It Happens

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(Raven's P.O.V.)

"Well Robin and Beast Boy are obviously at it again," Starfire muttered as she and Raven passed a door marked 'Robin DO NOT COME IN', "you can hear all of their moans, screams, grunts, groans, and slurps through these paper thin walls and cardboard doors," she complained and heard BB screaming harder, harder and Robin grunting.

"Maybe you should go for some fresh air Starfire," Raven suggested, "the atmosphere the Party and Lick-a-Lot Hut (a very immoralistic party complex) is obviously not working well with you," she said.

"Nothing's been well since Slade caught and got what he wanted from Robin," Starfire fired bitterly, glaring at the door, "Nothing's been well since we had to leave Teen Titans," she said, her voice falling to a sad whisper.

I looked at her. She was obviously still rattled about the rule that once you reach the age of sixteen yrs. That you had to leave Teen Titans. Cyborg was kept 'til seventeen for SPECIAL REASONS. But I still wished that she'd let off the whole Slade situation. Slade's dead, murdered to be more exact. All that I know is that it was none of us (Teen Titans) but on the walls everywhere where he was killed were the words PEDOPHILIA IS ILLEGAL. So I guess my dad probably assaulted other people's children as well.

I continued to watch Starfire glaring at the door as the grunts, screams and moans got louder and louder. Starfire's emerald green eyes were small and hateful right now. Actually they've been rather hateful lately. *For years actually. * (Ravens thoughts). Ever since the whole episode with Slade ended, Starfire changed. Loosing Robin and having to soon after leave Teen Titans was obviously the last straw for her. She told her parents that she was making Earth her permanent home and went deep into Rock music and into demonic and almost sadistic activities\things. She definitely looked like a Rock Music fan with her white sleeveless (skin tight) blouse that had a black guitar on the front and on the back the words ROCK 4 EVER. F.U. ROCK HATERS!! in blood red. Also her frayed blue denim jeans shorts that ended just below her butt. What didn't look rock at all were her green alligator cowboy boots that started right below her knees to the soles of her feet. Her hair was at least red again. After seeing her die it green, multi-coloured, shocking colour pink, peach, sea-blue tangerine (readers don't ask), and white with big black and red polka dots (I said don't ask!!!!) along with many other indescribable colours. She had it in a ponytail with short bangs on her forehead. Totally different Starfire from the one that first joined the Teen Titans. She had finally mastered nearly all earth sayings and finally learned that 'dig the scene' had nothing to do with shovels. *Yes Starfire's changed, but I'm not the same Raven either. Nope I've changed a bit too.* (Raven)

"Want me to get us some punch?" Raven asked suddenly.


(Starfire's P.O.V.)

I twirled around and glared at her. She remained unaffected. Of course she was, perfect, silent, emotionless Raven. The girl whose power used to disallow her to show too much emotion.

*Obviously she had no emotions then or else she would have told us the truth about Slade. Robin would have been spared all the pain all the pain he went through and maybe instead of B.B. I would be in ther.* (Starfire's thoughts)

"I know that you hate me for not being a tattletale Starfire," Raven stated bluntly and rather loudly, "but I asked you if you want some punch?" she said as she stood her ground.

"Don't spike it," Starfire spat. Raven has been considered a big dyke from the moment that I told everyone that I caught her masturbating on several occasions and she wasn't alone or always masturbating herself. Of course I let them know she was with another girl. Plus she rejected lots of handsome guys requests for dates (even though these lessened greatly after it was discovered who her biological father was) including the sea guy who helped the Teen Titans by working with BB to catch an underwater criminal and fixed our sub.

*I hope that you rot in hell Raven. I hate you more than you know. I may have slept with a couple of girls before but I won't have my only sexual release be some girl sucking on my cu.* (Starfire's thoughts).

"Like I'm that desperate," Raven responded after giving her an extremely dirty look, just because you're bi-sexual and slept with a whole bunch of guys, doesn't make me gay because I'm not falling into the arms of just any guy," she said controlling her tone, and then storming off.

I watched her go as her cape whipped behind her.

