Ranma was on with his food, two boys didn't seem to have a healthy appetite. Murai and Kusano were both poking and prodding their curries with their spoons. The blonde boy, while doing the poking, saw a small air bubble rise to the surface of his curry. Murai frowned… and slowly scooped up that part of the curry… and lifted a big slob of curry with hairy legs sticking out of it…

Murai's face went green… he looked at Fujiyoshi and seemed to be almost crying. He opened his mouth, to tell Fujiyoshi that he found the roach when suddenly…

"Hey! I want those crabs if you don't want them!" Ranma rushed towards another table, bumping Murai's head, forcing it to the spoon he was holding…

"AAAAAGGGHHHH!" Murai shouted as he spitted out his food. The roach came out, still moving. The boy's face, if possible, turned even greener. Kusano looked at his friend nervously, and a bit sickly. Ranma, on the other hand, looked back and gave an annoyed face.

"I didn't bump ya that hard, Murai," he said. He then proceeded to smile, and began to grab a few crabs. "Thank you very much! If I ever teach ya class, you can expect some bonus points for ya! …Eh? I don't teach ya Social Science? Damn…. Next time then, okay?" Unnoticed to Ranma and maybe the others, Murai, Kusano and Fujiyoshi shot out of the cafeteria like a bat from hell.


Just outside the Cafeteria, Murai began to gargle and spit out the water, and repeated the procedure. He did it once… he did it twice… he did it thrice… he still repeated it again and again.

"PTUI!" Murai spit out. "That fucking asshole! I thought I was gonna SWALLOW it!"

"Murai… you didn't really swallow, it did you?" Kusano asked nervously.

"What the fuck, of course not! Who the hell do you think I am? Pumbaa?!" Murai twitched. "That fucking teacher… he meant to do that, bumping into me 'accidentally'… I'm killing him… I'm fucking killing him!"

Fujiyoshi grabbed the angry boy's shoulder and shook him a bit. "Oi, calm down man. If you just go in and assault that guy, you're gonna get arrested… and I heard that teacher knows how to fight!"

"I don't give a fuck! I'm killing him!" and with that, Murai forgot about lunch and his hungry stomach, and rushed back to the classroom.

-Another random Hallway in Holy Forest Academy-

Naoko nervously looked around… she was alone and in front of her was Yoshikawa, walking around ahead of her. It was kinda lucky that she was small, and the whole corridor was filled with lockers. There were instances where Yoshikawa would look back, and see if anyone was following him. All Naoko had to do was squeeze in one of these spaces between lockers, and wait a while.

That happened twice, and Naoko was beginning to even be more nervous with each passing minute. The idea of Yoshikawa being an alien clone didn't escape her mind. The face he did earlier scared her… even though a part of her was a bit relieved that he was acting normally… but that could be an act, right?

Naoko's back went instantly towards the wall, letting the lockers hide her when he saw Yoshikawa's head beginning to turn and look back. She slowly began to breath a few calming breathes. She counted for 5 seconds, and slowly peeked out in the corner of her hiding place to see if Yoshikawa's walking again. He was gone.

"What the hell…?!" Naoko went out of her hiding place, and scanned the corridor in front of her. Yoshikawa suddenly just vanished without a trace. Walking forward, she looked left and right, trying to see if Yoshikawa might have noticed her, and hid in one of the classrooms… she tried the doors, and they were locked. She cursed.

"Where is he…?" Naoko asked herself… suddenly, she saw a shadow moving in the background. She whirled her head around, and saw nothing… "What the fuck is going on…?"

Suddenly, she saw an arm grab her in the shoulders, and her arm was given a painful twist, as it was locked up behind her. She felt the figure who grabbed her kick her behind the knees, forcing her to bow to one knee, and then… she felt something cold and metallic being placed in her neck.

"Oh…" she was about to scream when the voice behind her spoke.

"Shut up, or…" and Naoko felt the figure tap the metallic thing… blade… or whatever tap her neck slowly. "Now, speak…"

"Yo…Yoshikawa?!" Naoko said in a deathly silent whisper. The voice… there was no mistaking it. It was definitely Yoshikawa's.

"Why, surprised?" he replied, and giggled a bit. "Well… I guess you should be. So, Naoko… are you ready to talk…?"

"T… talk about what… Yo… Yoshikawa?" Naoko's voice began to falter. The cold blade was unforgiving to her skin, and Yoshikawa held it a wee bit close to her. If ever she tried to move… it would slice her neck.

