Love Divine

Prologue: Once upon a time a beautiful goddess fell in love with a young boy. She fell in love with a boy that did not exist. His soul was just being created, but when the young goddess saw the man the soul would become, she adored him immediately. The gods distrusted the hearts of mortals and claimed human love was fickle. Yet the young goddess pined for the boy. In time the Love Goddess took pity on her. She convinced the suspicious gods to allow for a test. The young goddess would be given a human body. She would go to earth and live as a mortal with no memory of her life in heaven. She would die and be reincarnated for seven cycles on earth. If during each of her seven lives she could find her beloved and he swore his love to her, then she could stay on earth and be with him. If he should fail to swear his love, or betray the love of the goddess, the young goddess would be called back to heaven and never be allowed on Earth again. With full faith in her love the young goddess became mortal, erased her memories, and was born into her first life; in the land of the pharaohs

Kisara: Maiden of the Dragon

The sun blazed down upon the golden dunes of Egypt. The people in the kingdom of the Nile were all busy working in tribute to their Pharaoh. When the sunlight fell upon the pyramids they blazed with the heat. Then the sun touched upon the palace. In the sunlight, the palace gleamed beautifully. There could be no doubt that it was a wonderful house for a god on earth. In the market, a mile away from the splendor of the palace, a young girl was walking. Many had turned to look at her. She had pale blonde hair, skin as white as a lily flower, and sapphire eyes. Against the sun-tanned Egyptians she stood out like a pearl amongst obsidian.

"Kisara," come in for lunch a voice called to the pale girl

"Coming mother," Kisara answered

Kisara rushed through the throng in the market place trying to reach the entrance to her house. She dodged and weaved with remarkable grace and agility. Just as her door was in sight she slammed into someone, and both of them fell down.

"Ow!" she groaned

She pushed herself upright.

"I'm so sorry I was running, and I wasn't watching," she apologized

She froze. She had just knocked down a young man. From his clothes she could tell he was a high priest, yet he was missing the traditional headdress. Even so he was a full head taller than her. Kisara noted the almond tone of his skin and definition of his muscles. The high priest had dark brown hair and azure indigo eyes, which were now glaring at her. Their eyes locked onto each other for a minute.

'A high priest! He could have me executed,' she cowered.

Kisara immediately fell to her knees in a bow.

"Hmph clumsy peasant," he scoffed.

With a flourish of his cape he walked away into the crowded market leaving Kisara staring after him.

Kisara finally made it back to the little shack house her family lived in. After a scolding for being late to lunch the food was placed before her, and lunch was eaten quickly and happily. After lunch Kisara was sent to the fields to help her two brothers gather the crop. After two hours of bending and lifting Kisara was fatigued. She arched her back. During this stretch she noticed that storm clouds had concealed the sun. Almost as if her eyes were the cue, the heavens begin to rain forth. The shower watered the fields and bathed the workers as they rushed out of the rain. Kisara rushed back to her shelter. She noticed a figure on the palace balcony looking up at the storm clouds. She was close enough to see that the mysterious figure had azure eyes.

Kisara groaned as one of the villagers gave her another kick. She was sure she would die from the pain soon. Losing her parents within one month and having her brothers sold off into slavery had been heartbreaking for her. Her family had always sheltered her from the hatred of the village, but now that they were all gone there was nothing to prevent the meaner villagers from taking out their frustrations on her. There was a whinny of a horse and the crowd parted before two high preists and a servant.

"High priest Seto! This girl has such an odd Ka," a voice called out

By now Kisara was too weak from the beating to maintain consciousness for much longer. She felt strong arms behind her back and heard conversation in the Hietic of the nobles, which she could not understand. She felt herself being lifted. The last thing she remembered before giving into her exhaustion were azure indigo eyes.

Kisara awoke in a room with nothing but brick walls and a bed.

"So you're awake," a voice drawled

A young guard stood peering in from the doorway.

