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Btw, some of the words from Kaya Kaiba's poem, "One Minute" were used in this chapter. They are displayed in italics --…blah, blah-- -- like that, using double hyphens.

And stuff showed in this: -…blah, blah- refer to flashbacks, flash-forwards, or dreams. (single hyphens used surrounding the text)


Welcome to: Wherefore Art Thou, Puppy?


Chapter I


--One minute,

And I'll show you my meaning of love

One minute.

Just one.--

- Seto smiled at the shorter teen, before lifting his chin, now looking him directly in the eyes. "I said I loved you, and I didn't lie."

"I believe you. I love you too, Seto," the boy mumbled quietly before being pulled into a kiss.-

Seto sat up suddenly, thunder crashing in the background. He ran his fingers through his hair, before he messed it up completely. "RA DAMN IT! WHY THE FUCK AM I DREAMING ABOUT HIM?!" he grumbled. Seto crawled out of bed and walked silently into the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower would get rid of his dreams and various other problems.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jonouchi Katsuya hit the wall with a loud yelp as his father figure loomed over him.

"Boy! You're disgusting!" Jonouchi Kentaro roared.

"Me?!" Jou cried. "I ain't the one who's never showered!"

This remark caused his father's bottle of rum to smash into his face with such a force that it knocked him out. The glass shattered into thousands of microscopic pieces, several of them slicing into Jonouchi's cheek.

As morning rolled around, Jonouchi rolled over and climbed to his feet, before pulling out the shards of glass from the side of his face and head. And then he was off to school.

Oh, great, Jou thought sarcastically. School.

Jonouchi discovered on his way to second period English Literature class that their teacher was going to give them a project. And based on the project description, it was going to drive him insane.

Jonouchi stopped when he slammed into to something warm and hard, but he liked the warm part; he was freezing.

"Watch where you're going, you stupid mutt!" Kaiba Seto, Jonouchi's archnemesis, growled angrily.

Jou may have liked the way the person's body felt, but that didn't mean he liked the actual person. "Fuck you!"

Kaiba opened his mouth to counter, but refrained when he caught glimpse of blood trickling down the side of Jonouchi's head.

"Jonouchi, what happened to your face?" Kaiba demanded, seizing the boy's arm. "You're bleeding."

"Why do you care?!" he shot back, wrenching his arm from the taller teen's grip. "Damn it!"

Kaiba's eyes widened momentarily at Jou's comment, but he quickly regained composure. "I don't," he sneered. "Stupid dog…" With that, Kaiba stormed off.

"What in the name of Ra was that about?" Jonouchi wondered as he strode off to his class.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Okay, class; as you may have already heard from your fellow classmates, I have assigned you a project," Mrs. Heidecki announced. "You will be working together in groups of two. Your objective is to act out two major scenes from a given Shakespearean novel."

The word 'groups' triggered a sudden commotion throughout the room, until the teacher foiled the students' hope for working with their friends.

"I have chosen the groups. I don't like to see the same people working together all the time. I hope this experience will urge you all to get to know new people and make new friends. Any severe misbehavior amongst group members will result in an automatic failure for this project."

The speech elicited a groan from the entire class, including Jonouchi. How much do ya wanna bet I get paired with someone I can't stand? he thought grumpily.

The teacher read off the pairings and the character each person was assigned. Jonouchi tuned out the teacher's mindless drone until she voiced Jou's name.

"Jonouchi, you will be acting as Juliet, and you will be paired with…oh goodness, I'm afraid I can't read my own handwriting…"

I wonder who I was paired with? Jou wondered. I think everyone else was called…

"Oh, I remember who I paired you with, Jonouchi," Mrs. Heidecki stated. "I paired you with Mr. Kaiba, who will be acting as Romeo!"

"What?!" Jonouchi exclaimed, as both he and Kaiba leapt to their feet. "There's no way I'm workin' with him! And what do you mean, he's Romeo? That means…I'm Juliet?! I'm not gonna be a girl!! No way!"

