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Jet Set Radio Future: Turf Wars

Chapter 1: The New GG

"It's time to get this party STARTED!" Combo yelled above the noise of the Garage as he turned up the volume on his boom box.
"Turn that crap off, dude." Boogie said, jumping over the DJ station and turning a few dials. "Lets listen to some real tunes." Yo-yo rolled his eyes and continued to stuff his face with chips.
It was yesterday that the GG's had totally crushed Rokkaku Gouji and his twisted plan to take over Tokyo. They had seriously crashed the Garage that night and were still "getting the party started".
"Hey, Boogie! Turn that off! I was listening to the other stuff!" Beat yelled from the wall he was giving a new paint job.
"Why don't you all just shut up?!?" Clutch yelled above the noise. But Combo and Boogie just continued to turn there music up.
"Give up, man." Jazz said, sighing. "It's the never ending war of music."
"Yeah, I know." Clutch replied, stuffing his hands into his oversized pockets. "Though I might try, but my attempts to find peace and quiet during the day have once again failed."
"Shut that stuff off, Combo!"
"No, you!"
"Get away from me you fish faced freaks!" Everyone paused.
"Who said that?" Corn, the leader, asked. Everyone looked towards the entrance to Rokkaku-dai Heights, but no one was over there.
"Come on. Might as well check it out." Gum said. Everyone nodded.
"Might as well see what Poison Jam's up to." Rhyth muttered. Everyone followed behind Corn till they got to the half-pipe entrance to the sewers, where a girl with blond hair with purple streaks was punching a Poison Jam member in the face.
"Wonder what they're doing." Garam said. Everyone looked to Cube, who was still watching the girl fight off the Poison Jam. She used to be the leader of Poison Jam.
"She probably trespassed." Cube said. "We better go down there before they do something." The others nodded and jumped on the rail to the stairs. Yo-yo, being the best grinder, was down there first.
"Yo, yo, yo!" he yelled in his high pitched voice, making everyone jump. Grinning, embarrassed, he went back to his normal voice. "What's going on down here?"
"None ya, ya G-kid." a Poison Jam snapped.
"It is if you're on our turf, you P-Jammies." Soda replied coolly in his uncaring tone.
"Yeah, so why don't you go grab a blankie and get your butts back to your own turf." Combo snapped. The PJ advanced on the GG's, pushing the blond out of the way.
SMACK! Cube's hand came hard across the masked face.
"Ok. Rule #1: Don't push girls because we travel in packs. Rule #2: If you're going to diss one of us, you diss us all. Rule #3: Don't diss unless it's a good one. Rule #4: Stay away from the bottom point of the sewage facility, because they're ours. And you get lost like crazy in there." she snapped.
"Since when do we take orders from you?" another Poison Jam snarled, getting closer to Cube, hands in fists.
"Since you started getting in our territory." Clutch replied, stepping in front of the old leader and follower.
"Go on. Get out of here." Corn said, giving the Poison Jam a kick. The rudie turned around, motioning for the other Jams to follow and they headed back down to the sewers.
"What are the chances of them heading right down to the bottom point?" Beat asked.
"I'd say 100." Jazz replied.
"Screw them. No point in chasing after them." he muttered. Everyone turned to the blond, not really paying any attention to Beat. She looked out of breath, and the spray can in her hand was empty.
She wore a purple hoodie with a duck (of all things) grinding down a rail, white jeans, purple skates with a white flame design, along with purple shades that resembled Yo-yo's. She wore white headphones on her head and her hair was in a ponytail.
"Who are you and what were you doing with Poison Jam?" Corn demanded.
"Don't have to go snappy on me." the girl said with a small smirk. "Street name's Chicka." she replied.
"And what were you doing with the fishes?" Gum persisted.
"Doing a bit of spying. Nothing too easy to do." Chicka replied.
"What, you get caught?" Cube asked with a wide smirk. Chicka glared.
"I wouldn't call it catching me. I followed the Immortals down here and once everyone left, I was going back to my turf, and they SAW me. Not catch. SAW." she replied coldly.
"What would Immortals want to do all the way out here? They, like, should be over at Pharaoh Park." Rhyth said. Chicka shrugged.
"Whatever they were doing, everyone was down there. Doom Riders, Love Shockers, Rapid 99, and a few lone rudies. Everyone." Chicka said.
"So you don't know what they were doing?" Soda asked, a bit surprised, which was a lot for the non-caring rudie.
"Come on! It's not like we're stupid." Combo said. "You were spying, so you have to know at least SOMETHING!" Chicka glanced around nervously.
"Mind if we go back to your Garage? I'll tell you there, but some peeps might be listening in.."


"So what news do you bringith?" Yo-yo asked in a corny attempt to speak old English. Chicka jumped off the phone line and landed on the couch. She kicked her heel to her toe and the wheels of her skates slid into them, turning them into shoes.
"Well, Poison Jam got everyone together but you guys and me, mainly because their plan was against you and I just got here to Tokyo, but anyways, they needed help to-"
"Just cut to the point." Boogie interrupted. "Please?"
"Everyone but Rapid 99 and a few other rudies have teamed up to take you guys down. They want to because of the fact that you guys own, like all of Tokyo." Chicka said.
"Yep." Corn said proudly. He began to name things off on his fingers. "Rokkaku-dai Heights, Highway Zero, Shibuya Terminal, Dogenzanka Hill, Chuo Street, Kibogaoko Hill, and I guess the new Expo Stadium is ours."
"Oh yeah." Jazz murmured.
"Anyways." Boogie cut in. "We can deal with the bone heads."
"All of them alone, yeah, but together, no way in the world can we do that. That's like, more than 12 rudies with the extra ones." Gum said, adjusting her helmet. "There are only eleven of us."
"Twelve." Yo-yo corrected, pointing at Chicka. She grinned.
"So what are we going to do?" Beat asked. Everyone turned to Corn.
"Nothing for the moment. We have to let them make the first move."


Chicka silently skated around the Garage, watching everyone sleep. Beat and Gum occupied the big couch across from Corn and Rhyth, an odd couple, on the other one. Garam and Boogie slept on an arm chair on the second floor across from Jazz and Combo who were sleeping, of all places, the table. But that wasn't as odd as Cube and Clutch, who were sleeping together on one of the large speakers or Soda who had taken up refuge on the DJ station. Yo-yo and Chicka were the only ones still up.
"Can't sleep?" Chicka asked, skating over to Yo-yo.
"Nope." he replied with a small smirk. "I either fall asleep immediately or not at all. I can't fall asleep when all the love birds are sleeping together." he said, looking out at all the paired up rudies. His eyes stopped on the lonely sleeping body of Soda. "Poor dude. Poor me." Chicka smiled.
"Well since neither of us can fall asleep, want to go see if Rapid 99 is still on our side?" Yo-yo nodded and the two skated off to the highway. Soda opened one eye and watched the two go.
"Not another Love Bird duo." he groaned as he fell back asleep, making a mental note to tell Corn where they'd gone in case they didn't come back before morning. He fell back asleep fast, not really thinking of what might happen to not make them come back.


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