Eight Years Later

autonum Harry rolled over in the bed only to find it empty. The sheets were still warm, Hermione must have just left. He stretched and smiled as he hard small feet pounding down the hall way to his room. Harry quickly closed his eyes.

"Be quiet!" a small female voice said. "We are suppose to wake daddy up!"

"If you two don't keep it down, he will already be up," anther small voice said, this time is was male.

"I am being quiet," a girl said pouting. "It was him,"

"It was not!" A little boy said.

The door quietly opened, the four children giggled when they saw there father sleeping.

Harry help back a laugh as he heard the four children gather around the bed giggling. "How should be wake him up?"

"Mummy said to pull the sheets off,"

"She told me to tickle him,"

"Uncle Ron said to dump water on him,"

"Here is what we are going to do," one female voice said in a know-it-all tone. "Gwen and Dan you pull the sheets off dad while Trevor and I climb on the bed, we will hold him down and you two can tickle him," she said with a smile.

The three nodded their heads with excitement. They loved it when mum let them wake up dad. But today they would not get to, because just as the kids got ready to attack their father Harry jumped up and pulled Gwen and Dan and the bed and began to tickle them.

"Daddy!" The two smallest children screamed.

Trevor turned to his twin sister. "Let's get him Willow!" he said as they jumped on the bed and began tickling their father.

The five wrestled on the bed for a long time before Harry gave up, he was out numbed.

"We beat Daddy!" Gwen chanted and danced around the bed. Harry smiled up and the his youngest daughter Gwendoline Jane Potter. She had wavy black hair, hazel eyes, her facial structure was close to Hermione's, but she had her father's nose.

"Did you see me Gwen? Did you see me on his back?" The second youngest Potter asked. Daniel James Potter, D.J. He looked just like Harry, but he had brown eyes and had his mum's smile.

"I did see D.J.," Gwen said and hugged her brother tightly.

"Did you see when I pinned dad down and Willow got his feet?" Trevor asked. Harry looked at his oldest children. Trevor Sirius Potter and Willow Lillian Potter. They were all surprised about their looks. Both with bight red curly hair, blue eyes, and freckle. Ron always jokes that they got their good looks from him, but they all knew they looked like Lilly.

"You all did very well," Hermione said from the doorway. "But it is time for you all to go get ready. We have to leave for Grandma and Grandpa's soon.,"

The four children jumped out of the bed and scrambled to their room. Harry jumped out of bed and walked over to his wife of 8 years. He smiled and rubbed his hand over her swelled stomach. Inside was the next set of twins.

"How are you feelings today?"

"Pretty well,"

"Did they keep you up last night?" Harry asked as she walked her over to the edge of the bed.

"A little,"

Harry bent down and kissed her stomach. "You two need to settle down and let your mummy sleep,"

"What makes you think they will listen to you? None of the others did,"

"There is always hope," He said with a smile and kissed his wife.

"Daddy!" Gwen said running back into the room. "Willow took my new shirt!"

"I did not! Why would I want a shirt that's to small!," Willow yelled from down the hall.

Harry smiled. He loved his life. He was with the woman he loved, and had four amazing children with two more on the way. There was no more concern about Death Eater, Cho had been caught seven years ago, Blaise was quickly captured after her. It took a little longer to find Percy, but he too was found. All were now serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

They had both taught at Hogwarts for two years before they decided it their teaching time was over, for now. They wanted to start a family. They also did something that had surprised both of them. They wrote a book, about Harry's life, about their lives at Hogwarts, and of the final battle. Harry was still surprised about the support the wizarding world had given them. The family was now able to live in peace, and not have the fear that the press was close behind them.

"I'll be right back," Harry said as he picked up Gwen and walked out of the room.

"We need to leave in 20 minutes," Hermione called after him. She knew it was pointless to even say that. Ever since they had children they were always late. She wasn't complaining. She loved her life, she loved her husband, and she loved her children. Hermione looked down at her large stomach and smiled. In two months they would have two more children.

Harry came back in to the room. "Crisis adverted," he said and smiled. "Gwen's shirt was under her pillow,"

"What was the loud crash I heard? Did she shatter another lamp?

Harry smiled. "Don't worry I fixed it,"

"That's the third one this month," Hermione said rubbing her temples.

"Sorry love. I have been trying to help her with her temper, but it will just take some time,"

"Sometimes I wish she hadn't gotten your temper,"

"I wasn't complaining when we found out Trevor got yours,"

"Mine is nothing compare to yours. Gwen hasn't set the couch on fire,"

Hermione laughed. "You should have seen your face when mum told you I did the same thing at his age,"

"I think Remus got a picture of that," Harry said smiling.

"But I don't think anything compares to Willow,"

Hermione and Harry both laughed this time. "I never heard Ron scream so loud," Harry said in between laughs. "I can't believe Willow levitated him upside down because Ron made her go to bed,"

Hermione grabbed her husband and kissed him firmly on the lips. "Thank you for giving me the most wonderful children," she sighed when she heard two of the kids yelling at each other, and the clock strike one, they were late yet again. "We need to leave soon," she said.

"Let me get dressed," Harry said "Then I'll go make sure the kids look presentable and have all their body parts attached.,"

"I can do that,"

"No way. You just go down stairs and wait for us, we will be down soon,"

Hermione smiled and Harry left the door to get round up the kids.

Thirty minutes later the six Potters arrived at the Weasley's. The kids ran off in different directions and began to cause their usual disturbance.

Harry and Hermione walked in the front door and smiled. Mrs. Weasley and Hermione's mum where busy in the kitchen cooking. Remus and Arthur where playing with Gwen and D.J..

Ron was sitting in the couch with his new girlfriend , a muggle named Penny. They where talking to the newly married Ginny and Draco, and Dudley and his fiancé Morgan a witch from America. Fred and George showed up several minutes later. Hermione and Harry smiled, when they saw the two women they had brought with them. Angelina Johnston and Katie Bell.

"It looks like everyone is happy," Hermione said to Harry as they say out in the back yard and watched their kids play with Ron, Fred, George, Draco, and Dudley.

Harry kissed his wife on the cheek. "It sure does," he moved his hand down and placed it on her stomach, rubbing gently and soothingly. "You made me the happiest man Mione,"

Hermione blushed. "You made me that happiest woman,"

"I love you,"

"I love you too,"

The two sat in silence and watched their children with the rest of the family. "Life doesn't get any better than this," They each thought mentally to each other. They both smiled and knew it was true. They finally had gotten everything they had ever wanted.

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