Seven Days

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Summary - Ron, as well as all the Gryffindors are tired of watching Harry and Hermione dance around each other. After many failed matchmakers, and attempts, Ron decides to do the impossible: Get them together. He makes a bet with Ginny, that he can do it by Valentine's Day, which happens to be in one week, in seven days. The story behind the one-shot: The Obvious.



Ron was tired. Scratch that, he was bloody tired. He was sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, studying with his girlfriend of four months, Lavender Brown, his sister, and the objects of his tiredness - his two best friends. Ever since he could remember, Harry and Hermione had been dancing around each other, and after seven years of watching it, it grew aggravating. He stared at his two best friends across the room. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were flirting, even if the two of them couldn't see it.

Lavender looked up at her boyfriend, and saw him staring at something across the room. She gazed over to see what he was staring at, and sighed. Harry and Hermione. They would make a really good couple. Practically everyone in the entire school could see that, with two major exceptions: themselves. Lavender shook her head. There were even bets going around the school. She chuckled as she thought of all the times the three of them had to lie to keep Harry and Hermione from finding out about that.

Ginny heard Lavender laugh under her breath, and glanced up at her to see what was so funny. She noticed that Lavender was staring at Hermione and Harry, as well as Ron. They were flirting, AGAIN. She looked back at her Potions book. Ginny knew that them getting together was only wishful thinking. They had to be the two most stubborn people that she knew. Just last year, she made it her goal to get the pair together, but it only wound up blowing up in her face. She frowned at the memory. It had been such a great plan too. Ron's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"I'm bloody tired of that," he said.

Ginny, not hearing everything he had said, replied, "Of what Ron?"

"That," he said, pointing at Hermione and Harry.

"I think we're all tired of that Ron, know shut up about it, I'm trying to finish my essay for Potions," she retorted exasperatedly.

Ron looked like he was about to open his mouth when Lavender cut in, "Gin's right, Ron, there's nothing we can do. We have to let nature run her course."

"Well, nature's taking too long to run her course, Lav," Ron whined.

"Then what do you want to do about it, Ronnikins," Ginny asked, getting annoyed with her brother.

"I say we get them together," he replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"We already tired that, Ron. Don't you remember? In your sixth year, last year? Does it ring a bell?" Ginny inquired.

"Yeah I remember. And I believe it wasn't us, it was you, and frankly Gin, you didn't do a very good job, now did you," Ron stated insolently.

"You in-"

"Don't Gin," Lavender said, cutting her off, then turning to Ron questioned," And do you thing you could do better?"

"Probably," he answered absentmindedly, still looking at his two best friends.

"I believe that's a challenge Ronnikins," Ginny said, smiling at Lavender.

"So?" Ron asked her.

"You think you can do better, prove it then," Ginny dared, slamming her book shut, looking him in the eye.

"Alright, you're on, sister dear. What will the winner get?" Ron asked.

Ginny's eyes held mischievousness to them. "Let's say fifty Galleons," she suggested.

"Ten is a better number," Ron said, looking away from them.

"What, afraid to hand over fifty Galleons to your little sis? Oh, yeah that's right, I almost forgot, you're spending your money on La-," Ron put his hand over Ginny's mouth to keep her from saying anymore, then nodded towards Lavender.

"Let's call it twenty and you don't say anything else," Ron asked, lifting his hand from her mouth, then put it out in front of him.

Ginny eyed her brother suspiciously, then replied, "It's a deal." Ginny shook her brother's hand, sealing it. Ginny and Ron shared a look with Lavender, then the three looked over at the unsuspecting "NON-couple", and smiled.

Across the room, however, Harry and Hermione hadn't been as clueless as the three thought. Hermione had noticed the three gazed across the room, and smiled at them. She nudged Harry, and mutter," They're up to something." Harry shook his head in agreement. They didn't know how right they were.


Author's Note - Hehe, this is just a romantic comedy that I started just in time for Valentine's Day. What did you all think? Please Review! Chapter 1 will be up soon.