"Please calm down, Jonouchi. Mr. Kaiba is a very responsible student. Perhaps by working with him you can salvage a passing grade this quarter."

Jonouchi slowly sat back down, his cheeks glowing. He turned only to see Kaiba smirking at him. Jou clenched his teeth, using every ounce of willpower to abstain from beating him to a bloody pulp…not that he could…

"Okay, class, why don't you sit next to your partners? Start discussing some of the important scenes your characters take part in. I would like you to outline five possibilities on a separate piece of paper, and hand them in for approval at the end of class."

Jonouchi growled as he got up and flopped into a seat beside his partner.

"Will you stop smirking at me, you rich snob?!" he snapped.

"I can't help but chuckle at your barking, Puppy," Kaiba responded. It makes you look so cute…

Damn! Kaiba thought. Did I just think that the mutt was 'cute'?! What has gotten into me?

Jonouchi glared at the taller teen with an intense hate burning in his eyes. "Jerk," he muttered. "Let's just get this over with, okay?"

"I don't believe it is the mutt who gives his master orders. Frankly, it should be vice versa. Therefore, you will obey me. Got it, Mutt?"

"Ra damn it!" Jou shouted. "You are not my master, Kaiba!"

Twenty pairs of eyes swung over to Jonouchi's side of the room, their gazes zoning in on Jou. Jonouchi felt his cheeks flush once more as he returned to a seated position, not realizing he had stood in the first place.

"Jonouchi, this is your first warning. If you do not behave yourself, both you AND Mr. Kaiba will be sentenced to an automatic failure! Do you understand?"

"What?! You have no right to fail me just because the stupid mutt can't behave himself!" Kaiba thundered, standing swiftly. "I demand a reassessment from the principal on your teaching background! I swear, if you fail me, I will get you fired, and guarantee that it will be impossible for you to find another job!"

"Mister Kaiba, lower your voice and watch your language!" Mrs. Heidecki shrieked. "I'm afraid I'll have to suspend you for a week. I will not tolerate your harassment and threats."

"Whatever," Kaiba grumbled. "I'll see to it that you're fired, bitch."

"You dare to continue to talk back to me, Mr. Kaiba?" the teacher questioned. "If you slip up like that again, I will have you expelled."

Kaiba merely rolled his eyes and picked up his briefcase, striding briskly towards the door.

"I don't want to see you in this school until the Monday after next. Your recent behavior has been completely unacceptable. Your project is due upon your return. Do you understand?"

Kaiba only grunted before reaching for the doorknob.

"I asked you if you understood, Mr. Kaiba," Mrs. Heidecki pressed. "Answer me!"

"Hai," Kaiba replied quietly. Then, with the swish of his trench coat, he was gone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wow, I can't believe Seto was suspended like that, Jonouchi thought. Wait a sec; did I just call that rich snob, 'Seto'?! Jonouchi shook his head. No way. There's no freakin' way…His name is KAIBA. K-A-I-B-A!

"Jonouchi, you can join Mr. Kaiba for today," Mrs. Heidecki proclaimed. "I'm disappointed with your behavior, also. I suggest that you use this time constructively and begin working on your project."

"What?!" Jou exclaimed. "B-but I didn't do anything! I only misbehaved because that freakin' jerk instigated!"

"Jonouchi, language!" the teacher screeched. "Get out of my classroom, NOW!"

Startled by the teacher's shouting, Jonouchi immediately flew out of the classroom, seizing his books as he went. When he reached the hallway, he caught glimpse of a tall, dark figure, sauntering down the hall.

"Hey, Kaiba!" he called out. When the dark outline did not halt, he made another attempt to stop its movement. "KAIBA!" he hollered, breaking to a run.

Kaiba spun on his heel to face Jonouchi. "What brings you here, Mutt?" he inquired.