*I can't believe that she still wears that thing. She's such a big weirdo. Just like Slade. Her father. It was such a shock for us when we all found out the truth. Worse yet, someone in our own group knew about it as well but told none of the other Titans. Her step-father was so ashamed that he told her she was never to come home, while her mother was in disbelief that her LOVER (Starfire refuses to believe that Raven's mother married Slade) turned into a sadistic criminal mastermind and pedophile.* (Starfire)

"Want one?" I heard a voice ask me coldly.

I turned around to see Raven holding a cup of punch in each hand.

"Spiked it," I demanded sharply glaring at her in her baby blue cape.

"Mine has an alcoholic mix, mostly vodka and brandy," Raven responded, rejecting Starfire's question a response.

"Is that why you especially ordered them in large beer cups?" Starfire asked sarcastically.

"Yes," Raven responded.

(Switch- Normal.P.O.V.)

"Can I have yours?" Starfire asked carefully, "you make the weirdest concoctions," she said. She would never admit it but she liked the way Raven mixed drinks, especially when alcohol was involved.

"Sure," Raven replied and handed it to her, "but swallow slowly or you'll choke."

"I think I'll take this outside with me," Starfire declared after taking a careful sip and nearly toppling over, "it's very intoxicating," she said as she said as she started to laugh a little.

"Bye," Raven said formally and as soon as Starfire was out of sight (and after finishing the entire glass in a few large gulps) went to the door and opened it slightly.


(Robin's P.O.V.)

I finally came. BB had already climaxed a few minutes ago but mine took a little while to happen.

*But I wonder how come for a moment just before his climax he had asked me to stop for a moment. Usually he liked to be wild or submissive (depending on his mood) but never wanting it to slow down. I wonder.* (Robin's thoughts)

But I soon found out why.

I heard the door creak open and someone stepped in and locked it on the inside. It was her. It was Raven.

*What was she doing here! That freaky dyke! Was she spying on BB and me? No wonder he had wanted me to stop, he must have seen her peeking. Just like her father. A sadistic freak. Bad enough I was raped by her father. Now I'm being spied on by his daughter.* (Robin's thoughts)

"What are you doing in here?" I asked in an icy tone.

"Seems I have a bad reputation around here Robin," Raven responded.

I suddenly heard it. The shouts outside as people flung names at her like, SPY, PEDAPHILIA, SEXFREAK and a whole bunch of names I'll never put to memory.

"Why were you spying on us Raven?" BB asked weakly.

I glared at him. He was still weak from the ordeal and could only raise his eyes slowly towards her, unable to rise from beneath me.

"I don't know BB," Raven responded as she continued to use her powers to keep the door closed.

"You guys alright!" Cyborg shouted over crowds angry voices from outside, "seems this crowd thinks that Raven takes after her father," his voice becoming loud and angry.

"Well I don't!" Raven fired at the people outside, "at least not in that department."

"Liar," she heard someone whisper angrily. She turned to see Robin glaring at her.

*I want to cry rape. Make the crowd stampede in and crush her. Kill her. Assault her. R.. I'm getting a little carried away. But still, my entire plight right now is her fault. * (Robin's thoughts)

"It's okay people," Robin cried to the angry mob outside, "she's not trying to rape anyone!" he cried, "today," he added with a look of triumph in his eyes when he saw Raven gasp and her face suddenly turning blood red with anger and fury.

The crowd could be heard clearly gasping on the other side of the door. As well as Cyborg shouting some expletives at a certain somebody.

"He's Kidding, Kidding!" BB suddenly cried as I turned around and glared at him, "Raven would never hurt us, she's our.," he stopped when he saw Robin's face contort in anger when he was about to say 'friend'.

*How dare he suggest that they were still friends? They were never friends. Their whole meeting and friendship and knowledge of each other were based on LIES. * (Robin)

"BB, Raven," Robin said slowly, "get out now," he said, his face no longer contorted but panting so heavily he seemed to be trying to keep his rage in.


(Beast Boy's P.O.V.)

I stared at Robin in shock. Was he going to leave me? Not that we had any real relationship but our friendship meant a lot to me.

I slowly slid from underneath him and started to put on my clothes. As I did so I felt Raven's eyes on me.