"I overheard Anko telling you about 'corner' and 'twerp'. Its not hard to put those two together," Yoshikawa seemed to shrug. "So… what were your plans…?"

"Let… let go of me," Naoko ordered.

"Not until you tell me what's up," Yoshikawa replied. He made another tapping motion with his tool towards her neck, and she shivered in his grasp. "So… wanna tell me?"

"An… Anko wanted… one of us to get you alone… To… shatter your pride…" Naoko confessed slowly, shivering like she was naked in the freezer. "And… one of us would hide you somewhere… and write your location in a paper and give it to the other two girls…"

"Oh… nice plan. I'd give it to Anko, she's a good plotter… but a stupid bitch…" Yoshikawa seemed to smile. Naoko wasn't really sure if he was… but she felt he was. "Thanks Naoko…"

The girl was going to ask if he was going to release her, but instead, she felt her hand yank her hard, and slam her headfirst in the floor, knocking her unconscious. Yoshikawa smiled, and threw the spoon he held in his hand when he was threatening her. Dragging the body towards one of those bigger lockers, Yoshikawa opened one of those lockers, and carried the girl inside, and closed the lockers, hiding her from view.

"Two down… and one final piece left…" Yoshikawa smiled, and closed his eyes. He continued on his way, still smiling…

-Classroom 3-4-

Murai placed a few finishing touches as he put a few more scotch tapes in the scissors. He looked behind him and nodded as he saw the trip wire still in place. He laughed evilly. Kusano and Fujiyoshi both looked at the blonde kid nervously. If anything, they think he just turned mad.

The purpose of Murai's plan was to let Onizuka enter the room, trip over the trip wire, and fall on top of the scissors, injuring him critically… or possibly, kill him instantly. Murai gleefully laughed out loud. Walking outside, over the trip wire, he slowly assessed how it would all go.

"Hehehe," Murai laughed slowly… "He's gonna trip in the wire… goes flying… and BAM! Right into the scissors! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA……….. AH?!"

Murai stopped laughing when he felt a hand on his back. He turned his ehad around, and saw Onizuka's his face very serious, eyes closed like he was thinking of something deeply. "O – nizuka…?!" Murai whispered, caught with his hand stuck in the cookie jar.

Ranma didn't seem to have been listening him plotting against him, though, as his thoughts went back to Yoshikawa. For a brief moment, he felt a very powerful Ki energy suddenly bursting out suddenly in his senses. It was the same energy he felt the first time he met Yoshikawa, and asked the boy to carry his pillow

During training, Ranma was very surprised to find out that Yoshikawa had ample experiences with using his Ki… he'd been using it to hide himself from almost everyone. He would use short bursts of Ki to temporarily camouflage him from normal people, pass through them like he was invisible. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for people actively searching for you, so Yoshikawa would usually get caught by his bullies.

Ranma wondered… he never really knew who his bullies were. It was an unwritten rule to never mention the subject unless Yoshikawa would bring it up. So far, he only mentioned his being bullied twice, when trying some counter moves. He also wondered why he'd feel Yoshikawa's Ki in such big bursts. The only times now he uses that is when he uses his strongest technique.

Shrugging, Ranma decided to ask Yoshikawa next time. He was still deciding whether to train with him today or not. The boy was getting better and better… he was kinda glad that he did do the exercises he gave the boy everyday. With those done everyday, Ranma proceeded to teach the boy advanced lessons without delaying time with the basics.

Shaking his thoughts, Ranma looked at Murai's back, his face facing him, swearting like it was a 100 degrees out here with high humidity. "Hey, quit blocking the way," he said, and gave Murai a gently push.

Murai's eyes went wide open as he tripped over the trip wire, and he went flying towards the scissors… and missed it by a centimeter… and felt the cold metallic blades in his neck. If he was sweating bullets before, he's sweating cats and dogs now.

"MURAI!" Fujiyoshi rushed to his friend.

"HOLY!!! That WAS CLOSE MAN!" Kusano panicked, almost pissing his pants. He saw his friend almost die in front of him!

Ranma blinked as he saw Murai fly and land close to the scissors pointed upwards… he looked down, and saw a black thin metallic wire… "Whoa! Who put this trip wire? This could be dangerous!" He looked at Murai and the scissors... "And what is that thing doing there! It could poke someone's eye out! Oi, Murai, you okay? I mean… that was close…" Ranma helped his student up.

