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Amie sat on a rail in the Fortified Residential Zone, staring down at the entrance.

"Three, two, one." At that moment three rudies skated in, all boys, one with a large hat, one carrying a boom box, and the third with shockingly green hair. "Bingo." she murmured. She tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear, but let the purple highlights fall into her eyes.

Amie swung her legs over the rail and began walking back to her new home, her combat boots clunking on the metal stair. She was clothed fully in black, except for the purple choker around her neck and the purple eyeliner she was wearing. She didn't like her new getup, but her boss thought it was best.

Amie turned around and stared at the boy with the green hair. The rudies, of course, hadn't noticed her. They didn't pay much attention to civilians.

"Two years…" she murmured. She took a pair of purple shades from her pocket and put them on. "Two years, then I'm coming back."

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