"Stop staring!" Robin cried and I turned to see Raven's face go beet red with embarrassment as she quickly turned around. Then Robin turned to me, shifting himself so that Raven couldn't see me if she peeked again.

*If she wants to see someone naked she can watch my butt crack. * (Robin)

"You can continue dressing BB," Robin stated and proceeded to watch me put on each article of clothing.

*I had to admit, Raven watching me was much less creepy than Robin watching me as if I had committed some heinous crime or as if I was some defiled piece of property. * (BB)


*Oh God this is so embarrassing. * (Raven)

She peeked and saw that Robin had positioned himself so that all she could see was the back of him and his butt crack. *Sick Bastard. * (Raven) She turned around after giving him a look of disgust.

(BB's P.O.V.)

"Ok, I'm dressed now," I announced, I noticed Raven turn around so fast I thought her neck would break. While Robin gave her such a dirty hateful look that I thought that he wanted the privilege of breaking it.

"Get out now, both of you," Robin said slowly, "and BB," Robin said in an indifferent tone, "don't come back," he added as he slipped under the covers and turned his attention to Raven.

I simply stood there in shock. The worst thing imaginable just happened. Robin has ended everything. I knew that he didn't just mean that the relationship was over. But also that our friendship was over. I looked down at my Hawaiian shirt, green shorts and black slippers. I felt like crud.

"Raven," Robin said suddenly, "do you have any remorse about what happened?" he asked her.

"No," Raven responded without flinching or looking away, "you had none for me, no one would even come near me after finding about my father," she said coldly, "why on earth should I pity you," she said her eyes becoming small.

"Because your father.," Robin started his voice rising.

"My father's dead Robin!" Raven cried angrily, "Dead, do you know what that is?" she demanded, "it is when your gone from this life and never coming back!"

"But Robin's pain isn't dead Raven," I said suddenly, "your father may be gone, but the repercussions of his sins are still very much alive," I said seriously and noticed that Robin turned to stare at me.

Raven glared at me.

"So my father's sins still live huh," Raven said venomously, "is that why everyone hates me, because his sins are still alive and I'm apart of him?" she asked Beast Boy.

"Yes," Robin said before I could respond, "you are hated because you are apart of him," he said, "but you are also hated because you didn't do all that you could to stop him," Robin added.

"What!" Raven screamed, "I didn't do all that I could to stop him!"

"I turn my back on my biological father, fight him and reject his offers to become a union and I didn't do enough to stop him!" Raven demanded angrily, "YOU are just angry that he raped you and that I happen to be his child and that as long as I live some part of him is still alive," she declared, "you are PATHETHIC."

Robin jumped out of the bed so fast that I thought he believed he was lying beside Slade. He slapped Raven across the face (nearly knocking of the hood of her cape) and stood there naked.

*Oh man this is going to get ugly. Just because Raven can finally control her emotions and powers almost perfectly now, didn't mean that she couldn't let them loose and tear Robin apart. I'm going in for a close look. * (BB)

BB moved carefully, keeping his back against the wall the whole time. By the time he was close enough to see them both properly Raven had just closed her eyes.

Raven closed her eyes and stood there silent. Suddenly Raven laughed. At first softly then so loudly that I thought that she had gone insane.

She opened her eyes (almost overflowing with tears) and looked straight at Robin.

"Do you really think that your useless boxes or slaps can harm me now?" Raven asked still laughing, "to hurt me you'd have to harness the power of time travel and take me back to the day when you guys had the nerve to try and force me not to bury my own father!" she cried, "oh and don't forget the time when you guys first found out that Slade was my father, oh yes that one's a classic," she said her voice becoming sarcastic.

"You're a really sadistic bitch, did you know that," Robin said slowly.

"I am only what you and the rest of society and the rest of the world actually, made me into," Raven said her face and voice returning to normal, "You consider me to be evil, sadistic, untrustworthy and insane," she stated, "therefore to you I am that type of person," she said indifferently.

"Raven," I said after she stopped talking, "I think we should leave, Robin probably wa.."

"Why do you take her side BB?" Robin asked out of the blue without turning to me.

I stopped. What was he talking about? I wasn't taking her side; I just thought that we should give him some time alone.