"Yes," Kisara answered shyly

"Come, high priest Seto, and high priest Akunadin have been anxious to meet with you," The guard said

Kisara got up from the bed and followed the guard, reluctantly. He led her down dark hallways and stairs. Finally he stopped. Kisara saw that he had led her into a dungeon like room. There was a concrete ledge with four throne-like chairs on one side. There was also a sunken floor that was actually a platform held up by a large chain. On the floor the sounds of struggle could be heard. Kisara noticed large monsters fighting below. On the large chairs sat Seto and Akunadin. Akunadin glared at her, yet Seto's blue eyes watched her curiously.

"So this is the girl?" The older high priest spoke

"Yes, Akunadin sama," a smaller servant crowed

"Good, put her to the test," Akunadin announced

"But, Akunadin kun," Seto called out

"No buts, Seto, right now we need the power of a god to protect the palace. This girl has a great power within her. We need to extract it," Akunadin explained.

'So his name is Seto,' Kisara noted

Before she could do anything Kisara found herself in the middle of the sunken platform being glared at. Two large muscular men looked down at her menacingly. She backed up fearfully. The men summoned their spirit monsters, which lunged at the poor girl. Kisara prepared to be chomped by the leering creatures. She closed her eyes. Nothing happened. Kisara peeked and saw Seto guarding her. Suddenly, the adrenaline got to her, and she collapsed onto the ground. The prisoners advanced on Seto threateningly.

"The one who imprisoned us here. Maybe we should take this opportunity to show you how we feel, high priest," the lead prisoner growled

Seto noticed the chain holding up the platform. He made a quick decision, and sliced it through with his Millennium rod. The platform fell off to one side. Seto quickly latched one of the blades of his millennium rod onto the chain and grabbed Kisara with the other. The unconscious girl hung heavily on Seto's arm.

"Can't hold on much longer," Seto groaned

Just when he was about to slip, a large white dragon materialized. It wrapped its tail protectively around Seto and Kisara. Seto adjusted Kisara so that she was safely in his arms, bridal style. His feet touched solid ground again. The dragon disappeared, and Akunadin and the servants rushed to see if Seto was all right.

He placed Kisara on the ground.

"Yes her power is immense," Akunadin said, his eyes gleaming

"Sir, it seems that this girls Ba, and her Ka are one and the same. She can call upon it when she is in danger. Yet it takes her energy, and she falls unconscious," a servant put in

"Hmm then we'll just have to extract her Ba," Akunadin said

"But the only way to extract ba is to kill the vessel," Seto said

"Then that's what we'll do," Akunadin said.

With that Akunadin left, leaving Seto staring after him.

Kisara awoke again in the windowless room. Her stomach began to grumble, and she realized how hungry she was. Then she heard some footsteps. The door to her room was opened, and in stepped Seto. The two simply stared at each other for a minute.

"You are to be moved to a new room. Follow me," Seto stated firmly

Without another word Seto walked out. Kisara followed him. Soon she found herself in a slightly bigger room with a window and a small table. Seto stood in the doorway as Kisara looked around the room, when she turned to Seto he was gone. She sat down on the bed. Seto appeared in her doorway again. This time he had a bowl of soup with him. He placed it on the table and turned to leave.

"Seto sama," Kisara called

"What?" Seto asked

"Thanks," Kisara smiled

Seto nodded. He left, and gave instructions to the guard he had stationed there. When he turned the corner he looked back.

"Thank you Kisara," He said

'I would have fallen if you hadn't summoned your monster to protect us,'

Kisara sighed as she stared into the starry night sky. She had snuck out of the room Seto had moved her to. After the ordeal in the dungeon she had been kept on strict watch. Seto had said she was in danger, but had been vague in his explanations. Kisara had finally gotten frustrated with her solitary confinement and decided she wanted to get some air for a while. She breathed in the deep night air and flopped onto the desert sand. She relished the feel of the sand on her skin despite its scratchiness, and she began flapping her arms in the substance. The September sky glittered above her, and Kisara searched for virgo in the cosmos.

"Making sand angles?" a smooth voice spoke

"Seto sama!" Kisara gasped

She shot up into a sitting position. He was dressed in a sapphire blue robe and his gold jewelry glistened in the moonlight.

"I was...I" she stammered

He walked towards her.

"It's alright," he whispered

Instead of shouting at her as he normally would, he simply sat down beside her. Kisara was completely astonished by this.

'Isn't this high priest Seto? He has always acted as if he had a heart of ice. Was that just an act?'

