Chapter 3: Confessions

            Albus walked slowly towards her classroom, pondering his thoughts over and over again.  Minerva was…different somehow to him, but there wasn't anything different about her…except; 'What difference should her hair being down be?  She's…okay, okay, I suppose she's been pretty from the start, but her hair being down shouldn't just make me go off my rocker like I am..

            His pace slowed down as her classroom threshold came into view.  He'd been doing nothing but think about her all day, why couldn't he simply walk through the threshold, and talk to her.  'The woman has been one of my best friends for years, and I can't even talk to her!  I can't even…oh cheese and crackers!  And what the bloody hell does 'sweep her off her feet' mean? 


            He stopped dead in his tracks, as her voice carried through the hall.  Slowly, he turned to see a smile on her face.  His eyes darted quickly over her head, he was determined not to get ogle eyed.  "Good evening Minerva."

            "What brings you down here?"  She sounded awfully cheerful; not like the usual way she would act. 

            "I er had something to tal—tell you."

            "Do you want to talk in my office?  It's a wee bit more secluded."

            He nodded his head slowly.  'Oh Merlin, how am I going to do this?'  He followed her towards her office, and sat down at a chair before her desk.  He stared, despite his earlier vow, and felt his heart beat rapidly in his chest at the sight of her.  Her long flowing hair lay magically over her shoulders, and seemed to meet so well with her deep blue eyes.  Her smooth complexion seemed to remind him slightly of vanilla ice cream, her lips…cherries; nice, red, smooth cherries.

            "So?" she prompted timidly, "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

            "I er—well I," he panted, "how has your day been, what with your um, hair down and all?  The students say anything?"

            He watched a wide smile came on her face; she looked almost as if she were ready to laugh.  "You understand of course that the students I had today were mostly in the upper years?"

            He nodded slowly.  Color was coming to her cheeks, Minerva McGonagall, miss 'High and Mighty McGonagall' was blushing.  "Well, a few of them couldn't exactly pay attention.  I took quite a few notes away today."

            "Notes?  You didn't look at them, did you?"

            "I might have.  We should really get a sexual education class; I don't like what a few of them wrote."


            "Apparently they hadn't quite noticed that I wasn't as old as the rest of the staff.  Just some rather interesting things were written."

            'The woman gets to read practical love letter from students, and I can't even stutter out the words I like you!  When does it end?'  "You know, the students, were probably just getting used to the sight of you looking different."

            "Everyone has been saying that to me, it's rather idiotic, don't you think?  Even the staff looked at me oddly.  What difference should it make that my hair is down.  Everything is so completely strange today; it's as if it's my first day here in the history of Hogwarts."

            "You'd be surprised what a difference your hair can make.  It fills your complexion; you don't really look like the strict Professor McGonagall anymore…you look softer, easier to touch," he whispered with the last few words.

            He leaned back, and felt the need to cover his mouth, either that, or start banging his head on the desk.  'What did I just say,' he groaned, and watched her facial expression change; instead of the color draining from her face, as he'd expected, she got slightly pinker.  "Albus," she whispered, and shook her head, "you sa—"

            "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," he blurted, "I, I should go before I make a complete fool of myself."  He sat up hurriedly from his chair, and walked quickly towards the door.  He nearly reached the door before he felt her hand on his arm.

             "Don't go."     

            That's all she said, two little itty bitty words, yet he was unable to move.  'I'm in deep scum,' he thought slowly, and looked into her pretty eyes.

            "What is it that you wanted to tell me?" she spoke, just barely below a whisper; all that did intern for Albus was get his heart beating quicker than it already was.

            "You look beautiful today, that is what I wanted to say," he nodded, and faced the door again.  'It's a lost cause.  I can't do it, she'd hate me forever if I told her.'  She pulled his arm away from the door, again, and stared him straight in the eye.

            "Don't lie to me Albus Dumbledore; I hate it when people lie to me."

            "I tell no lies," he smiled, "I should leave."

            "Do not open that door Albus.  I want to hear what you have to say."

            He stared at her.  He was so close to her, so desperately close.  She was centimeters away from him, and her hand had yet to be removed from his arm.  He could do it now, sound like a complete idiot, and do what his brother had said, but then what? 

            "Tell me."

            He took in a deep breath.  How was it that it looked so easy!  'How are you supposed to tell a girl that you are falling hopelessly in-love with her?  Idiot Alert, Idiot Alert, I'm twiddling my thumbs and I'm preparing to say "I love you", Holy Bertie Botts, when does it end!'

            "You want me to tell you the truth Minerva?"

            "I would like it."

            He took in a deep breath, and stared directly in her eyes.  "I haven't been able to stop thinking about from the moment you walked through that door this morning.  You came in with your long, beautiful hair, and your dark eyes, and for the first time, I realized just exactly how I feel.  As stupid as it sounds Minerva, I've loved you for so long, and I can't believe it took me so long to finally realize it.  I'm an idiot all over, but I—"

            "You don't have to go any further," she whispered softly, and grasped his hand in hers.  "You're not an idiot," she smiled shyly; "You at least can admit what you want."

            "I want you," he whispered, and he brought his hand up to her face, and touched it softly.  Gently, he touched her cheek, grazing the pink spots, and ran his fingers along her smooth black hair.  She leaned slightly into his touch, and was happy to see the smile on her face.  Slowly, and cautiously, he leaned down, and touched his lips to hers.  Immediately warmth spread throughout his body, filling his nerves with excitement, and his lips to tingle madly.  He pulled away, and gazed at Minerva who had a wide smile upon her ruby red lips.

            "Would it be appropriate for me to say something now?" she sighed.

            "Yes," he nodded, feeling an abundance of butterflies in his stomach.  This was the moment of truth.

            "I want you too."

And he leaned in for another warm kiss.



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