"He's not on my side," Raven said coldly as she looked at me and I looked away, "No one is," she said as she opened the door and stepped out into the corridor.

"Aren't you going to follow her?" Robin asked me.

*With Raven!! Has Robin gone nuts! Even I am freaked out about Slade being her father!! I can almost see her father's face anytime I look at her! It's really creepy!! * (BB thoughts)

"Me!" I cried in terror, "Come on Robin, you know that our friendship is ."

"Over," Robin said simply and then turned left to face me, "Goodbye Beast Boy," he said coldly.

"But..," I started.

"Goodbye!" Robin cried angrily and pointed to the door.

"Goodbye," I croaked as I stepped out the door.

He slammed it immediately behind me. I looked around for Raven but she was nowhere to be found in the now vacant corridor.

*I am truly all alone. * (BB)

(Normal P.O.V.)

Raven stood by the cliff, the smell of the sea always seemed to be a healing balm for her wounded soul.

*Slade used to like the sea when I was a baby. He, Mom and I lived in a mansion that stood on a high cliff that overlooked the sea. I remembered days when we'd drive down the paved path to the bottom of the cliff and turned left to head towards the same sea that we watched from time to time on the cliff. Picnics. We used to have picnics by the sea and sometimes by the cliff just to see the sea hit against the cliff on windy days and high tide. It was as if it wanted to meet us, the few people who came to watch it's magnificent beauty. *(Raven)

Yes Raven remembered all these things, these memories were wonderful. Not perfect she remembered some of the arguments Dad and Mom used to have. But life was still wonderful and filled with hope then. Then he left, when she was five years old. He had finally tired of mom wanting to be a model citizen and decided to leave to seek his own path and create his own future.

Mother decided to move away barely a month after that, she sold the house and sent away the servants (A.N.- no I'm not indicating that Raven was some spoilt brat). We moved away from our private world into the heart of our country.

*It was so noisy to me then, no singing, no sweet salty smell of the sea, but loud horn blaring vehicles and the smell of smog. * (Raven)

(Raven P.O.V.)

I hated it then and sometimes when I longed for how it used to be, I hated it even now.

*Mother met Trigon there, in the heart of the city. We lived in a Penthouse in a cozy (not high class) apartment. Mom never liked the behaviour of most of the 'pureblood' rich people any way. She and Dad's (Slade) parents worked hard for their money and so did their parents before them and so on. Mom was a government agent and Dad was a secret agent and a scientist. Mom didn't need some 'pureblood' rich person (people who's families have been rich and prestigious for centuries), telling her that she was not one of them. But we got along with the no rich people and they liked the fact that money didn't make us 'pig-headed'. At first when mom met Trigon, I hated him. He looked strange and used to scare me by jumping out of doors that I was about to open or using his powers to move inanimate objects that I was holding and thought that it was funny. * (Raven)

(Normal P.O.V.)

Her mother married him despite her protests but that was not the main reason why she hated him because he gave her the freakish powers that she had now. If it wasn't for them she might have stayed home. But one thing was for certain, if she didn't have her powers, she definitely wouldn't have joined the Teen Titans.

*I remembered it as if it were happening right now. My mother and I were at the park and I decided to go and play on one of the few rides that they had to amuse the children. I was eight then and mom was married to Trigon for a nearly two years. I remember the sudden screams, the explosions and being flung off the rides screaming as I felt the broken pieces of metal and debris tear into my flesh. Tearing me apart, nearly killing me. Other kids were screaming too. I recall that it was during the revolution, many people (not the majority) were unsatisfied with the current leaders and the laws that they imposed. I recall that it was during the revolution, many people (not the majority) were unsatisfied with the current leaders and the laws that they imposed. I recall that it was during the revolution, many people (not the majority) were unsatisfied with the current leaders and the laws that they imposed. They were determined to bring down the leadership and even went as far as killing anyone that they knew or believed that they were on the side of the leadership. My mother was a supporter and so were many of the people who came to this park today after a strong guarantee of the park being perfectly secure. Perfectly, nothing is perfect. At least not our leader's security plan. Of course for me everything went black and I probably would have died if Trigon had not volunteered to give me some of his blood at the hospital. * (Raven)

Raven's eyes suddenly became small and anger could be seen creeping into them and slowly throughout the rest of her face.

