Kim Possible: An Unforeseen Hope

Disclaimer: I do not own either Kim Possible or Star Wars. Skywalker, Katarn, Anakin,  Nar Shaddaa and the Force and any reference or name used that is possibly in a Star wars compendium somewhere in the world is property of George Lucas and Lucas Arts. Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and any other name or place from or in relation to the show is property of Disney. I will give credit to all parties involved in later chapters when names and such are used. With that being said, here's the Prologue.


            A man in a dark-brown, hooded robe walked onto the enormous bridge of a ship.  He made his way up to a beautiful blonde woman in a military uniform.

            "Grand Admiral Skywalker?" he said, removing the hood, exposing his rugged goatee and kind of raggedy short brown hair.

            Before another word had a chance to leave his lips, she was hugging his neck so tightly he could barely breathe. As he smiled softly and moved his arms to hug her back, she pushed herself an arm's-length away and slapped him.


            "Oww, Sara" he said, rubbing his cheek.

            "You slime, Katarn" she declared. "You were supposed to keep in contact. You know Reignos' flagship has been charted in this star system. What if you ran into the Imperial fleet. What if you ran into Reignos. Not even your skills are enough to match his. You could have been killed, or worse, tortured and ransomed."

            "Hey I. . ." he started

            "You were gone for 7 weeks. Curse it,  Aaron, that's FORTY-NINE days! We scanned and sent transmissions and got NOTHING! Do you have any idea how worried I was," her voice almost trembling in emotion.

            "Whoa, whoa" He defended, "I didn't really have a choice. I got past the asteroid belt and DID run into Reignos. The Knightwarder was on the far side of the fourth planet. The Imperials woulda been on top of me if I had kept an open com-link. So I decided to play it safe and go to communications silence."

            "Aaron" she began furiously, about to give him the lecture of all lectures about military protocol.

            "BUT" cutting her off as they turned to begin walking off the bridge, "I made it to the third planet. The people there call it Earth. They're terran. No other intelligent species besides. They've got pretty primitive technologically. They have electronic data storage and communication they call the Internet, but other than that, there's not much."

            He continued, "I landed on one of the larger continents and made my way to a near-by city.  It was actually kind of like Nar Shadda on a good day, except without bounty hunters, anti-grav ANYTHING, and nothing for vertical."

            "Anyway, I had been there about four days, and was getting ready to head back when I felt a tremor in the Force. Not a dark tremor, but more of raw power. I followed it to small living residence area, and found the source."

            "And?" Sara asked, her tone as if she were uninterested yet enraptured with the tale.

            "Its like your forefather Anakin's experience except it's centered around TWO of the terrans. They're anomalies. The force concentration in them was so great I had to shield my mind at times from sensing it. But the strange thing is, they don't have a clue. They live as the rest of the terrans do, they're not even that important. They do a little fighting of crime, but for the most part, they're simply normal people."

            "And I found something else out, troubling. maybe, but definitely interesting: There's a catch to the massiveness of the concentration. It's strongest when they're together. I can't explain it, but as I followed them during one of their 'missions', the aura of the Force seemed to explode when they were working together as a team."

            He paused for a moment at her reaction, and almost as if insulted by his waiting she barked, "Please don't tell me that's all you have." The look on her face giving away her military tone to her child-like suspense.

            Chuckling, he remarked, "Admiral, you know me better than that", nudging her arm as they were now walking out of an elevator into a corridor where the people were a little more casually dressed. She socked him in the arm, "Quit messing around then, what do you have"

            "Ok, they're both 17 years old. They live life for the most part just as all the others their age do. As I said before the girl has red hair, green eyes, and," moving his hand, "is about yey tall. The boy has blonde hair, freckles, and is kind of clumsy, but seems to be very cheerful, almost TOO much" he stated with an air of cockiness. "They appear to be best of friends and pretty much do just about everything together. Kinda like. . ."

            "Ok" She interrupted, "I guess that's good enough for now. Make it sound formal and log the entire mission in the Jedi Compository and I'll go over it later."

            He kind of snapped to attention and playfully whispered a "Yes, sir". As they approached their better than average looking living area, Aaron stopped, and turned to Sara, took her hands in his, and said, " Actually they kinda remind me of you and I when we were that age. So. I wanted to ask you something.  Since they're going to be consulted to by the Jedi missionaries anyway, and since were here. . . . Maybe you and I could go and talk to them. I've got a special feeling about these two. They could be the ones to bring balance to the Force."

            "Besides, we haven't had a chance to do much together lately anyway. How 'bout it?"

            She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'd love too. I'll let Admiral Walkin have command of the Phoenix. He actually wanted command on this assignment anyway. But, we need to finish scanning the area for Imperials before we go. So in a couple of days."

            "Great!" Aaron said as he smiled big. "Well, you go ahead and wind down, I'm gonna go log this mission so we can spend a little quality time tonight" as he grinned and gently squeezed her hands. "I'll be done in a couple of hours"

            As he turned to walk away, she grabbed his arm roughly and said, "AND, Mr. Katarn,  if you make me worry like that again," smiling comically yet almost serious, "after the countless times you've done it before, Jedi or no Jedi, your punishment will be far worse than what I could do to you in the military."

            He smiled playfully and turned to leave.

            "By the way, Aaron, what were their names?" Sara asked.

            He turned and walking backwards away from her said,

            "Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable"

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