Athene: Princess of Hearts

The early morning air was thick with heat and anticipation as a large crowd waited in front of the temple of Apollo. People from all over the world had come to Adelphi on this day to seek the wisdom of the oracle. The crowd was filled with people in clothes of every style imaginable and in every color of the rainbow. The Oracle at Delphi was famous. Those who made the pilgrimage to the temple were allowed to ask one question and the oracle would answer. A young blonde woman in a crimson chiton entered the temple. She was followed by two young girls. One girl was ten years old and dressed in a pink chiton; she had olive dark skin, russet hair and emerald green eyes. The second girl was six years old, and she had golden blonde hair, cream white skin, and violet eyes. The youngest girl wore a fancy royal blue chiton with gold trim. She rushed up the steps into the temple giggling. The older blonde and the young brunette rushed after her.

"Hurry, Nurse Hestia. Hurry, Demeter," The young girl called back

"Princess Athene, please try to behave," Nurse Hestia called to the young blonde who ran further into the temple.

Soon Hestia had caught up to Athene, and she took the princess's hand.

"Princess, please try to behave," Hestia begged

Athene offered gold to the temple as a sacrifice, and then Hestia wrote a question on a piece of parchment-'What is Princess Athene's fate?'- and handed it to the priestess on duty. The priest carried it to the inner sanctum for the oracle to read and answer. Meanwhile Hestia, Athene, and Demeter made sacrifices to Apollo to gain his blessing for their city state. Soon the priestess was back.

"The oracle says that the princess must seek out the missing part of her soul, and where she finds it, she will find her destiny," the priestess read

"Thank you," Hestia said. She bowed and forced Athene into a bow.

It did not take long for the three girls to find their horses and begin the ride back to the palace at Athens. The girls rode on until the sky began to darken. The path became harder to see. Suddenly a storm blew in, and it began to rain.

Athene leaned close to her pony, trying to keep warm. There was a deafening crack as lightening struck barely a few feet away. The horses reared up and galloped off in three different directions. Athene tried to rein her horse to follow after Hestia, but the rain fell harder and obscured her vision- everywhere was water and darkness. She was separated from them.

"Hestia! Demeter! Pegasus, Stop!" Athene tried to shout commands to her horse, but the wind drowned her out.

Pegasus reared up as lightening struck close by again. She fell off the horse and groaned in pain.

"Help! Someone Help!" Athene called

The rain lashed at her, and pain throbbed through her body. She heard the boom of thunder and saw the sky light up once more. Then she fainted.

When Athene opened her eyes, she saw a young boy looking down at her. She would have guessed that he was about six. He had chocolate brown hair and midnight blue eyes that peered at her curiously. Somehow those blue eyes seemed so familiar. Athene noticed how warm she felt. She was lying on a large wool blanket covered with another wool blanket in front of a warm fire in a small house. Hestia and Demeter were sitting at a table nearby. Athene tried to lift herself up. A sharp pain shot up her arm. She winced

"You sprained it. I found you in the storm and brought you to my home. My name is Sethos," the young boy smiled.

"Sethos," Athene whispered. Athene felt a soft calm flow over her, and she fell back on the bed and back to sleep.

"Sethos," Athene mumbled

"Mistress, you were mumbling in your sleep," A soft voice called.

Athene looked around. The small cabin had disappeared. She was now in a room with a high ceiling, large decorative pillars, and marbel floors. She was back in the palace. She was lying in her bed, and she had been dreaming about something that had happened eleven years ago. Demeter stood at her mistress's bed side looking down worriedly.

"It's alright, it was just a dream Demi," Athene said

She noted that it was very early in the morning. Apollo's chariot had yet to appear in the eastern sky.

"I suppose this is a sign that we should start the day early. Lets get up then," Athene said climbing out of bed.

Demeter tied gold sandals on for her mistress and then handed her a yellow dress. Athene pulled on a robe, and walked to the nearest bathing pool. She stepped softly into the water and shivered as it was still cold from the early morning air. She ducked under the water and swam. She rubbed herself with some bathing salt and then dried off and put on the dress. Demeter met her after coming from her own bath in the servants' pool.