*Trigon volunteered to give me some of his blood. The idiot, he forgot that it was possible for his blood to transfer\create unusual powers in other individuals. Especially with the large quantity that he gave to me. Mother had told me that that the doctors at the Children's Hospital said that I was nearly bled dry and even with their advanced equipment they wouldn't be able to keep me alive for long. Mother was in a panic of course because despite our planets advancement in science; including the cloning of nearly everything, even blood, there was a special law in case of any attack\accidents caused massive casualties that caused stress on the blood banks. It was considered by the majority of those that resided on our planet and those from others as backward and barbaric, but it still exists today. The law was that the young adults were to be given blood first, then the teens and those nearing middle age, and lastly the elderly and the children. On my planet children were considered least important because they could be easily cloned and parents were also more receptive to a cloned child than a cloned adult. Once I even heard that a child barely survived an explosion that destroyed my Mom's hometown one year ago. She had to wait nearly four weeks until finally there was blood available for the children. There was even a clone of her in storage just in case she didn't make it. My planet made sure that the strongest and the wisest survived (elderly usually got blood before children unless they were considered too feeble). Despite living on Earth and learning that such a law is rather barbaric, I still agree with my home planet's law and would gladly have died to prove that it was right or to keep it from being nullified. I'm still glad however that when they offered to clone me that my mother refused though. Well thanks to Trigon's deed I survived, but after going home a month later things soon changed for the worse. When my powers first erupted in a candy store, that ended my already few happy days. Every time I got upset, excited or any other emotion, my powers would erupt and destroy things and sometimes also hurt people. I already knocked out my mother by accident on several occasions and I even knocked Trigon through a wall once. Trigon of course decided to train me so that I could control my powers. He worked me so hard that quite often I would collapse out of sheer exhaustion. He always called me weak and when I blamed him for having these powers he would explode on me. I ended up in the hospital twice as a result of his 'explosive temper.' He always made some excuse to mom (my powers being the main one) about me being so severely injured while being trained by him. I hated him then and I still hate him now. It was his fault why mom didn't let me come home and after that I ran away from America and sometimes even away from Earth. My real father (Slade) had left me billions of dollars and other assets that he hid secretly around the world and only I knew the locations of these things after his death. * (Raven)

(Raven's P.O.V.)

"Raven?" I heard a female voice ask softly from behind me.

I turned around. It was Terra.

Terra simply stood there staring at me for a moment. I noticed that her normally straight blonde hair was in curls today. They fell in long massive waves down to her waist. She had on sky blue eye shadow, light mascara, some blush on her cheeks, dark red lipstick and a red rose in her hair. Also her nails were done red with tiny a tiny unicorn on each nail. Each unicorn was a different colour.She was wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck top, a black pleated micro mini-skirt and a white leather jacket. Her boots were white with white laces (boots started from halfway up her legs to her toes-much smaller than Starfire's boots). Well mostly white laces the top laces that made the bows were dyed purple on one boot and black on the other. The bottom laces were dyed orange for both boots. Orange was Slade's favourite colour.

The wind blew strongly again ruffling Terra's curly hair. After fixing it only a few curls were hanging down upon her abundant bosom. Terra was very supportive before and after I left the Teen Titans. We used to be enemies (in a sense) when she not only she decided to work for Slade but also because she and Slade soon started an intimate relationship. BB was especially disappointed after realizing that she was intimate with Slade. But we soon became friends secretly and after it was revealed that Slade was my father she was my best and pretty much only support. Starfire's parents were kind to me when I visited them in Tamerania and asked me to keep an eye on Starfire but Terra truly supported me right up 'til today. I could go to her at anytime to talk and she's always willing to listen and always wanted me to sleep over as often as possible. She and Slade were engaged and when he died I saw that she was devastated. But she was also devastated that there was no way that she could get BB now.

(Terra's P.O.V.)

