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The Prankster and the Princess

I can't believe she took it like that. I mean come on it was three years ago. What is wrong with her? Ever since she was made a Prefect in her fifth year she's acted like a bitch. Maybe that is too harsh of a word. Let's just say she was extremely annoying. If only she had lightened up a little, she would have been fun to hang around with. All we ever hear anymore is you cant do that Fred. George what did I tell you about using the students for experiments. All I wanted to do was get back at the little know-it-all. Wish I was a seer and could have seen what was going to happen. I wouldn't have gone through with it. Or would I? Let me tell you what happened and then you can decide for yourself.

Chapter 1


Let me start out by saying that Fred and I were always getting into trouble. As the first in the new generation of marauders, it was unavoidable. To be honest I didn't want to avoid it either. School generally sucked, we had to liven it up somehow. Anyway we all know this. Now here's the stuff that you don't.

It was only the second day after school started. It was our last year. Hermione was in a rare mood that day. She had been screaming and yelling at me and Fred all day. I was getting real tired of it. We were not the only trouble makers. Harry and Ron were just as bad. But as mad as I was getting, Fred was in worse shape. Every other word out of his mouth was a curse generally thrown in Hermione's direction. Too bad none of them actually took, then I wouldn't be in the predicament that I am now.

Later that day, Hermione went too far. Fred and I were in the common room, just trying out some new products that we had developed over the summer. Is it my fault that all the first years volunteered to help? We only had sent one to the hospital wing that night. In my opinion that was amazing. Did she take that into account? NO of course she didn't. The way she was acting you would think that someone pissed in her cheerios or something. Well anyway after she escorted the first year to the hospital wing, she came storming back. She took everything that we had on our person and told us to give her the rest. When we told her no she did something that goes above bloody rotten, it was treachery at its finest. She left the common room, we had hoped that was the last we would have heard from her that night. Goes to show you that hoping is over rated.

We were sitting in the common room talking about additional products that would make a bang (literally) in the wizarding community. The portrait opened. We figured it was Harry and Ron, they had decided to sneak into Hogsmeade already. Harry said he needed something and it couldn't wait. I personally think that he was going to find nudie magazines. Damn it, I keep getting off track. Who cares about Harry's lack of sex life? Anyway we turned around to welcome them back and I fell out of my seat. Fred was slowly turning beat red. To me it looked as if he was either going to explode or cry. Either way it didn't matter. It was at that moment I swore revenge on Hermione Granger. I didn't care whose friend she was.

There standing in the entranceway, was Hermione and that greasy sodding git, Snivellus Snape. He demanded that we hand over everything we had. We had tried to hide some things; but he found everything. If looks could kill Hermione would have fallen to the ground dead. How could she. She was a Gryffindor. What happened to loyal to a fault? She was a traitor that's what she was.

After Snape left Hermione turned to us and said in her most superior voice. "I warned you two. You should have listened to me, and then you wouldn't be in trouble. At least you will have more time to study for your newts now." What a bitch. I had to physically restrain Fred from pouncing on her.

It wasn't even the fact that she took our stuff. It was the fact that she brought him here. I knew we could get our stuff back from Snape. If we couldn't convince McGonagall to do it (man that woman loved us), we knew wherethe good Professorkept everything. I dragged Fred back to the common room and watched as Hermione went to her room. I finally convinced Fred to calm down. I told him that it was time we taught the dear Hermione Granger a lesson she would never forget. We spent most of the night coming up with plans. We knew we couldn't give her any of our products, she already saw all of them. Anyway, she deserved a lot more than that. We went thru many scenarios until we came up with the perfect one. We needed to find an accomplice though. We had to be careful; we had to get someone completely trustworthy. Someone who also had something to gain from taking down the Great Hermione Granger. Someone sneaky. Like a weasel, no like a ferret.

It was perfect. I may not like Malfoy; but he has been waiting patiently to get back at Hermione for slapping him. Well here was his chance. We would all get our revenge.

After everyone was asleep in their dorms, Fred and I went looking for Malfoy. We knew he was a prefect, and after looking at the notice board to see who had rounds tonight, we left and snuck over to his station. No one saw us. No one ever did. We had years of practice sneaking around this castle. Fred poked me in the side. I was about to wallop him up side his head when I realized he was only trying to get my attention. I saw him pointing over towards something, I saw Malfoy leaning against the stone wall just a few feet from us. This was the last chance I had to change my mind. I almost turned and walked away; but I just couldn't let her get away with this.

We came out of our hiding place and walked over to Malfoy. He was sleeping. Wow, great prefects we have this year. One is a snitch, and not of the golden variety, another is a lazy git. Fred decided to wake him by whispering 'constant vigilance' in his ear, using a perfect imitation of Mad Eye Moody. Malfoy fell over scared shitless.

He finally saw us. "Well if it isn't the twin Weasleys. You looking to lose points so soon? How about I jut call for professor Snape. I am sure he would love to give you detention. I saw his storeroom today. Bloody mess if you ask me. It would only take you two or three weeks to finish."

"Shut it Malfoy," I said. "We have a proposition for you."

"Sorry boys I don't swing that way. I hear Potter might though. Why don't you go find him?"

"Let me just beat him to a pulp George," Fred said. "We could find someone else."

"No we can't Fred and you know that, we need him. Now Malfoy stop acting like a git and listen to me. We have a problem within Gryffindor. One of our prefects has turned traitor. We want to teach her a lesson. How would you like to help us bring Ms. Hermione Granger down a peg?"

Draco lifted an eyebrow. "I would have never guessed. Sure boys I'll help you. Just step into my office and let's finalize this partnership."

An hour later we shook hands (I'm still trying to remove the smell of Malfoy from me), and went our separate ways. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. She will never know what hit her.