Harry's goal this summer was to keep busy: to not dwell on the past and think about what needs to be done to insure he has a future. He kept busy at the Dursley's; he was up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and did one hour of homework, then he would sneak out of the house and run for 45 minuets, sneak back inside shower and dress for the day. He would then make Breakfast for his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.

After breakfast he would return to his room and answer any owl post he received, then continue his homework until noon when he would make lunch for who ever was home. After lunch he would return to his room and continue with his homework and practice Occlumency. At 6 he would be downstairs to help with dinner. By 7:30 p.m. Harry was out the door to walk around the neighborhood and to the park where he would let his mind wander.

He would not think about those he had lost, he wouldn't let himself. He would think about the few happy memories he had, mostly about his real home: Hogwarts. He would think about all the adventures he had with Ron and Hermione, about the times he has been to the Burrow, about playing Quidditch. Some times his mind would go to far and he would remember the bad things and have happen to him at Hogwarts like watching a friend die and loosing his godfather. As soon as the guilty would come he would span out of his thought. One week after Harry was back at the Dursley's he woke up like always and did some homework, this morning it was an essay for Snape. It was not how Harry wanted to start his day, but he wanted to get a start on it. After an hour of struggling through most of the essay he was ready for his run.

He put on his running clothes he had managed to get from a Muggle store a few blocks away and began his morning run. He went his normal route he grew to love. It gave him a chance to see the neighborhood he never knew when he was younger. He made it to his half waypoint, a bright blue house with a red door. He couldn't understand why someone would want there house those colors, but who was he to judge?

Harry began to make his way back to the house when he first saw her. She was short compared to his height of 6'1, He couldn't tell the length of her hair because it was up in a ponytail, but the color was a reddish brown. He got a glance at her eyes and thought he had seen them before. As she ran by she smiled at him, he returned the smile. Harry kept a steady pace on his way back to the house not wanting to be late, but he couldn't get this girl out of his mind.

'Have I seen her before? She looks like someone I know, maybe I met her before?' Harry thought as he took off his running clothes and stepped in the shower. 'Maybe I am just lonely for a familiar face. I wish I were with the Order at least with them I would be around people who appreciate me. Hopefully I will be out of here in a few weeks, a month at the most. I don't think I could take much more than that.'

Harry stepped out of the shower, got dressed and made his way downstairs to make breakfast. It was the weekend so it would be pancakes, bacon, and eggs for the Dursley's. Harry could hear movement upstairs and knew he better get a move on.

He pushed all thought about the order and the mysteriously familiar girl out of his mind and began making breakfast. As soon as the last pancake was done all three Dursley's entered the dinning room, sat down and started complaining about not having breakfast waiting for them. " Boy! Where is my coffee?" Uncle Vernon bellowed. " Where is my tea and my Dudder's whole milk?" " It's all right here," Harry said as he entered the dinning room with a tray full of pancakes, bacon, eggs, coffee, tea, and milk. Harry began to serve each member of the family before giving himself what ever was left. Today it was a shriveled piece of bacon, and few crumbs of eggs, and a burnt pancake. Harry ate in silence listening to Uncle Vernon talk about work and Aunt Petunia talk about the latest gossip in the neighborhood. Soon breakfast was done and Harry began to clear the table. " Boy!" Uncle Vernon yelled " We will be gone all day and most of the tomorrow. I better not find out that you had some of your freaky friends over! Mrs. Figg will be checking on you and will report any odd behavior." " Yes Sir." " Don't touch any of my stuff," Dudley said as he walked by knocking Harry in the shoulder almost knocking him over. " Just don't make a mess and stay in your room. Don't eat all the food either. There is enough for you to make a few sandwiches for meals," Aunt Petunia snarled as she left the room. Soon all the Dursley's were gone. Harry looked around the house and smiled before running up to his room and answer his owls. " There is no reason for me to get off my schedule just because I am left alone." Harry said to himself while opening his door. Hedwig looked up at Harry when he walked him. " Hi girl, what did you bring me today?" Harry asked as he walked over and untied two letters from her leg. " Hum... Ron and Lupin. Still no Hermione. I wonder where she is? I haven't heard from her yet." Harry said to Hedwig knowing she wouldn't answer. She just cooed and flew over to her cage for some water and a nap. Harry opened Lupin's letter first. Harry- I hope you are well. Keep in touch if anything around the house isn't to your liking. Mad-eye and I can show up when ever needed. I won't be able to post for a few days, almost a full moon. Keep in touch even if I can't. Lupin Harry smiled at the thought of Lupin and Mad-eye showing up here. Dudley would hide in the corner, Aunt Petunia would most likely faint at the sight of them, and Uncle Vernon would just yell and turn red. Harry set Lupin's letter beside him on the bed and picked up Ron's letter. "Ron sure has kept in touch, I think I have gotten one from him everyday." Harry said as he opened the letter. Harry- I hope thing are well for you; things at the Burrow are good. It's just Ginny and I mostly. Fred and George come home most nights for dinner, but it's still not the same. I think we are leaving for Headquarters soon, mum won't tell us when but Ginny and I expect with in the next few days. I hope you will be able to join us soon. Mum said you have to say with the Dursley's for a while. She won't tell me why, but I am sure everyone has their reasons. I have some news to tell you.

I have a girlfriend.

