A long, long time ago, when the earth was still young, millions of years before the first human set his foot on it, it looked very differently from today. Everywhere grew giant woods that would never be seen by a human eye. The continental plates were in permanent motion, pushing Mountain and Mountains to the sky nearly overnight and could vanished them till the next day. And in the midst of this strange constant changing world lived the great lizards, the dinosaurs in the not always friendly environment. Most of them nourished themselves of leaf, while the others, the sharpteeth nourished themselves of these leafeaters and hunted them wherever they were, except on one place, the Great Valley. Many different races of leafeaters could live there peaceful together. And sometimes dinosaurs of different races became really inseparable friends, like Littlefoot the longneck, Cera the threehorn, Ducky the swimmer, Petrie the flyer and Spike the spikedtail. Also contacts between different races were more frequently in the Great Valley then anywhere else their friendship was something special. Nobody could remember such a mixed group that hold together so strong before. Nothing seems to be able to spoil their friendship till the events of this story.