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Chapter 1

Dear Mr. and Mrs. William Evans,

I am writing this letter to check in on your progress as newlyweds. The first year is over and that is typically the most difficult time and I am glad to see that my records show that the two of you have made it through. Please, if you ever need anything, do not be afraid to call and let me know, I would gladly give you any service that I would be able to do. I wish you both the best and once again, congratulations.


Father Gibson

Spike stared at the sheet of paper in front of him, and read it over and over, attempting to make sense of it all. Yes, his true name was William Evans, but he hadn't gone by that name in over one hundred years. Okay boy, think, a year ago, what were you doing?

He paced back and forth in his crypt mulling it over and over in is head, and then it struck him as though he'd been stuck by a wayward stake, right through the chest. "Bloody hell!" He crumpled up the paper, more like balled and shot it like a missile across the room, only to storm over to it and unball it.

"Just what I bloody needed. I'm gonna get a bleedin stake shoved through me heart because the stupid bint of a witch fucked up a spell! Jesus Christ! Not like I bloody want to be married to the slayer, that's Captain Cardboard's job, not mine." He growled low in his throat and tore outta his crypt, looking for one particular blonde Vampire Slayer.

As Spike walked, his stride long and purposeful, his mind ran over that day, that night, all of it, since the first second that Red's spell took effect.

It started around the time that he was chained up in the bathroom, more exactly the bath tub in Giles's flat, being pumped for answers about the Initiative. Buffy and Giles stood there in the bathroom with him, Buffy attempting to goad him into giving up answers, while Giles handed her a novelty mug filled with blood. The pig's blood made him want to gag right there and to top it off it was in a God forsaken yellow mug that said "Kiss the Librarian."

He could still remember what she was wearing, it was an easy look, not one of her more fancy outfits that she tends to put on for when she goes out or sees her boyfriends or whatnot. A red hoodie that fit her curves nicely and a pair of black pants that accented her high shapely ass perfectly, and her hair, that blonde, gorgeous hair was up in a high ponytail with a few whisps falling into her face. His favorite colors, red and black on such a beautiful woman. Though they were enemies, ever since the day that he laid eyes on her when she was a junior in high school, dancing so seductively at the Bronze, he had thought of her as beautiful, seductive and an angel in her own right. He wasn't above noticing an attractive woman, even if he had been with Drusilla at the time.

She sat down on the edge of the old fashioned white porcelian bathtub and pushed the mug into his face, the quips about his current condition flowing freely from her lips as Giles stumbled about his words. She mentioned about how maybe he didn't want to leave, and a part of him didn't, though much of him was dying to flee the area, get away from this beautiful creature. Then she exposed her neck to him, teasing him. "... my poor, bare, tender, exposed neck..."

He groaned just thinking about it, watching that blood, her blood, pumping, running through her veins and he wanted to bite her, not drain her, but claim her. He wanted her. She had no idea just how sexual that act was, how when he took a victim, it was because of their beauty. That the taking of blood was one of the most intimate things that a vampire could bestow. But then again she now knew, previously from the master, and Angel, but those were different circumstances, and now that she had felt the desire from Dracula...

He remembered asking Giles to make her stop, but in all truth her didn't really want her to, just to let him loose so that he could bite her; however the bloody chip in his head would have put a right stop to that then.

It was two days later when things began to get a bit more interesting. His escape from Giles, running into Buffy so suddenly, arguing so heatedly that always managed to turn him on, dying for her tight little body to throw punches with his. Next thing he knew, he was kneeling on the floor in front of her on Giles's floor. "Marry me and make me the happiest man on earth." And she said yes, amazingly she said yes. Slipping the skull ring onto her finger, he stood her up and kissed her hungrily, receiving the same passion in return. He could have sworn he was going to turn to dust right there the heat was so intense.

Her lips were soft and seeking of his, needing more and more, they kissed the way they fought. A dance, brutal yet never giving that killing blow. Things became a blur for awhile, arguments about the wedding, Angel, Drusilla, but the kisses stuck in his mind. He became more and more intoxicated with her the more that they kissed... "Oh pouty... look at that lip... gonna get it, gonna get it."

Naturally, no one else accepted it, Giles and Xander, and even Anya were dead set against it, even though it was the happiest that they had seen Buffy in... EVER! Things progressed on, continuing mushy stuff that he to this day still could not believe he did, but it all ended in a crypt, them kissing, him on the ground, her lithe little body pressing on top of him. She jumped up and the look that he got from her just about broke his heart, a look of pure disgust and hatred. "Spike lips! Lips of Spike!" He had to save himself somehow, so he put on the same look and spat out, Oh bloody hell! the best that he could.

But now here he was, walking through the cemetery looking for the one woman that he loved to hate the one that he hated to love, but couldn't help either.