You will never guess who it is either, it's Luna. I know it's weird to think that, but after what happen at the ministry I started looking at her in a different way. We have kept in touch over the last week and well, yesterday she came over to see Ginny and one thing lead to another and I asked her out. She is really a wonderful girl.

She will be spending sometime at Headquarters with us. She asked Dumbledore if she could help out anyway she could. He told her that she would be able to help at Headquarters with research. Anyways enough about her. (For now).

I hope you are doing okay with everything that went on last year. Hermione didn't want me to talk about it but I am going to say just this. If you need to talk to anyone about it you know I am here. I may not be the most sympathetic guy in the world but you are my best mate and I want to be there for you anyway I can. Just think about that. If you don't want to talk to me about that just remember that for the future. Hope you see you soon Ron P.S.

Mum said if you need any food to let me know. She can send you some things. Ginny says hi too.

Harry was shocked and happy for his best friend. Shocked because he never thought Ron was the one to sit and listen to someone talk about what was going on with them, and happy because he finally got over the weirdness of Luna and looked and saw who she was. Harry smiled and the thought of them. Harry thought that maybe someday he would have someone like Ron had Luna. Harry reached for a piece of parchment and began to write to Lupin first. Lupin- Everything thing is okay here. They just left me do what I please as long as I have their meals on the table when they are ready for it. Nothing odd is going on here except I have not heard from Hermione. I hope she is safe. When can I leave here and be with the Order? I know I have to stay for a while but it would be nice to have something to look forward to. Hope you are well. Harry Harry reread the letter then realized this would be the first full moon since Sirius. Lupin was use to having Padfoot around during this time of the month. The pain of guilt shot through Harry before he could get his mind off his godfather. All the feeling of guilt and sadness were back. Harry's eyes began to fill with tears as he remembered that night at the Ministry. Harry's mind raced to all the memories he had of Sirius, soon they were on Cedric, then to his parents.

" NO!" Harry yelled and snapped himself out of his thoughts, "Must keep busy!" he told himself. Harry pulled out another piece of parchment and began to write to Ron. Ron- Well, I guess I should say congratulations mate! I am glad you are with Luna. I am sure I will get to hear more about you guys in the next post. Be good to her, she is a nice girl. Tell your mum thanks for the offer for food. I am doing okay right now. I am in charge of cooking so I can make enough for myself. Tell Ginny hi from me as well. Have you heard from Hermione this summer? I have written to her a few times but I haven't heard from her yet. I hope she is okay. I saw a girl today while I was running. She looks familiar.

It was weird.

She almost looked like Hermione, but there was something different about her, it was odd. She smiled at me when she ran by. I've seen that smile before, but I don't know where. I hope I see her again soon. I want to get a better look at her. I hope I get to leave here soon too. I know Dumbledore wants me to stay here for a while. I asked Lupin when I could come with you guys. Hopefully he will be able to tell me in a few days. It's almost a full moon you know.

One more things before I go. Thank you for the offer. When I need to talk to someone I will keep you in mind. I am glad to know that I can come to you if I need to. Hope to see you soon! Harry Harry reread the letter, he was satisfied with what he had said and set it on his desk next to Lupin's letter. Harry looked at his watch and decided it was time for lunch. After lunch Harry returned to his room and finish Snape's essay he started on this morning. After several hours he finally finished and decided he would have some dinner. After that Harry took his usual walk around the neighborhood and made his way to the park. Harry noticed no one in the park like usual.

Most people where home with there families by now. Harry sighed and made his way to the tree he liked to sit under. When he reached 'his tree' and sat under it. Harry closed his eyes and leaned his head against the tree and let his happy thought take over his mind.

Today he thought of Hermione. He couldn't understand why. He had never thought of just her. Unsure of these new thoughts he tried to think of something eels, but everything always ended up back to her. Harry decided to give up trying to not think of her and enjoy the feeling he got when he thought of her. Soon he had the feeling he wasn't alone. He opened his eyes slowly and saw her. " Hi" she said " Hi" Harry said back. ' Why is she staring at me?' " I didn't mean to bother you, I was just walking and I noticed you there and I wanted to make sure you were okay." " Oh, umm I'm fine." " I see that now. My name is Jane." She said and extended her hand. " I'm Harry.' Harry said as he put his hand in hers to shock it. " It's nice to me you." " Same to you," said Harry, ' Wow, she has amazing eyes, brown with flecks of bright green. Why do they look so familiar?' Harry thought as he wrinkled up his nose. " Did I do something wrong?" " Huh? Oh no, I am sorry. I was just thinking that you look familiar. Have we met before?" The girl looked panicked "No, I don't think so. I 'm just visiting a friend for a few weeks. Never been to this part of England before." " Oh, I'm sorry if that was rude. I just have this weird feeling that I know you or something." " No, I don't think so." " Sorry then." Harry said as he stood up. The girl was the same height as Hermione. ' This is odd. She almost looks like Hermione too, but yet she looks like someone else too, this is very odd.' " You're looking at me funny again," the girl said. " I'm sorry. I just can shake this feeling." " It's all right. I should really be going. I don't want my friend to get worried. Maybe I will see you around again soon. Do you usually come here at night?" " Yeah, I do." " Maybe I will see you here tomorrow then. I like the park at night better, not as many people here. It's a nice place to read." The girl began to walk away then turned her head over her shoulder and yelled " Bye," and continue to walk away. " Bye," Harry yelled to her and watched her walk until he could no longer see her.