The sun was just rising and Athene decided to take a walk in the courtyard. Outside she could see the sun as it shone on the acropolis and the beautiful Parthenon which sat atop it. Athene walked into the village, and then found herself walking toward the soldiers' houses. They were close to the palace. Despite the early morning, she could hear the soldiers training already. She wandered close. The soldiers had sticks and were practicing their hand to hand combat techniques. There at the front she saw him and waved. The young boy waved back. He still had the deep brown hair and midnight blue eyes, but now he was sixteen. He appeared skinny, but she knew that he was strong. He was also a top notch athlete. Yes, Athene well remembered the day Sethos joined the Athenian army.

A ten year old Athene was wandering around the palace in search of her sisters and Demeter as they were all in the middle of a game of hide and seek. She slipped into the royal chamber and noticed that a young boy was kneeling before the king.

"Many praises noble king, Theseus. I have come from my farm on the plains of Attica to humbly ask to serve in your army.

"Why do you volunteer for my army child?" Theseus asked

"Because I wish to serve my city state and gain honor, Sire" the boy replied

"What is your name?" the king asked

"Sethos, Sire," the boy answered. He looked up.

Athene gasped. She recognized the boy immediately as the one who had rescued her before.

"Come with me, young Sethos," Theseus commanded

The king rose, and Sethos followed nervously. Athene tried to stay in the shadows and tailed them.

They arrived at the training area. The young soldiers were busy practicing. Then he picked out a young boy in the crowd who was about twice as heavy and a few inches taller than Sethos. The two of them were led to a ring.

"This is Democles. If you can incapacitate him or knock him out of the ring then you win and earn the right to join my army," Theseus explained.

Athene looked on worriedly. Democles was one of the strongest boys in the army. Could Sethos beat him?

Sethos stepped into the ring seemingly unconcerned. Democles made the first move. He swung straight for Sethos' head. Sethos ducked out of the way and rammed his fists hard into Democles' belly. Democles' eyes bulged, but he righted himself. He grabbed Sethos' hand and twisted it painfully. Sethos gritted his teeth against the pain and slammed his foot down on Democles' foot. At this point a crowd had gathered and was happily cheering both competitors on. Democles yelped in pain, and Sethos took the opportunity to jab an elbow into Democles' back and quickly get in a punch on the face. He then rammed into Democles and knocked him down. Finally, he delivered a well placed kick and Democles was on the ground. Those who had been cheering for Sethos, Athene included, now gave an approving cry.

Theseus then congratulated Sethos.

"Very Well, Perithous. Take young Sethos and show him to his quarters. In the morning he will begin training with the other soldiers," the king decreed proudly

Athene would learn later that Sethos had also joined the army to help provide money for his father's farm and his little brother Mokuba. Since Sethos lived so close she visited with him often, and they would play together. They grew up together at that palace. She grew into a beautiful princess, and he became captain of the army.

Athene smiled. Despite it all the two had still remained good friends. Sethos dismissed the troops for a break and walked over to Athene.

"What are you doing out so early?" he asked

"I had a dream and it woke me early," she replied

The two walked off. They wandered into the agora where everywhere was chaos and noise. Then they went to the courtyard and talked about nothing. Athene always felt so comfortable around Sethos. It was only around him that she felt at peace. While they walked Athene picked flowers and soon she had netted them into a crown. Sethos took the crown and placed it on her head, laughing.

"Tell me. Have you composed any more songs," Sethos asked her

"Yes, I've created a new song for the harp. Father says he might let me play it at the festival" Athene answered

"That's good. You always make such beautiful music, Athene," Sethos said

Athene blushed at the complement

"Thank you, Sethos," she answered

Soon Sethos had to leave for training though and bid her goodbye.

"Princess Athene, your father calls for you," Hestia said as she found Athene in the arbor. Athene found it odd that she should be summoned.

"Coming," she called. She headed toward the throne room.

When she reached the chamber, Athene noticed two men standing before her father. One of the men was about thirty five. His hair was dark brown, and he had grey eyes. The young man standing next to him appeared twenty, and he had black hair and brown eyes. Athene recognized both of them, Heinos-the younger of the two- and his guard Timeaus.

"Athene, I trust you know Heinos and Timeaus," Theseus said

"Yes, father," Athene answered

Heinos was a noble in her father's court. He was a notorious womanizer, and Athene suspected him of plotting to take the throne. Right then he was leering at her in a way that made her skin crawl.

"My precious princess, I have just finished telling your father that I would like you to consider me as your suitor," Heinos said lasciviously.

'Never in a thousand years,'Athene thought

As princess and an Athenian she was expected to be courteous to all her suitors. So Athene tried her best to swallow her dislike and smile.

"I am honored, and I will consider his proposal," Athene said flatly.

