Torn Between Two Paths

~Chapter 1~
The New Girl

Ok, this is different then any fic I have done so really, it's kinda like my first fic all over again. I am usually a Comedian but last night late I came up with an idea for a Kurama I decided to write it......It's a Kurama and OC....So anyways...I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho, though yesterday I bought the first DVD for "Chapter Black." ^_^ NEW SAGA!


Kurama sat in his desk at school. It was another ordinary day, or at least as ordinary it could be for a fox demon in the body of a human. It was actually quite boring, he had been on many missions with his friends, Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei, but for the past few weeks he hadn't heard from anyone. Then he felt the weirdest presence, it didn't feel human. 'Could it be Hiei?' he thought. 'No, I know Hiei's scent, this is definitely NOT Hiei,' he finished his thought. The being came closer and closer, and Kurama got more and more cautious. But he didn't want to show that something was wrong to anyone else because they wouldn't understand, nor did he even really want to tell them that he was actually a demon in disguise. Just then the door to his classroom opened and in stepped a teenage girl. 'Could she really be a demon?' he asked himself in thought.

The girl stood to about five feet. Her hair fell to about the middle of her back and was worn back in a braid. Here hair was reddish brown. She turned to the class and looked straight at Kurama. They looked at each other. She wore glasses and behind those glasses were two brown eyes. She seemed to be very serious; there was no smile on her face.

"Class, please take your seats, I would like to introduce, Kiran to you, she just transferred here, I'm sorry, where were you transferred from?" Asked the teacher.

Kiran looked to the ground and smirked, "From the north." She said with a low female voice.

The teacher looked at her, "what school did you go to before you were transferred?" He asked.

Kiran looked at him and said, "That information is classified."

The teacher looked at her and told her, "Well then, why don't you just sit down, next to Kurama." He pointed to the empty seat next to the red haired fox demon.

She walked up to the desk and sat down. She this time didn't look at Kurama. Kurama on the other hand, kept glancing over to her. Even after class started he every now and then would glance in her direction.

After school Kurama started to walk home. He then had a feeling that he was being followed. He stopped and looked around. He saw nothing, but he wasn't going to talk any chanced on anything, so he began to walk faster. He reached his home and went into his room. This day went from a normal boring day to him being followed by a stalker, or at least he thought so. He then went around the house and closed the curtains all around his house and locked the doors.

"Shuichi, what are you doing?" Asked his mother from behind him.

Kurama turned to her; he didn't know exactly how to answer her. He couldn't exactly tell her that he thought someone who was thought to be a demon was stalking him. "Oh, nothing," he said as he walked away.


Kiran did follow Kurama all the way home. After she discovered where he lived she walked a long distance. She walked into the woods and into a cave.

"Is he dead?" came a voice in the shadows.

"No, I need to know more about his weakness before I can kill him." Kiran explained. "Don't worry, I will kill him when I can learn about his weakness."

"I will give you two weeks to kill him." Said the voice.

"Yes Master," Kiran said as she bowed and walked further into the cave.


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