Two Burdens

by Erestor

Disclaimer: I own nothing pertaining to Lord of the Rings.

Trudging, plodding, walking in Mordor,

Knowing he's doomed to die,

Still, there are two things on his mind,

Always present: the Ring and the Eye.


Gollum knows it from experience,

Sam discovers it by and by,

That all he can think of, all he can see,

Is fiery Ring and lidless Eye.


He knows it's there watching him,

He's hidden by naught but the sky,

He feels that he's out in the open,

Being watched by the tireless Eye.


And 'round his neck is a burden,

It tempts him without ceasing,

He struggles against it's dark power,

Oh, why was he given this Ring?


Sam is his friend and companion,

And he never wonders why,

But even closer beside him,

Always burning: the Ring and the Eye.