"Heinos, I believe that shall be all for the day. My daughter has much to think of,"

"I doubt she will need long, my king. Good day," Heinos said with a sneer.

He gestured to Timeaus and they turned and left.

"I will not marry that horrid man," Athene ranted

"Athene, all those who know him suspect he wants my throne. Marrying one of my daughters would make it all too easy. You are my eldest daughter and the first to reach a marriageable age. Heinos is determine that he be your husband. He has threatened that if anyone else were to offer themselves as your suitor he would ruin them. As I live, he will not marry you, but I am old. If I die, and no other suitors step forward, there will be nothing to stop him," Theseus explained.

Athene thanked her father for his protection and then left for her chambers.

That night the family sat down to dinner. In the middle of the meal Theseus suddenly rose with a pained expression. He was clutching his chest. He gasped and sputtered. Athene rushed to her father's side.

"My daughter, I'm sorry," Theseus breathed.

His eyes glazed over-he was dead.

One of the servants sniffed his wine.

"Arsenic!" the servant gasped

"Father!" Athene screamed

She buried her face in his chest and wept bitterly.

Everyone knew that Heinos was behind the king's poisoning, but Heinos had threatened all of them with a fate worse than Sisyphus if they dared to accuse him. As Athene watched her father's body burning on the funeral pyre, she felt an overwhelming sense of lost. She stood there motionless and dumbstruck until the sun sank low below the horizon and the embers burned low. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She saw Sethos looking down kindly at her.

"He was kind to me. If there is anything I can do, let me know," Sethos said

Athene turned to him teary eyed. A breeze blew her black mourning veil.

"Sethos you are my dearest friend, but there is very little you can do," Athene said sadly

Sethos wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned against him.

"Wait Sethos… there is something you can do," Athene said

"What?" Sethos wondered

"Marry me," Athene breathed

"Princess with all due respect," Sethos began

"Sethos, please you're the only one I can trust. If you don't, I'll be forced to marry Heinos," Athene pleaded

Sethos looked at her. He'd known her since childhood, and he did care for her. He felt he always wanted to protect her, and he was more comfortable with her than with any other woman. The more he thought about it the better the idea sounded.

"Alright," he answered

Athene hugged him affectionately. She was no longer in danger.

Athene and Seto agreed to wait for three weeks out of respect for the fallen Theseus. Preparations for the wedding were carried out in secret to guard against Heinos's interference. So it was that three weeks later Athene stood as her ladies in waiting fussed over her. She wore a white and gold dress. She was bathed and perfumed. The young princess paced nervously.

"Mistress, you should stay calm," Demeter advised

"I know, I should be cool and collected for this, but I can't help it," Athene said

"You have nothing to worry about. Sethos is a good man, and he will take good care of you," Hestia said

"You're right this will be fine," Athene agreed

"I feel so proud, almost like a mother" Hestia cried

"Who was my real mother anyway?" Athene wondered

It was odd. Hestia had taken care of her since Athene was very little. She had raised Athene right next to her own daughter, Demeter. Athene had never known her true mother. In all her seventeen years Athene had never thought to ask about her real mother.

"Your mother was Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Queen Leda. She was the most beautiful girl in the world, and every man wanted her. Your father took her and the two grew to care for another. He lay with her and you were born. Then her kinsmen came and bore her back to her kingdom, Sparta. You were hidden in my house at the time where they did not seek to look. She called out for you. She would have been proud to have you for a daughter," Hestia said

"Thank you Hestia," Athene said hugging her nurse

A female servant arrived in the room.

"Mistress it is time," the servant said

Nervousness fluttered all through her body. Hestia and Demeter placed the wedding veil on Athene's head. Athene took a deep breath, and walked toward the wedding altar. Sethos stood there waiting for her. He was dressed in a white robe with purple trim. The moonlight shined in the background, and he stood surrounded by white granite pillars.

'He's never looked so handsome,' Athene thought

She took his hand and the ceremony began.

Athene sat beside Sethos at the head of the wedding feast. The table was laden with all kinds of delicious food. There was also a lute and harp playing in the background.

"Thank you for doing this, Sethos," Athene whispered

Sethos answered by squeezing her hand affectionately.

In the middle of the merrymaking Heinos stormed into the feast.

"How dare you? How dare you defy me and marry this glorified farm boy?" Heinos raged

Sethos stood.