Murai's face suddenly went dark, and shoved Ranma's hand away. "You… YOU FUCKTARD! You TRIED TO KILL ME! I WON'T FORGET THIS!" And he ran away from the room, tripping on the wire going out…

Kusano, Fujiyoshi and Ranma both supported big sweat drops seeing that. Murai didn't seem to share their sentiments, and stood up, gave an evil glare to his homeroom teacher, and ran away. The two friends looked at each other, and shrugged, and followed suit, jumping over the trip wire.

Ranma blinked. "What was Murai so mad about…?"

The bell sounded again, and the sounds of students going back to their classrooms were heard. Ranma kicked out the scissors, knowing full well that even though it didn't hurt Murai, it would seriously injure the others. Walking back to his desk, he began to wonder why he felt like he missed something.

The students walked in a crowd… and tripped over each other…

"Oops…" Ranma muttered with a bigger sweat drop on his head. "Forgot about the trip wire…"


Anko walked towards the place where she kept her walking shoes, and prayed to Kami-sama that the others had caught Yoshikawa… she'd been worrying about them since they didn't re-appear in Onizuka's class… and Yoshikawa too disappeared.

She shivered as she thought of the possibility that Yoshikawa might have beaten her two friends, but she shook her head. She was being stupid. No way in hell would Yoshikawa be able to beat off her two friends. Them three were together in Taekwondo classes since grade school. Sure, they aren't practicing as much as they had, but they could easily beat Yoshikawa single handed. He didn't learn anything except being a geek.

Classes were the usual… Miyabi glaring at Onizuka… Onizuka being oblivious to the hatred in the air… Anko would be helping Miyabi but she was still having her fun with geek boy. If there was an opportunity she could use to fire the teacher, she would… but now… Their English teacher Ninomiya Hinako was nice enough… although she seemed to be too young to be a teacher…

Taking out her key, she opened her locker, and smiled as she saw a piece of paper… written on it were "Gym, after classes" in clean Kanji. She smirked. Seems they got him. And it was Play Time.

-Classroom 3-4-

Ranma pressed a few buttons on his cellphone. "No training today… practice at home. Feel like relaxing today."

He read this line again. He nodded with satisfaction, and sent his text message to Yoshikawa, and with that, got his stuff, and went to the roof, hid his stuff, and went out of the school.


Yoshikawa looked at his cell as it beeped. He read a few lines, and nodded. He smiled. It was easier that way. Today, he was going to finish the bullying once and for all, and teach Anko a nice painful lesson…

The school was getting deserted, and dawn was approaching. Anko would soon appear, and Yoshikawa would be waiting for her. He remained hidden in the shadows, his breathing quite silent and calm. But he had this almost evil smile in his lips. Payback is gonna be a bitch.

The silence of the gym was disturbed with the sound of doors opening and closing. It seems the target was here… Yoshikawa bowed his head silently.

"Hey girls!" Anko called. "I'm here! Come on, lets do the geek… I got some really special plans for him… Hehehe, by the time we are done, we've broken him like a stupid plastic doll…"

Suddenly… the lights came off…

"What the hell…?! Girls…?" Anko called nervously as her eyes began to adjust in the darkness. There was still little light from the windows from the setting sun, but it gave a very scary and eerie surrounding. "Come on… its not funny…"

"I suppose picking on me, and writing stuff on my penis is funny to you…" a masculine voice suddenly called. Anko gasped, and the lights went back on suddenly. The girl closed her eyes as the re-appearing light blinded her temporarily. Rubbing her eyes, she looked at the boy a few meters in front of her.

"Yo… Yoshikawa…?!" Anko said, almost breathless.

The boy nodded. He still wore his uniform, but the top part was unbuttoned, and he didn't have his tie anymore. He also looked different… way different. The geeky face he once had was gone… In place, it was a very evil kind of smirk. Anko slowly backed away from him.

"Yup… surprised?" Yoshikawa closed his eyes, still smiling.

"You… you… you…"

"I set you up… after knocking your two pathetic friends," Yoshikawa stared at her, his smile gone. "Seriously, Anko… I'd have thought you were smart… I guess you were thinking with your ego rather than your head." He paused, and put a finger on his chin. "But then again… you didn't know I knew how to fight… did ya?"

"F… fight?! You, knowing how to fight?!" Anko glared at him. "Haha, stop bullshitting, little prick. I don't know how you got to Naoko and Mayuko… you probably got lucky and hit them with a baseball bat." And she laughed a bit. "Well, you're fun is over, little boy. Once I beat ya, I'll search over Mayuko and Naoko… and you'll experience first hand on how I really make you enter my world of pain!"

