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Part I: The Chikara Tenshino a.k.a. The girl from the Mystic Moon

Chapter I: Vision of Gaea

            A wheat field stood, restlessly swaying in the wind in front of the dawning sun. In this wheat field, a girl ran. Hitomi Kanzaki ran. Hitomi ran through the fields, clutching her ruby pendant, not quite sure what she was chasing or what she was running from, not knowing the purpose of her actions. In fact, she wasn't quite sure where she was. She stopped and looked around. "Where am I?" she whispered, her curious mind leading her in different directions. She lifted her head up to the sky…and she saw the earth...the earth and the moon right next to each other. She felt like she should be running away. So she ran…until she was completely exhausted. She stopped…right in front of huge piece of machinery. A robot, it looked like. Her eyes traced the elaborate designs on the front. Hitomi closed her eyes, whirling from exhaustion, until finally she collapsed, and found herself on top of that very same robot.

            Looking down upon herself, she was extremely confused. Before she collapsed, she had been wearing her school uniform…and now she was wearing something like her uniform, except it had no color. The skirt was purple, and the petticoat was tope color and sleeveless but still buttoned down the front…and she was holding the staff that she had found a year ago in her grandmother's basement. She felt bad about leaving behind since it was her grandmothers, but it creeped her out so much that she had hid it in the closet and hadn't looked at it since the time she put it in there. A blade that split into two different directions. A glaive. She caressed it carefully, but didn't have that much time to do so when suddenly, the robot starting moving, turning in every which way…looking for something…almost as if it was waiting for Hitomi to say something. Hitomi looked at the head. She heard the screeching of metal, and turning her gaze to several long, sharp, metallic bars headed straight from them…they seemed to be coming from no where, but then she saw the robots that fired them…disappearing, and reappearing, moving all of the place. Before she knew it, her pendant began to swing the direction of the robots, as if to give her a warning.

            Everything suddenly exploded, and Hitomi felt herself falling.

            'What the--?" Hitomi shrieked. "This has got to be a nightmare! Someone! Help me!" She screamed. Someone granted her wish. An angel, a winged man came, holding her in a secure embrace. Hitomi felt safe. She looked around her and saw feathers, flying in every which way, and she felt herself fall asleep in this man's arms--

            Hitomi sat up, clutching her bed sheets, and gasping for air, placed a hand on her pendant.


            Hitomi slammed the door of her dorm. She was power-walking to the monorail station to her 1st period class. Kyoto Private Orphanage for Girls had been her home for a year now after her grandmother had died. Her parents died when she was very little, so Hitomi never really remembered what her parents looked like except for some old photographs her grandmother had given her before she died. The schooling system at Kyoto Private Orphanage for Girls worked just like a college. Her best friend Yukari was guaranteed to be on the monorail right now… Hitomi cursed. She had woken up so late, that she didn't have time to take a shower OR eat breakfast. It's going to be a great day today…Hell, I'm so glad its Friday. There's that party tonight, too…She had just remembered…Yukari wouldn't shut-up about it all night last night.

"Oh, I just don't know what to wear, Hitomi!"

Hitomi giggled at the memory of last night. Yukari…Her best friend since she had come here.

Hitomi finally reached the monorail's platforms.

"Hitomi!" Yukari waved her hand. She and a group of girls were just starting to board. Hitomi ran over, relieved that the monorail didn't leave without her.

"Geez, I tried knocking on your door, but you seemed like you were dead! Just sound asleep…" Yukari said as she took a seat in one of the train cars. Hitomi sat next to her. I overslept because of that dream…Hitomi began to remember it slowly. Insane, I should probably just forget about it…

Yukari broke her thoughts. "Hey, how about a Tarot reading when we get back?" she asked as the train cars began to move.

"Oh, right," she smiled.

"Hey, Psyche yourself up, the party's also tonight!"

"Yeah, I know, you wouldn't shut-up last night," Hitomi laughed. "Don't forget about track practice, now." Something then began to bug Hitomi. Something wasn't right. Something was out of place.


Before the two of them knew it they were back on the train headed for the dormitories. Hitomi looked over at her excited friend, and didn't think that this excited friend could get anymore excited, and she also thought this excited friend probably didn't get out too much. She tried to focus on track. Running. Feeling the wind against her face. The feeling of flying. Flying across the lanes of the track field.