"Are you well Seto Sama?" Kisara asked

"Yes," he said

Something in the way he said that told Kisara that there was something he was hiding. She decided that it would be unwise to push the issue now. So she simply turned back to the stars. The two teenagers sat there not speaking. They listened to each other's breathing simply accepting each other's company.

"The sky is so beautiful isn't it?" Kisara asked finally breaking the silence

"Yes," Seto answered again.

The wind blew by them quickly and the edge of Seto's blue robe blew back. Kisara then noticed the purple bruise on Seto's chest.

"Seto sama! you're hurt," she said

Seto quickly pulled his robe back into place.

"It's nothing. An injury I got in battle today," He said too quickly

Kisara then pulled him down a little ways to the Nile. There she ripped a piece of her dress off and dipped it in the water. She pulled back the robe and put the cold cloth on the bruise.

"You should have the palace doctors look at that," she said concerned," Seto sama, my room is near the stables. You haven't been to your horse all day. There was no battle,"

Seto turned away.

"Its alright for you to call me Seto," he said

"Don't change the subject, Seto," Kisara replied

He turned away and considered if he should tell her. He looked into her eyes and decided that she could be trusted.

"Akunadin and I had another fight, and he hit me," Seto said lamely

"I'm sorry," Kisara said

Before anything else could happen Seto broke down into tears. He cried silently still attempting to hold onto his pride. When he was done, he refused to look at Kisara, knowing she'd seen everything. She walked in front of him, and took his face in her hands. She again ripped off a little of her dress, and dipped it in the river. She then proceeded to wipe Seto's tears.

"I'll be here for you," she whispered

Their eyes locked again. Suddenly Kisara was aware of how close their faces were. Seto lost himself in her blue eyes and gentle touch. Seto leaned down, and their lips met in a gentle kiss. Kisara's eyes widened with shock. Then she simply gave into the pleasure of being kissed. When they pulled apart, the two teens lapsed into silence. Kisara decided that she wanted to be back in her room. She wanted to think. Her heart was beating, and her mind was racing with what had just happened.

"I should go. It's late," she stammered

She turned to go.

"Kisara," Seto called out

"Yes," she answered

"Thank you," he said.

Kisara was awakened by a gentle knock at her door. She opened it, and there stood Seto.

"It's late! What are you doing here?" she whispered harshly

"I wanted to see you," Seto answered

Kisara was glad to see him. Ever since the kiss a week ago Seto had not been anywhere near her room.

"Why did you want to see me?" she asked

Kisara was now curious. Seto took her hand. They rushed down the darkened corridors of the palace. Seto led the way with a small candle. He stopped in front of a statue and tapped it three times. The door slid out, and another hallway was revealed. Seto stepped into the hallway and followed it about 30 steps. The hallway ended in a moonlit garden. There was a lotus pond in the center of the large garden.

"Seto, It's beautiful," Kisara gasped

"I'm glad you like it. It's a secret garden. Noone knows about this place except me,"

"Why are you showing me this?" Kisara wondered

"Because I wanted you to know that I trust you. Also this is the best place for us to meet without getting caught," Seto said

"Caught?" Kisara wondered

"Yes, Akunadin would kill me if he found out," Seto said

The couple had begun walking through the garden. Seto walked a little further ahead and reached the lotus pond. A silver shaft of moonlight fell on Seto almost making him glow. The water glistened and large lotus blossoms floated near his fleet.

'He's devastatingly handsome,' she thought

Kisara memorized the gorgeous image. Then she went to Seto and hugged him.

"Thank you for bringing me here," she smiled

Seto slipped his arms around her and smiled.

"Your welcome," he answered

Kisara lifted herself, and the two kissed again. This time with no awkwardness

Within the next three months Kisara and Seto met in various places throughout the palace that were hidden or hard to find. They spent time together sometimes talking, sometimes simply being near each other. Both Seto and Kisara looked forward to each meeting. More and more they had come to care deeply for each other.

Kisara watched happily as Seto swam around. She dangled her feet in the water. This time Seto had decided to meet in a private bath. Kisara looked around the room and noted some of the scented oils nearby. She turned back and noticed that Seto had disappeared.