She just stood there staring at me. I started to feel a bit self-conscious, but I knew that it was her own way. She usually was rather quiet when she was by the sea; Slade had told me that he was glad that I liked the sea because Raven's mother had always disliked being away from the main metropolis of their country. He told me that even though he and his ex-wife (Raven's mother) lived by the sea, it was only because he had agreed to retire from his job and stay with Raven so that at least one of them would be around her when the other had to go to work. Raven was two then and Slade was willing to do anything that he could to keep her away from the immoralist and barbaric metropolis. He even told me that he was a member of the rebels secretly and when his wife found out when Raven four that he had to beg her not to tell the leaders since she was not only a supporter but also a government agent. He had been an agent but found out so many disturbing things that he became a scientist instead and only stayed on the planet because he was married to Raven's mother for three years (Raven was one years old). But he soon left because not only was he not a big fan of being a model citizen, but also because his ex-wife was pressing him to decide whether or not he was a supporter. He told me that it would be suicide to take Raven with him and had begged her mother to at least wait a month before considering moving from their private mansion. I felt sorry for him but he told me that he deserved no pity and that most of what happened to Raven was his fault. If he had any idea that his ex-wife would've married Trigon, then he would have stayed until his dying day. He had left for Earth two days after the divorce was finalized, but was unable to contact Raven, and he found out from her that she never received any of his letters or e-mails. But he was dead now, no matter what had happened there was no way to bring him back or reverse things of the past.

"Terra," Raven said softly looking at her with tired and slightly puffy eyes, "how are yah," she asked as she broke out into a warm smile. "I'm fine," I said laughing, "I thought for a moment that you were upset," I said staring to blush, "and I guess I was right," I said my voice becoming serious when I noticed her look away, "what happened in there."

"I saw Robin, I saw Beast Boy, and the only person that I could hang around without being mauled was Starfire," Raven responded, "what do you, think happened?" she asked as she removed the hood of her cape.

"They weren't doing it when you saw them were they?" I asked hoping that the answer was no.

Raven looked down at her feet. I noticed that she refused to answer.

*This is so stupid. Why does she keep coming here? She must know that BB will never take her. He won't even take me either. This is so stupid. But if I feel that what she does is so stupid, why do I feel like a spineless idiot for not being able to do it myself? *

"You know what," Raven said suddenly jerking me out of my reverie, "I'm sick of this, I'm just so totally sick of this," she whispered and it was barely audible as she removed the hood of her cape.

"Sick of what?" I asked as I notice her look away with an extremely annoyed and angry look at her face, "what is it Raven?" I asked my voice showing my worry and concern.

I watched her. She suddenly tore of the rest of her cape and threw it over the cliff. I stared at her in astonishment. Had she lost her mind? I looked at her closely to determine if she really did. She had turned around now, breathing a little hard and looking into my eyes with a strange look of determination that just horrified me because I couldn't understand. Raven had on sparkly purple eye shadow, no lipstick, or any other makeup. She hadn't done her nails. *Figures* (Terra's thoughts). She was wearing a buttoned short-sleeved black silk blouse with a collar, knee length velvet red skirt and black laced shoes. *Raven was never one to dress very exotic. Oh well.* (Terra's thoughts). But her hair was what made my eyes widen in surprise. It was in pigtails and not only that they were intricately woven between many pieces of yarn. Most of the yarn was purple like her hair that reached half-way down her ample bosom, but some of it was also red, green and bright blue. It was very unusual do for even Raven but it looked very good.

"You want Beast Boy too right," Raven asked me frankly making me gasp, "I want him too and only one of us can get him," she stated.

"If you follow my plan we can see which one of us he wants," Raven continued despite the fact that my face was turning red with anger, "are you willing?" she asked, "and no I'm not trying to psyche you out," she added and my face became red with embarrassment instead.

"But Raven," I said nervously, "what if he wants none of us?" I asked feeling even more nervous.

"Then we'll have to convince him otherwise, wont we," Raven responded as she walked past me, "I know what I want and yea or nay I'm going for it," she stated with great determination, "are you coming?" she asked as she turned around to face me again.

*This is crazy. This is nuts. There's no way he's going to want to choose any of us. He'll probable want to run the moment that he sees Raven and do flip flops then run to the nearest safe hose the moment that he sees me. She's obviously gone Crazy because of everything. * (Terra)

"Count me in," I said with a sly grin as I followed her.

End of Chapter One.

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