As much as Hitomi tried to forget about the dream it continued to bug her…

"AGH! What could it mean?!" she shouted aloud, causing her to be bombarded by blank stares, including Yukari's confused face.

"What could what mean, Hitomi?" She asked.

Hitomi shook her head. "Oh, nothing."


4:00 track practice came calling. Hitomi was out in the field ready to run the 100 meter dash. She was prepared to break that thirteen second barrier. The dream still haunted her, not to mention she felt a little weary at the moment. Yukari got out her stop watch as the coach held up the gun.

Hitomi settled herself into the blocks. She clutched her pendant. Focus everything, and give it all you've got.

The shot was fired. The start button on the stop watch was pushed. Hitomi pushed herself of the blocks, her legs taking her as fast as they could. Her calves were beginning to burn, but she didn't let that stop her. She pushed herself until the end. Sweat began to fly from her face.

The angel…

That freaky glaive my grandmother had…

My pendant…

The earth and moon in the sky…

NO! I can't think about that now, I'm almost there!

Hitomi began to pass the other girls, and was in the lead.

Yukari was on her feet. "She's going to break it, she's going to break it!" her excited voice came. "GO FOR IT, HITOMI!" she yelled.

Suddenly, everything began to slow. Her head felt heavy. She saw a boy on the track field. A boy with armor…she ran right through him, as though her were a ghost, and passed out.


Hitomi awoke in the nurse's office, lying on a cot with Yukari next to her. She slowly opened her eyes, and smiled at Yukari, who had a depressed look on her face.

"You were almost there." She whined. "And then you went and passed out!"

Hitomi laughed. "Excuse me, I'll try not to pass out next time."

Yukari laughed and helped her friend up back to her dorm. They took the elevator up, and Yukari had Hitomi lie down on her bed. Yukari sat in a chair, while Hitomi lay down.



"Something's been bothering me."

"I knew it."

Hitomi looked over.

"Something feels out of place."

"…how so?"

"Well…I had a dream last night, and that's why I woke up so late this morning. All today I couldn't stop thinking about it. I couldn't help but wonder if it meant something."

"…I think those Tarot cards are getting to your head, Hitomi," Yukari laughed, "Ah, don't worry about it, no one's gonna die."

Hitomi smiled. "What would I do without you?"

Yukari grinned smugly. "You'd crash and burn."


Yukari and Hitomi went down to the party together that night. Hitomi was a little reluctant to go, but Yukari made her go to get her mind off of the bad feeling she had. It still hadn't gone away. That boy's face she saw today was engraved in her mind. She would never forget the confused look in his mahogany eyes. Hitomi dismissed the image from her mind.

They both took a side trip because Hitomi had forgotten her track bag after track practice, since she was escorted right to the nurse's office. Getting her bag, they made there way down to the courtyard, blankets in hand to sit on the grass.

"It's nice out," Yukari commented on the sky. Hitomi nodded. "Yeah, the stars are really nice tonight."

"Hey, the band's playing, let's go check it out."

And with that word, Hitomi left her things on the blanket they were sitting on, and went to go scream and cheer for a band. And no matter how hard she cheered or screamed, no matter how much fun she was having, she couldn't forget about the dream. Something just wasn't right today.


Hitomi whipped her head around to see a HUGE thunderbolt strike down not to far from them. Yukari could hear the screams of the girls running away.

"What the…?" Yukari trailed off.

Panic began to arise within the crowd when all of the sudden they began to hear loud thudding. Thudding footsteps…coming straight there way. The thudding came closer, and they all saw the source of the thudding, unable to believe what they saw.

A huge dragon appeared, roaring the loudest roar possible. People were shrieking and running in every direction. Hitomi starred. Yukari tugged her hand.

"Hey, c'mon!"

They began to run where not too many people were. Hitomi was running, and she began to feel light-headed again. And then..

Out of nowhere, a blue column of light appeared right in front of Hitomi, delivering that boy she had saw earlier! Hitomi ran into him, and he knocked her off of himself, dusting himself off. He was dressed in armor, and seemed to have a lot of weaponry on him. Hitomi looked at him in shock.


Yukari rushed over to see if her friend was okay.

"Hitomi, are you okay? Who is that?"

Hitomi just looked. The boy starred right back.

"It's the boy I saw before I passed out, Yukari! This can't be real!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" The boy snapped.

