Great Student Onizuka: Elementary to High School

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So you want to know about my life, huh? How I turned into this cool looking 22-year old guy? Why I act the way I do? Well I'll tell you, see, back in kindergarten I always had this sweety I kept my eye on. See, I was the new guy in school. And I didn't have any friend. It happened during snack time..

"Don't worry Eikichi, you'll do fine in this class. You'll make plenty of friends too. (Bell rings) Okay class, it's time for snack time! Go and get your lunch bags." The teacher said as she walked away from Eikichi.

"Hm." Eikichi sighed as he lay his head down on the desk.

"Here!" The girl smiled as she handed him a rice ball.

"Th-thank you." He started nibbling on the rice ball given to him, and as he did that he watched her slowly walk back to her table.

Yeah, I worked my charm on her then. All it took was good looks! I can still remember her face as she walked towards me. Long brown, silky hair. Dark green, precious eyes, they glimmered like the stars at night. The traditional uniform all Japanese girls had to wear. She looked so, hot! But the next day was magical, she finally realized that she was nothing without me during arts and crafts..........

"Here you go, Eikichi! I hope you like it." She smiled handing Eikichi a heart-shaped card.

"Hm? I love it!" He said with glee on his face.

"Aha! I knew you would, you're so quiet. Why don't I sit with you for a while?" She asked.

"That would be great!" He smiled back at her.

"Great, by the way, my name is Akira." She said sitting down next to Eikichi.

"Nice to meet you."

She loved me of course, but who could blame her? The best year, was actually first grade, that's when we became best of friends.......

"Good morning Eikichi! Did you finish your homework last night?" Akira asked.

"Um.....well you know me. I'm always busy. I never have time at home."

"That's your excuse everyday! You must be lying! What do you do every night?" She asked.

"Dream about the wonderful times we've had together." He turned red.

"Huh? (Turns red), that was.......Ms. Usagi, can you help me with this math problem?"


I blew it, I knew that I shouldn't have said anything at all. But I already knew that she felt in love with me. I mean we did see eye to eye in the 10th grade!

"Happy Valentines Day, Eikichi! I made this for you, I don't even know why because you always flirt with those other girls! Here." She shoved a valentines day card into his hand.

"Seems that someone is a little jealous! But don't worry, I'll cheer you up. How about a hug?" He asked holding his arms out.

"'re not gonna do anything stupid right?" She asked as she came closer to him.

"Akira! We've been friends forever! You can trust me! Come on, PLEASE!"

"Oh, all right." She hugged Eikichi, but he pulled her even closer to him.

"See, that wasn't so bad." Eikichi said, still hugging her and bringing his hand over to the upper part of her back.

"Uh, what the heck are you doing?" She asked, turning red.

"Oh! Nothing!" He smiled.

"You pervert! I know what you were trying to do! And you wonder why I hate you even more!" She shouted, leaving the classroom.

"She wants me." He sat back on his chair and twirled his notebook with one finger.

"By the way, Eikichi. That card wasn't meant for you! It was meant for my boy friend! So hand it over!" She shouted as she took the card away from him.


"I don't have to tell you anything!" She smiled at him and winked, leaving the classroom for good.

"I'll find that guy......I can always make a coward out of chumps." He mumbled.

Later that day........

"AAAAHHHHH!!! TENCHI! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" Akira shouted in worry.

"Some guy jumped me......he wanted to know if I was your boyfriend, and he jumped me." Tenchi explained.

"URGH! E I K E C H I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Akira shouted.

"Did someone call my name?" Eikichi asked as he slid down the hall way.

"(Slaps him across the face) What the hell is wrong with you! Do you think it makes me like you even more if you jump my boy friend? HUH? Well ya just made me hate you more! CONGRATS ON YOUR STUPIDITY!" And with that she stomped out of the school building.

"What if I said I didn't mean it?" Eikichi asked as he sadly stood in the lone hallway.

That's when I thought.....she couldn't be that mad at me......could she?" End of Chapter

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