It Happens

How it all Ends

(12 Years Later)

(4pm at a Park in Jump City)

A six year old ran to the Frisbee that her father had thrown. Jinx and Raven sat on a bench and smiled.

"Robin's a wonderful father isn't he?' Raven asked as she watched her daughter Sabrina pick up the orange Frisbee and jump do a little victory dance causing Robin to laugh.

"Yeah," Jinx agreed, "he spends more time with his child than my husband does with our children Diamond, Rhinestone, Billy, Bob, Francine and Richard," she listed, "most people's eyes bug out at the revelation that I have six children," she told Raven.

"Well the second were triplets," Raven pointed out in reference to the triplet boys Rhinestone, Bill, and Bob, "it was so funny that on his birth certificate for six whole months was Bod instead of Bob," she added and laughed.

"Ugh, that was embarrassing," Jinx declared, "I never allowed Gizmo to be in charge of the birth certificates again."

"Just as well," Raven agreed, "if he were my husband my poor child might've ended up being named sombrero."

"Not funny Raven," Jinx said but Raven laughed anyway, "so you heard about Kitty?" she asked carefully.

"Yeah that's tragic," Raven said sadly, "I hear that Speedy's been around often to look after her," she told Jinx, "imagine a socialite like her paralyzed for life thanks to those damn paparazzi causing her chauffer to lose control of the limo and crash," she said.

"And the papers claimed that before the accident she was the biggest partying socialite partying blonde since Paris Hilton," Jinx said and Raven nodded, "so you and Cyborg…." She started to ask.

"I don't want to talk about it," Raven snapped angrily and her eyes glowed white, "sorry," she apologized after Jinx gasped, "I just want to put it all behind me," she said seriously.

"But still," Jinx went on, "the NERVE of him asking you to marry him at that party last week," she blabbed, "he knows that you're dedicated to Robin," she said, "not your fault that him and Starfire didn't work out from nearly ten years ago," she added.

"Starfire hasn't found anyone steady since," Raven said with pity, "she even dated Hot Spot for two weeks."

"That was a disaster," a voice said suddenly and the two female adults turned to see Starfire behind them, "hey," she said with a smile.

"Hey," Jinx said back carefully.

"Oh, hi Starfire," Raven said.

"Have some space?" Starfire asked and Raven and Jinx moved over on the bench so that Starfire could sit down.

"So," Jinx said slowly, "how's life?" she asked.

"Single, rich and lonely," Starfire said honestly, "you're SO lucky Raven," she said suddenly, "you have a child, a dedicated man…" she started to list then stopped and sighed.

"I'm lucky too," Jinx muttered under her breath but got a nudge of Raven.

"I heard you two talking about Cyborg," Starfire said and Raven could feel herself getting tense beside Starfire, "so he's still have you like the last eight years," she said.

"Uh, yeah," Raven responded, "but he knows that I'm with Robin…."

"But you're not married," Starfire pointed out.

"So?" Raven snapped feeling herself getting angry.

"I just mean that he loved you…." Starfire started to say.

"Robin loves me just fine!" Raven exploded and she could feel herself wanting to cry.

Jinx saw how upset Raven was getting and turned her anger on Starfire.

"How dare you come causing problems you little home wrecker," Jinx snapped angrily, "Robin and Raven have a child together," she said, "can't you just respect that?" she demanded.

"I didn't mean to be disrespectful," Starfire apologized.

"Then don't be," Robin said suddenly and all of them turned to see Robin standing in front of them and glaring harshly at Starfire.

Starfire stared at the ground as she wrung her hands.

"Mommy and Daddy," Sabrina said suddenly and Robin looked down at his daughter who held unto his leg, "leave them," she snarled and her eyes turned to slits as she glared at Starfire.

"Don't do that," Robin told her as he rubbed her head gently, "be nice to your Godmother."

"Hi Jinx," Sabrina said to her other Godmother who Raven had chosen (Robin chose Starfire).

"Sabrina!" Robin cried.

"It's okay," Starfire said tearfully, "what I did was disrespectful and wrong and I'm sorry," she apologized, "I'm very sorry," she said then rose to her feet and ran off.

"Starfire wait!" Raven cried but she only saw red hair flowing behind a figure in a navy blue pantsuit who now took to the skies and flew away.

"I wish that she'd just move on," Robin said sadly, "we're not meant to be," he said, "she needs to accept that."

"Easier said than done," Raven said and sat back down on the bench, "and after we've been finally getting along so well," she said.

"Well you moved on after Beast Boy," Jinx pointed out, "she just needs to do the same," she said simply.

"Mummy!" Sabrina cried and held out her arms.

"Come here darling," Raven said lovingly and took Sabrina into her lap, "did you mediate today?" she asked.

"For an hour," Sabrina said proudly.

"Very good," Raven commended her daughter even though secretly she was grateful that Sabrina's powers never went haywire because of emotions like hers did when she (Raven) was younger.