"The teacher kicked me out for today," Jou panted. "She suggested we get a start on our project. We'll probably need the extra time, seeing the way we get along…"

The corners of Seto's lips curved slightly upwards, so slight that Jonouchi would not have caught it if he had not been staring at Seto's lips. Those beautiful, luscious lips.

Seto's voice broke Jonouchi's thoughts. "What are you staring at, Mutt?"

Jonouchi shook his head. "Whaaa? Uh…nothin'. Nothin' at all."

Seto rolled his eyes and beckoned Jonouchi. "Come on, we can go back to the mansion to work on our project. I'm sure I have a couple of copies of Romeo and Juliet in the library."

Mansion? Jonouchi thought, his eyes widening. Seto's mansion? I can't believe I'm going there…

"Don't get your panties in a bunch…wait, dogs don't wear panties," Kaiba sneered. "Still…I'd rather not have dog urination on my floors, got it?"

"Lay off, Kaiba!" Jonouchi growled.

When they finally reached the limousine, the duo hopped into the back seat. "Driver, home," Kaiba ordered before shutting the divider.

The two teens rode in complete silence. Which was perfect for Seto; he preferred silence to distracting noise, anyway. Silence gave him time to reflect, and sort out his thoughts.

Jou, on the other hand, was one for background jumble. He always cranked on the radio whenever his father wasn't home. Noise was a great distraction from his everyday life in general; it dulled his senses and allowed him to relax.

"Hey, Kaiba, you got any good radio stations in this thing?" Jou asked.

"You will not turn the radio on, Mutt," he responded.

"Don't you ever listen to music?"

"No, it's a waste of time."

"Aww, c'mon, Kaiba. You're not doin' anything right now; why don't you just sit back and enjoy the sound of music?"

"I said, 'no', Mutt."

Jonouchi finally seemed to accept this response, before he started up again. "So…how about we just…talk?"

Seto turned his crystal eyes towards Jonouchi, his gaze disbelieving. "Talk?" he repeated.

"Yeah…it's a form of verbal communication…it's what humans do…"

Seto frowned, realizing the mutt's intended meaning behind this. Is he implying that I act machine-like? He simply shrugged off the statement to counter. "Well…I didn't realize that puppies could talk." He watched as Jou turned away, attempting to hide his tinged cheeks.

"I ain't a dog, Kaiba," he mumbled. Then Jonouchi fell silent once again.

"You wanted to talk; so what do you want to talk about?" Seto asked.

"Huh? Oh…well…" Jou started.

"You are the one who suggested it," Seto pointed out.

"Ok…" Jou hesitated for a moment before continuing. "Well, what's it like working at KaibaCorp?"

"Interesting…but stressful," Seto replied honestly. "Many of my employees are idiotic and incompetent buffoons. I have to keep constant watch on them." Seto paused before carrying on. "It's interesting, however, to work with machines and the new virtual technology. There's always room for improvement, and everything has to be perfect for the new technology to function properly."

"Wow, it sounds pretty complicated," Jou remarked.

"It is. But that's what is so amazing about it. It's the perfect challenge." Seto's eyes were bright with enthusiasm and animation, a feature Jou had never seen before in the other teen. Most of the time, Seto's eyes appeared dull and lifeless, cruel and dark.

But now…he looks almost…happy, Jou realized.He yet again caught himself staring at Seto's lips. I've never seen him smile before…

"We're here, Mutt," Seto announced, stepping out of the car. Jonouchi followed the taller teen.

Once they entered the mansion, Seto finally spoke again. "Take your shoes off, Mutt. I don't want dog tracks all over the floor; they were just cleaned."

Jonouchi growled at Seto's 'dog tracks' comment, but nevertheless obliged.

Seto led Jonouchi to the study, leaving his briefcase in the secluded room. "Wait here, Puppy," he ordered, "while I get the books we need."

Jonouchi, unable to sit still for even short periods of time, began wandering around the room, in search for anything interesting.

Minutes later, Seto finally arrived, clutching two copies of Romeo and Juliet at his side. "Here," he said, tossing Jou a book, "let's get started."


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