"You…you were from my vision!" Hitomi recalled. Yukari looked at Hitomi and back at the boy, and back at Hitomi again.

"You should run away, girl. There's a dragon somewhere around here, and unless you want to die, it wouldn't be wise to stay here," he said, harshly.

"Just who are you anyway?" Hitomi demanded. The boy looked up at her, those same mahogany eyes now full of frustration.

"Van Fanel of Fanelia."

Hitomi didn't know what he was talking about, and neither did Yukari.

"There's no such thing as a 'Fa-ne-lia' on Earth, what are you talking about?" Hitomi said, confused.

"…Where am I?" Van looked around. "I'm not on Gaea…," he whispered to himself.

"Gaea?" Hitomi repeated, but before she could ask him anymore, the dragon came behind them, and Van took out his sword.

"Run!" Van commanded, "You heard me! I said RUN!"

Yukari and Hitomi rushed back to the blanket to get there things. Hitomi was out of breath, scared silly, as was Yukari. They were both shaken, and there were still people running around shrieking.

"A dragon? Here?" Hitomi shook her head.

They both ran as far as they could up to a forest shrine, a remote location where no one was hiding.

Yukari smiled in relief. "He won't find us here."

Hitomi heard the dragon roar and over and above the stairs to the shrine, right in front of them. Hitomi noted that Van was clinging on to its back, and got off, beginning to fight it.

"He's gonna fight that thing?" Yukari asked, concerned.

Hitomi shook her head. This was all really happening right before her eyes. She began to see a vision…a vision of the dragon's tale piercing right through Van!

Van and the dragon stood face to face, and there was silence.

The dragon suddenly brought its tail up from behind, getting ready to stab him, when Hitomi came, running, shouting his name.

"Hitomi! What are you doing?" Yukari called after her, but it was too late.


Van looked up, and saw the tail. He jumped out of the way, BARELY dodging the tail, but cutting off the fabric armor he had on, revealing his read shirt. He jumped up, and sliced the dragon's belly open, in which he was becoming drenched in the green dragon's blood. Running to the front, he stabbed it right in the middle, at which it came to a final rest.

Van sighed, and walked over to the chest, cutting it open, and reaching inside, pulling out a crystal structured-sphere and walking away. The dragon began to disappear, the hiss of the steam rising into the air from the remnants of the dragon. The blood disappeared off of Van also. He watched the dragon disappear. And for a time, there was a silence, until Hitomi stepped forward.

"Um…excuse me?" Hitomi asked.

Van grunted.

"Are…are you alright?"

"I don't need a woman to worry about me. Oh, I know what this is about, you want a reward, don't you? Fine, come to Fanelia's castle. And don't be too cocky. You didn't help me fight that dragon," came Van's annoyed voice. Hitomi was so angry she marched up to him, and slapped him. She looked over in her hand and screamed.

"What the hell? That staff? What's it doing here?" Hitomi was panicking. Her grandmother's freaky staff had somehow managed to appear suddenly in Hitomi's grip. It scared her…

Van starred, giving her the "You-just-slapped-me" look.

Hitomi looked up. This was all too much for her. This kind of stuff only existed in fantasies, her wildest dreams. They didn't belong in reality. She began to cry. Yukari ran over.

"What's with the high and mighty routine? Why did you have to be such an asshole!? I just wanted to know if you were going to be okay! I saw something…I saw it-and-and, I thought you were going to die, so I ran out here, and yelled for you!!" she screamed at him, and broke down into tears. Yukari didn't know whether to intervene or not.

Van just stood there, wondering what to do next. And then it happened…

The dragon's heart within his palm glowed. The blue column of light came down upon the two of them, lifted them up into the sky. Hitomi screamed.

"YUKARI!! HELP MEEEEE!!!" she shrieked, outstretching her hand. Yukari reached forward.

"HITOMIIIIII!!" she shouted.

There hands came close, but the light was too strong. Yukari missed Hitomi's hand, and she and Van were swept away into the stars. The light disappeared, leaving Yukari all alone. She gazed up into the sky and shouted.



Van and Hitomi were let down easily from the blue and watched it disappear. They were in a wheat field, and Hitomi doubted that this was earth…and she was right.

Hitomi looked up, and gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. The earth and the moon were hanging in the sky, just like in her dream. And the wheat fields…except it was night time. Van looked over at Hitomi.

"Welcome to Gaea."

TBC                                                                                                                             END

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