Sabrina hugged unto her mother lovingly. Her shoulder-length purple hair was just like her mother's waist length hair with the exception Sabrina's own was in pigtails while Raven just left hers out. Sabrina's birth had been somewhat of a surprise to Robin and Raven who had intended to wait an extra year before they had a child in order to consider how much longer they'd keep their unmarried (common law) arrangement when it came to their relationship. But when Raven found out she was pregnant, both she was Robin had trepidations. Abortion was OUT of the question so they decided to prepare themselves for a new member of their household. Since money was no object since they were BOTH rich and lived in Robin's mansion. All they had to worry about was Raven's health, the baby's health, ensuring Raven's comfort 'til delivery and being great parents. The last worried them the most. But six years down the road showed them that they were great parents despite not being perfect. Sabrina was born with Raven's hair and eyes but skin tone and physically, she looked like a feminine version of Robin. A very cute, happy, feminine, and beautiful version of Robin. What got her parents attention about her most though besides her having limited abilities like her mother's was her obsession over the colour orange by the time that she was four. This surprised Raven and unnerved Robin because orange was Slade's favourite colour. Right now in her mother's lap she was wearing orange ribbons in her hair, orange hair clips, a sleeveless orange blouse, a white jeans shorts and white sneakers with orange streaks. But Robin's fears and Raven's anxieties were alleviated when they realized that she wasn't like her grandfather Slade who they told her very little details about.

"Do I have to go to school tomorrow?" Sabrina asked.

"Yes dear," Raven responded, "that girl won't trouble you again," she added.

"She said you were evil," Sabrina said, "and that Daddy didn't really love you."

"Her parents are jerks who refuse to accept that Raven and I are together," Robin said simply.

"Will you be making rounds as you-know tonight?" Sabrina asked her father.

"You know that he does that to protect the city," Jinx spoke.

"I know," Sabrina said as she smiled at Jinx, "you're much nicer than Blackfire," she said suddenly.

Unknown to Sabrina, Raven's face because taut.

"Let's talk about something else," Robin said slowly, "Blackfire's been banned from our lives until she apologizes about her behaviour at you fifth birthday, remember," he reminded her.

"She was rude to mummy," Sabrina said with a pout.

"That's cause she's a jerk," Jinx declared, "she can't accept that your Daddy and Mummy are getting along and are happy together," she told Sabrina.

"Why?" Sabrina asked curiously.

"Because she's extremely stupid," Jinx responded.

"Jinx!" Raven admonished.

"What?" Jinx asked.

"Yeah, that lady's dumb," Sabrina spoke up.

"Sabrina," Robin said seriously.

"Fine," Sabrina said with a huff.

"Anyway," Jinx said, "do you think I should go with the backless Armani dress?" she asked Raven.

Raven smiled and nodded. Jinx had been very insecure about her figure since after her last child she was stuck three dress sizes bigger than she was before she ever got pregnant. She could use magic but Gizmo found that silly and she personally didn't want people to think that she only looked good because of magic. Her hair today was in a French bun and she wore a gold necklace, her wedding ring along with two other rings on both her index fingers, a dark blue silk blouse, black knee length skirt and flat heeled shoes, all by top designers of course. Raven dressed simpler. She wore a white T-Shirt, bright blue cotton pants and black sneakers with purple lace. She also wore an orange undershirt which Robin didn't protest about since he understood that Raven still had some love towards her father unlike himself.

Robin dressed in between. His pants and sneakers today were top of the line. He wore a blue jeans jacket, a sleeveless red shirt with a yellow neckline, black pants and black sneakers.

"So Gizmo is away?" Robin decided to ask.

"No he's taken two months off from any foreign work," Jinx said to the other three's surprise, "I know, but I'm proud of him and he'll be picking up the triplets from karate class and Diamond from her computer lessons," she told them.

"He'll have his hands full," Robin said remembering the hyperactive seven year triplets who even scared Sabrina with their crazed boundless energy, "and you fired that nanny who you caught making fun of Francine because of her skin tone?" he asked and Jinx's eyes darkened, "because she deserves it," he added quickly.

"It just pisses me off that my five year old daughter has to experience prejudice at this young age just because she's the only child who has my skin tone," Jinx said in a hurt voice and Robin recalled that the triplets and Diamond were the only ones with Jinx's eyes while Diamond (nine year old daughters) and Rhinestone (who is a boy) were the only ones with their mothers' hair while the others had black hair, "bad enough even at private school Sabrina can't escape those jerks who refuse to let go of Raven's past," she muttered.

"We just have to go on is spite of them," Raven said comfortingly, "we can't let jerks force us to live scared and unhappy lives," she declared.

"Yeah!" Sabrina cried and the others laughed at her buoyancy.

"Let's play with the Frisbee," Raven suggested.

"Yay!" Sabrina screamed and ran for the Frisbee.

"I'll be referee," Jinx declared since she wasn't ruining her designer outfit.

"Enjoy the bench," Raven said sarcastically and Jinx simply sat superiorly as if she were a Queen looking at her lowly subjects, "Diva," she muttered with a laugh.

"You're a Princess Jinx," Robin said and followed Raven.

"You bet," Jinx responded.

"Daddy!" Sabrina screamed and threw the Frisbee to Robin who caught it.

Robin then threw it to Raven who caught it. Then Raven and Sabrina got into a competition on who could catch the Frisbee the most. Robin watched them and thanked his lucky stars at how his life turned out.

Beast Boy and Blackfire may have a wonderful palace in Tameran with twin daughters but I have a great mansion with the woman of my life and the daughter of my soul. I don't have to be married to her to know her dedication to me. But I do plan to propose to her over dinner tonight. My love will finally be my wife. The dark princess with the boy wonder now secretly Night Wing. How ironic. (Robin's thoughts)

End Chapter 12

Reggae: Yes the story's over. Some characters have found peace (despite potential grudges and prejudices held against them) while others still hold grudges. I hope you've all enjoyed reading this story and enjoyed it to the end.


Started: February 5, 2004

Completed: November 30, 2005