Yoshikawa looked at her… and sighed. He looked disappointed, surprising Anko. Wasn't he supposed to cower and fear… bow down and beg for forgiveness? Well it didn't matter… once she was done with him, he's going to be a broken boy.

"You know, Anko…" Yoshikawa looked up to her, eye to eye. "I'm disappointed in you."

"Eh…? How's that?" Anko replied in a very out of character way: stupidly.

"You don't know your fucking limits!" Yoshikawa said angrily, and disappeared. Anko blinked, and only heard the sound of heavy thuds came, and a sudden sharp pain in her cheek made the girl start flying in the air.

Anko blinked. She wondered what the hell was that… Yoshikawa disappeared in from her view re-appeared directly in front of her, and a fist right in her cheek. The ground felt hard as she rolled away carelessly. She shivered and shouted in pain as her cheeks were suddenly engulfed in pain.

"Stay down you fucking bitch!" Yoshikawa said, his voice bordering hate. "Enter your world of pain?! What the fuck did I ever do to you, Anko? Eh?! Ever since I transferred here, I thought you were interested in me… you looked at my direction, smiled sweetly at me… and when you called me towards this gym the first time, I was glad… finally, a girl talking to me I thought… maybe I wasn't such a loser! I had a crush on you dammit! And what did you do?! You're two stupid friends come in, and suddenly tie me up, and torture me!"

Images of his younger days appeared in his head, Anko smiling at him, inviting him towards the gym… then the suddenly realization that he was ambushed as he was shoved in a pail of dirty water… their hands stripping his clothes… writing on his body… The boy's face went as cold as ice as the memories washed over his mind… his whole body began to twitch. He felt his soul on fire…

Anko stood up slowly, and looked at him with a brave and stupid look. "I… I won't be beaten by some weak geek like you!" and she spit out the blood in her mouth. Defiant she was in the very end… raising her fists, ready to fight him off. "You might have gotten a lucky shot on me, but you're going down! I'm going to make you beg me to kill you after I'm done with you!"

Yoshikawa's face didn't change. "When I'm done… you won't have your face to show to anyone anymore…"

Their battle wasn't exactly a spectacular one. Yoshikawa would disappear and reappear in Anko's front, back, sides, kicking, punching, and throwing her down. The girl didn't seem to be feeling anymore pain… her face was beginning to look like a bloody pulp, and her legs were giving way. She went down to her knees, one of her eyes almost shut, swelling. Yoshikawa stopped attacking her, and stopped at her side, looking down on her.

He didn't seem to damage her permanently. All she had was a much bruised face, and a bloody nose. Her legs were black with bruises, and she didn't seem to have anymore energy to move. He smiled.

"Anko… I'm going to break you… like you broke me…" Yoshikawa said in a deathly whisper. "I'm going to give you something to remind me not to fuck anymore with me…"

The boy grabbed her skirt, and flipped it up. The girl tried to scream, but only a small sound came from her throat. She tried to try and kick him… punch him off… anything… but her arms and legs were numb… her whole body was unresponsive to her… she did what she could only do… she cried.

Yoshikawa didn't seem to care. He removed her panties, exposing her butt. He put one of his hands in his pocket, and grabbed out a marker, and began to write on her bare buttocks.

"I… was… beaten… by… a geek… named… Yoshikawa," the boy stated what he wrote. He nodded, seemingly satisfied, and put her panties back in place, and put down her skirt as well. The girl continued to cry silently, and took no notice as Yoshikawa carried her and made her sit down on one of the walls. "You're going to be able to move after a while. And if you want to tell anyone you've been beaten by me, go ahead! I'm sure you wont admit it… you didn't know I was taught by Onizuka to fight did ya, bitch? Well, now you know… do the smart thing. Leave me alone."

And with that, Yoshikawa stood up straight, and began to walk out of the gym, leaving Anko's crying face to swim in her own pool of misery… with only one thought in her mind…

You're finished asshole… I'm gonna kick you out… along with your stupid teacher Onizuka!!!!

To Be Continued

NEXT: Ranma's out to… meet Murai's incredibly single and incredibly young mom?! Much to the blonde boy's disappointment and dread… could Onizuka be his future step-daddy?! And Anko released her final desperate weapon against Onizuka and Yoshikawa… the head of the PTA, Mrs. Uehara!