"Is there something you want to say to my wife?" Sethos said coldly

"Sethos…" Athene said worriedly holding his arm.

"I'll be alright," Sethos reassured her.

Heinos walked up to Sethos and punched him in the stomach. Sethos answered with a punch right to the face. He then followed with a blow to the chest. Heinos reeled and then came back with a kick into Sethos' side. Sethos then knocked Heinos into a pillar. Heinos tried to rise to his feet. At this Athene stepped in with a jab right to his face. Heinos rushed out of the feast. Later that night he slit his throat in shame. Athene took Sethos to a quiet room and got a wet cloth. She had him lie down on the bed. Then she began to dab gently and clean his wounds. Soon the pain had dulled. Athene moved to wipe the cuts one more time. As her hand touched his skin, his hand caught her own. She stared deep into his sapphire blue orbs. Then he leaned in close and kissed her.

They pulled apart and Athene's body was suddenly flushed. She put the cloth and water away. Sethos had fallen asleep. She climbed in next to him and snuggled close. She fell asleep listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

It was a cloudy day a month after the wedding. A messenger on a dark horse appeared on the road from Mycenae. A servant showed him to the throne room.

"Prince Sethos of Athens and Princess Athene, I come from Mycenae bearing a message from the high king, Agamemnon. He requests your assistance in a joint effort of the great kings of Greece to join his fleet and sail to Troy, where we are to make war to avenge the insult on the house of King Menelaus and retrieve his stolen wife; Helen," the messenger said

"Seeing as war is not a decision to be made lightly, I will give you my response in the morning. Until then you are a guest in my castle. Hestia, prepare his room please,"

It was late in the evening and Athene wandered down to the temple. There were many thoughts rolling around in her head. One of them concerned the fact that her mother had just run off with another man. She found herself in front of the statue of Athena. She smiled. She had always been proud that she had been named for such a wise and noble goddess. Suddenly, she noticed a glimmer of light. No it couldn't be. There before her stood the goddess Athena. Athene bowed reverently.

"Mighty Athena, how can I serve you?" the princess said

"You sought my guidance did you not?" Athena said matter-of factly

"I am honored you would help a mere mortal like me," Athene replied

"This war will bring about dark times. However Agamemnon has managed to unite the fractured city states of Greece. He thinks he will return from Troy more powerful. If you do not join him, his lust for power will destroy you," the goddess warned

"I see. Thank you fair Athena," The princess said gratefully

Athena had gone as mysteriously as she had come. Athene returned to the palace and told Sethos what she had learned.

"Messenger, I have decided that Athens will join the coalition. I will commit five hundred of my best troops to the cause," Sethos announced

"My master, Agamemnon, will be glad for your assistance," the messenger answered.

He waited another night as the forces were assembled. Unfortunately Sethos himself was part of the forces to be sent to Agamemnon. Athene decided that she would go with Sethos and see him off at Aulis. As Athene approached the port she was amazed. Thousands of soldiers stood in formation. The phalanxes gleamed in their shining bronze armor. A thousand ships with bright blue sails floated leisurely in the harbor. Surely the Trojans would not be able to fight this army. They arrived just as the winds began to blow. Sethos and his men found ships. Sethos climbed the plank to board his ship. He turned and the winds blew his hair. As she glanced up at him, Athene realized just how much he meant to her. She remembered his friendship, his strong arms, and his smile. He had been good to her. She was happy when he was with her. Ten years flashed before her eyes. She ran up the gang plank and hugged him.

"Remember I'll be waiting for you in Athens. I love you Sethos," she whispered to him.

Sethos leaned down and kissed her. His dear Athene-As he held her in his arms he realized how much he would miss her.

"Know that nothing will keep me from returning to you. I love you too," Sethos said

He walked onto the ship and Athene held back tears as she watched him go.

It would be over ten years before she saw him again.

Athene waited. Everyday she watched the horizon for any sign of Sethos. Persephone ventured into the underworld and returned signaled by the changing of the seasons. Athene passed the time writing music, presiding over court, and weaving dresses on her loom. Finally when she'd almost given up hope, he returned. He was older. He looked weary and she could see that his eyes had witnessed terrible things. At first he was cold and distant. In time he became his old self. There was time enough for them to grow old together. Athene breathed out his name in her last breath.

She felt light and at peace. Again she floated in the misty clouds. Ranea, the goddess of rebirth, appeared again and passed her hands over Athene. Once more she felt herself falling to Earth. Her soul became heavy and all became darkness.

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