"Seto?" she called out softly, "Seto,"

In the next minute she was pulled under water. She jumped back to the surface in a heartbeat and found herself face to face with a grinning Seto.

"Gotcha," Seto whispered

"You," Kisara hissed

She dunked him underneath and swam off to the shallow end. Seto resurfaced and swam after her. Kisara rested against the edge of the pool-sized bathtub. She turned to face Seto. He smiled and bent down to kiss her. After a few seconds she broke the kiss and waded to the stairs, giggling. She sat down on the top step. Seto stood on the bottom step in the water, and the two lovers simply smiled at each other.

Seto climbed to the top step and bent down and kissed his lover. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck. He slipped his arms around her waist. Kisara leaned back onto the ground surrounding the pool. She was now lying down. Seto moved his arms to prop himself above her. Kisara could feel her heart beating faster than it ever had before. She lifted herself up and kissed Seto on his neck. She dragged her lips upward and they landed on his lips again. Seto broke the kiss only to kiss Kisara on the neck. She moaned softly. Their legs became intertwined. At this Seto pulled back and looked into Kisara's eyes. Both parties knew that they had initiated something.

"Are you sure about this?" Seto asked

Kisara nodded. She kissed Seto on the cheek and ran her hands through his hair. The two lovers kissed again and shared their first night.

"I'll miss you," Kisara stated simply

Seto looked at his beloved. He hugged her.

"I'll only be gone for a little while," Seto said

The two lovers stood in Kisara's room. Seto's priestly duties had required him to go to a ceremony at Karnak, and so he was saying goodbye. Kisara nodded against Seto's chest. The two pulled apart.

Seto had not told Kisara that the situation in Egypt was dire, that he was actually going to battle against the deadly shadow monsters. He could not tell her that there was strong possibility that he would not come back.

"Kisara, if I don't get the chance to tell you; I love you, and I always will," Seto said

"I love you too, Seto," Kisara answered

Kisara's heart swelled with joy at the knowledge that Seto truly did love her. The two lovers hugged again. Kisara wanted this to last forever.

Seto had finally managed to return to the place. The evil was defeated and Egypt was safe again. He was weary but, instead of going to his room and resting, he went to Kisara's room. He walked in, but found the room strangely empty.

'Where is she?" he wondered

A scream rang out through the night. Seto recognized it immediately. He rushed from the room and into the temple. There, unconscious on the floor, was Kisara. He rushed over to the maiden and lifted her in his arms. Blood leaked from a stab in her side. The crimson liquid flowed staining his priestly clothes and hands. Still he held her close.

"Kisara, come on wake up. Don't leave me here," Seto cried.

Kisara opened her eyes.

"Seto," she moaned out softly

She was so weak her voice was barely audible.

"Shh, I'm here. C'mon we'll get the doctors to help, and they'll fix this," Seto said

Despite her intense pain Kisara smiled for her lover.

"Seto.. I want to give you something," She whispered

She placed both her hands on his face, and then Seto felt energy flow through him.

"Save your strength. We'll have plenty of time for gifts when you're well again," Seto said trying to sound positive.

"I love you, Seto" Kisara breathed

Her eyes fluttered closed and she went limp.

"Kisara? Kisara?" Seto called out

"Seto, A portion of my soul will remain with you," Kisara said

"I don't want your soul, I want you here with me," Seto said

Kisara did not respond. Seto hung his head in grief. Tears dripped from his cerulean eyes. Black hatred and bitterness filled Seto's heart. He would get whoever did this. He would make them pay. A tablet within the temple began to glow. It levitated before Seto. He looked up and noticed it was blank. There was a bright flash of light. After the light dimmed enough for Seto to see, he could clearly make out the picture etched into the stone; a fierce white dragon roaring at the sky. Seto recognized the dragon in the carving as the one that had protected Kisara and him so long ago.

Seto lived out his life never forgetting his beloved. When he died, Kisara's soul was released from the tablet and floated up to heaven. She found herself standing in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cottony clouds. Then a woman appeared before her.

"Who are you?" she asked

"I am the goddess of rebirth. You are here to receive a new life,"

The goddess passed her hands over Kisara and chanted, Kisara found herself plummeting back to earth.

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