Seven Days

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Summary - Ron, as well as all the Gryffindors are tired of watching Harry and Hermione dance around each other. After many failed matchmakers, and attempts, Ron decides to do the impossible: Get them together. He makes a bet with Ginny, that he can do it by Valentine's Day, which happens to be in one week, in seven days. The story behind the one-shot: The Obvious.



Ron was tired. Scratch that, he was bloody tired. Ron was finishing up his Potions essay with the help of his girlfriend Lavender, Ginny, and the Golden Couple. Every since the two of them were set up, the became even more lovey-dovey then he and Lavender ever were, and frankly, they were making him sick. The only positive outcome was the twenty galleons that Ron had won from Ginny. He ended up spending it on Lavender, which wasn't his choice, but he did owe it to her. He stared at his two best friends. They were both laying down on one of the scarlet, Gryffindor couches. Harry was whispering in her ear, and Hermione was giggling. Ron scrunched up his face in disgust.

Lavender looked up at Ron and saw the look on his face. She turned her head in the same direction as her boyfriend, and saw Hermione and Harry. Lavender sighed, a small smile formed on her lips. They had done what was deemed the impossible, they got them together, and it was about time. She turned back to her unfinished essay, as she said, "Get over it Ron."

"I'm so bloody tired of that," he whined, pointing at the couple.

Ginny was now looked up, and laughed at her brother's antics. She gazed over by Harry and Hermione, then sighed happily. 'I hope I find that some day', she thought. "Wouldn't it be interesting if they got married?" Ginny asked aloud.

Ron and Lavender had stopped bickering long enough to hear Ginny's comment. Lavender replied merrily, "Yeah, that'd be cute. Imagine if they had little children too."

"I agree, a little girl running around," Ginny said dreamily.

"With her father's eyes, and mother's hair," Lavender commented.

"Don't forget her mother's intelligence, and father's flying skills," Ginny added.

Ron's look of disgust deepened. "How can you think of something like that?" he asked, "I mean they're bloody Hermione and Harry!"

We are leaving Hogwarts soon. I imagine they'll probably get married later on," Ginny said to him. Ron looked somewhat shocked.

"Shut your mouth Ron, it's not very attractive," Lavender said, "When they have a child, Ron will be the Godfather, and I'll be the Godmother." Ginny had been nodding in agreement, until Lavender said the last line.

"Why would you be the Godmother?" Ginny asked.

"Because I helped get them together, and besides I'll be married to your brother by then," Lavender replied. Ron's mouth dropped again.

"Oh shut it Ron. We all know it's bound to happen. But I don't think that you'll be the Godmother Lavender," Ginny retorted.

"Oh really? Why? Do you think you'll be it?" she inquired modestly.

"Yes, I do," Ginny answered surely.

"Why's that?" Lavender asked.

"Because I made the bet in the first place!" Ginny yelled. Soon the two got into a small agreement, and Ron just sat there and watched them. Then a small smile found it's way on his face. Ginny was that first to notice.

"What are you smiling about?" Ginny asked suspiciously.

"I just figured out how to stop your fighting," he replied.

"And?" Lavender asked, telling him to continue.

"A small wager," he said, smirking. Lavender and Ginny broke out in a fit of giggles. "So what do you say, twenty galleons to the winner, and Godmother of Harry and Hermione's first child?" Ron questioned jokingly. Lavender and Ginny stuck their hands out and shook, sealing the deal.

Ginny and Lavender sat back down, trying to calm themselves of their laughter, then the three of them looked over at the couple again. Lavender and Ron shared a knowing thought. They knew that they had a special relationship like Harry and Hermione's, and Ginny hoped that one day in the future, she would too.



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